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What to Do When Leaking From Ultra Violet Light Occurs

If you notice a leak at the electrical wires of the UV light after installing your RO unit, the internal glass sleeve inside the UV housing may have been damaged during shipping.

Please follow the steps below to determine if the internal glass sleeve is damaged.

  • Shut off the feed water line to the RO unit.
  • Shut off the tank ball valve by turning the blue cap on the tank ball valve 90 degrees. This step is not required for the Countertop Models. Read more

DIY: How to Add UV-Light To RO-CTOP (at last stage)

Please add the UV light to the RO-CTOP’s last stage as follows:

  1. Cut the 2 plastic straps on the unit. Remove the pure water output line at Point K. (soft line at the OUT end of the 4th stage filter,). See figure 1 & 2.
    • You must remove the red clip before disconnecting the tubing. Use a flat head screw driver to push in and hold down the Collet ring while pulling out the pure water line. Read more

DIY: How to Add an UV Light to Countertop RO System as Stage-0

  1. Remove the feed water line from the Stage-1 filter by disconnecting the gray fitting elbow Point A connector at the stage 1 filter.  To remove the gray fitting, simply press in and hold down on the “Gray” Collet ring at the base of the gray plastic fitting.  Then pull to disconnect the gray elbow from the filter tubing.  See figure.1
  2. Remove the short Red tubing from Stage-1 filter.
  3. Cut the 2 Plastic straps on the RO system. Read more