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No Water at Dispensing Faucet

–    Water supply is off —> Turn on the water supply, or open Needle Valve ( turn needle handle
counter colockwise)

–    Tank’s valve is closed —> Turn tank valve to an “Open” position

–    Output line is crimped —> Remove crimp

–    Incorrect installation —> See Fig.11. Verify all line connections.
–    Tank defective, no pre-charge pressure —> Set tank pre-charge to 5-7 psi.
–    ASO connection Error —> See Fig. 16A and Fig. 16B to reconnect ASO to the correct connection.

The ASO valve has 4 lines connected to it, 2 Reds and 2 Clears. C1 is labeled IN and C2 is labeled OUT on the valve. C3 and C4 are connected to the ends with the 4 screws. Please confirm connections:
•  Stage 3 Carbon:        Red tubing (point B) is connected to C1 (IN) fig.16A
•  Membrane:        Red tubing (point D) is connected to C2 (OUT) fig.16A
•  Check Valve:        Clear tubing (point E) is connected to C3 fig.16B
•  5th stage Tee inlet:    Clear tubing (point F) is connected to C4 fig.16B



Back View

Fig. 16A



Front View

Fig. 16B