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RO-PERM System Installation Manual

RO-PERM System Installation Manual

Saddle Feed Installation Instructions for 3/8″ Brass adapter

Before connecting your extender tee, close your supply stop and disconnect the water line to the faucet at the supply stop valve.
Attach the extender tee to your supply stop and re-connect faucet water line to the inline outlet.
Connect new supply line from your water appliance to the branch outlet of your new extender tee.


Your system is upgraded to “Quick-Connect” type fittings.  When Making Connections to these Quick-Connect Fittings, simply insert tubing directly into these fittings on the system.  Please Do Not Add “Tube Inserts” to these connections!

To Connect

  • Simple insert tubing all the way into the connecter or fitting.

Read more

Instructions on How to Insert Membrane

IMPORTANT!  Must Insert Membrane Into This Housing Before Use!

Insert Membrane This Direction:

  • Open housing’s cap: Remove the Red tubing from cap first, then open cap. Read more

How to Install IceMaker with Your Reverse Osmosis (R.O.)?

How to Connect APEC R.O. System to Your Ice-Maker, Coffee-Maker, or Second Faucet?

To connect the pure water from your RO system to your icemaker, coffee maker, or to a second faucet, you need to have:

  • One ¼” T-fitting, preferably the quick-connect type fitting (just push tubing into fitting, no inserts needed).
  • Extra ¼” tubing, long enough to go from your RO system to the icemaker, or to the destination of your 2nd water dispensing point. Read more

Air-Gap Faucet Hook-Up

There are 3 colored tubing on your Air-Gap faucet. At the end of each 1/4” tubing there is a “Quick Connect” fitting. The Quick Connect fitting is used to connect the Pure and Rinse water line from the RO unit to the Air Gap Faucet.

To connect the lines, simply insert each line into the fitting port tightly.


  1. Assemble the faucet: There is a plastic “filler tube” in the slot next to the faucet’s on/off black lever. Remove this filler-tube, and immediately insert the faucet spout into the slot to prevent the black lever from falling out of its socket. Do Not press down the black lever until the spout is inserted into the slot.  Read more

DIY: How to Add UV-Light To RO-CTOP (at last stage)

Please add the UV light to the RO-CTOP’s last stage as follows:

  1. Cut the 2 plastic straps on the unit. Remove the pure water output line at Point K. (soft line at the OUT end of the 4th stage filter,). See figure 1 & 2.
    • You must remove the red clip before disconnecting the tubing. Use a flat head screw driver to push in and hold down the Collet ring while pulling out the pure water line. Read more

DIY: How to Add an UV Light to Countertop RO System as Stage-0

  1. Remove the feed water line from the Stage-1 filter by disconnecting the gray fitting elbow Point A connector at the stage 1 filter.  To remove the gray fitting, simply press in and hold down on the “Gray” Collet ring at the base of the gray plastic fitting.  Then pull to disconnect the gray elbow from the filter tubing.  See figure.1
  2. Remove the short Red tubing from Stage-1 filter.
  3. Cut the 2 Plastic straps on the RO system. Read more

How to Add an Auto-Shut-Off (ASO) Valve to RO-Perm System

Parts Included for Conversion:

  • 1 ASO Valve w/ Pre Inserted Tubing, Inserts and Compression Nuts.
  • 1 ASO Clip w/ Screw

To add the Auto-Shut-Off valve to the RO-Perm System, please follow steps below: Read more

Water Leaking at Tank Ball Valve

If there is a leak where the tank ball valve attaches to the tank’s metal stem, the most common reason is No Teflon tape was applied, or Not Enough Teflon tape was applied.

Please follow the steps below:

  • Shut off the feed water to the RO unit.
  • Open the Pure water faucet and let water run to empty water from tank. Read more

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