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What is the Difference between TFC and CTA membranes?

TFC membranes are bacteria resistant and it has a higher removal rate of total dissolved solids compared to CTA membranes. We strongly recommend using TFC membrane for purifying drinking water.

CTA membranes need chlorine to protect itself from damaging molds and bacteria. CTA membranes should only be used in applications where water is chlorinated. We do not recommend using CTA membranes filtering water sources that are non-chlorinated (wells). 


If the issue was not addressed, please contact us at:
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Instructions on How to Insert Membrane

IMPORTANT!  Must Insert Membrane Into This Housing Before Use!

Insert Membrane This Direction:

  • Open housing’s cap: Remove the Red tubing from cap first, then open cap. Read more

Common Causes to Premature Membrane Failure:

There are 4 common causes that lead to premature membrane failure:

  1. Failing to replace the 3 pre-filters as frequently as needed:
    • If you’re on city water:  The over-depleted carbon pre-filters allow the chlorine to get through and damage the membrane.
    • If you’re on private well water:  The overloaded pre-filters allow excessive sediments and particles to get through and clog up the membrane surface. Read more