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How to Connect Two Storage Tanks To APEC RO System

The two storage tanks should be hooked up side-by-side in parallel. The RO system fills up both tanks simultaneously. When you dispense pure water, water is drawn from both tanks simultaneously.

See figure below for tank connection:

  1. Add T-fitting to divert output into 2 directions   
    • Between points B and Y is the pure water line (Yellow line). Read more

What to Do When Drain Water Runs All the Time

Our RO systems are designed to shut off automatically when the tank is full. When the RO fails to shut off after tank is full, drain water will continue to run, possibly depleting the pre-filters, the membrane, and costing high water bills.

If the drain water is running non stop, the input water pressure may be too low (below 40psi). Not enough pressure to shut off the RO at all,  check input water pressure. If pressure is below 40psi, you may need to switch to Booster-Pumped RO model. Read more

Why Does the Water From My RO System Seems Cloudy?

The water out of my RO system seems milky or cloudy, what is the reason for this issue?

This is generally caused by trapped air within the RO system. However, it will not affect the quality of your water. The cloudiness should disappear within a minute after water sits in a glass. This is a normal occurrence with a newly installed RO System or after a filter change. You can release the air from your RO system by draining the tank 1 to 2 more times or using RO makes humming noise air release instructions in your system manual (see below). Read more

Saddle Feed Installation Instructions for 3/8″ Brass adapter

Before connecting your extender tee, close your supply stop and disconnect the water line to the faucet at the supply stop valve.
Attach the extender tee to your supply stop and re-connect faucet water line to the inline outlet.
Connect new supply line from your water appliance to the branch outlet of your new extender tee.


Your system is upgraded to “Quick-Connect” type fittings.  When Making Connections to these Quick-Connect Fittings, simply insert tubing directly into these fittings on the system.  Please Do Not Add “Tube Inserts” to these connections!

To Connect

  • Simple insert tubing all the way into the connecter or fitting.

Read more

Instructions on How to Insert Membrane

IMPORTANT!  Must Insert Membrane Into This Housing Before Use!

Insert Membrane This Direction:

  • Open housing’s cap: Remove the Red tubing from cap first, then open cap. Read more

How to Install IceMaker with Your Reverse Osmosis (R.O.)?

How to Connect APEC R.O. System to Your Ice-Maker, Coffee-Maker, or Second Faucet?

To connect the pure water from your RO system to your icemaker, coffee maker, or to a second faucet, you need to have:

  • One ¼” T-fitting, preferably the quick-connect type fitting (just push tubing into fitting, no inserts needed).
  • Extra ¼” tubing, long enough to go from your RO system to the icemaker, or to the destination of your 2nd water dispensing point. Read more

Air-Gap Faucet Hook-Up

There are 3 colored tubing on your Air-Gap faucet. At the end of each 1/4” tubing there is a “Quick Connect” fitting. The Quick Connect fitting is used to connect the Pure and Rinse water line from the RO unit to the Air Gap Faucet.

To connect the lines, simply insert each line into the fitting port tightly.


  1. Assemble the faucet: There is a plastic “filler tube” in the slot next to the faucet’s on/off black lever. Remove this filler-tube, and immediately insert the faucet spout into the slot to prevent the black lever from falling out of its socket. Do Not press down the black lever until the spout is inserted into the slot.  Read more

TDS Reading Is Higher Than Normal

If the Pure water TDS is higher than normal after 1-2 full tank flushes, please review the possible reasons below.

  • Membrane was not inserted > Put membrane into housing.
  • Membrane is inserted incorrectly > Re-insert membrane correctly. Refer to Manual.
  • Tap water source water has very high TDS and/or contains certain heavy dissolved elements resulting in TDS higher than usual. Read more

Tank is full of water but there is very little or no water coming out the faucet.

If you are experiencing very little or no water coming out the drinking water faucet, but have a full tank, the first thing to check is the tank. The tank may be low on air pressure or have a ruptured (torn) bladder.

Locate the blue or black plastic cap on the bottom side of the tank. Fully unscrew the cap to expose the metal air stem valve. Read more

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