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How to Move a RO System to New Home

Please follow the steps below in moving your RO system:

  1. Turn OFF the feed water supply to the RO unit.
  2. Turn ON the RO faucet (lift black lever into locked position) to drain out all pure water from the tank. 
  3. Once the tank has fully emptied, remove the YELLOW Line from the tank’s ball valve. Once the yellow tubing is removed, please turn off RO faucet. Read more

How Much Pressure Can RO Deliver to My Ice-Maker?

The RO’s delivery pressure depends on how full the tank is. The pressure is high when tank is full and drops when tank depletes. See charts below for 4gal tank and 14gal tank.

4-gallon tank’s delivery pressure:

  • 3.0 gallon —> 50 psi output/delivery pressure (pressure inside tank)
  • 2.5 gallon —> 36psi
  • 2.0 gallon —> 24 psi Read more

How to Add a Lead-Reduction Carbon (FI-PB1) Filter To Your R.O. System

The Lead-Reduction Carbon filter (FI-PB1) is recommended to be added to your R.O. system as a Stage-6 Specialty Filter.  Add this filter between the Stage-5 filter and the dispensing faucet as shown in the Diagram below. 

Some extra ¼” tubing are provided in case you need to make a longer connection.

  • Step 1:  Put the filter cartridge into the Housing (remove cartridge wrapping). Close the housing cap tightly. Read more

How to Connect Two Storage Tanks To APEC RO System

The two storage tanks should be hooked up side-by-side in parallel. The RO system fills up both tanks simultaneously. When you dispense pure water, water is drawn from both tanks simultaneously.

See figure below for tank connection:

  1. Add T-fitting to divert output into 2 directions   
    • Between points B and Y is the pure water line (Yellow line). Read more

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