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RO Storage Tank Takes A Long Time To Fill

If the RO unit takes a long time to fill the storage tank, please review the possible factors below.

  • Insufficient water pressure (below 40 psi for non-pump systems) > Increase house water pressure, if possible or add an appropriate pump to system. Please contact an APEC Representative for assistance.
  • Low water temperature (below 77 degree F) > Increase house water pressure or add pump to compensate for low (cold) water temperature. Temperatures can affect Read more

Tank is full of water but there is very little or no water coming out the faucet.

If you are experiencing very little or no water coming out the drinking water faucet, but have a full tank, the first thing to check is the tank. The tank may be low on air pressure or have a ruptured (torn) bladder.

Locate the blue or black plastic cap on the bottom side of the tank. Fully unscrew the cap to expose the metal air stem valve. Read more