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Filter Housing Is Leaking

If you are experiencing a leak from any of the pre-filter housings on the reverse osmosis system, the rubber O-ring may be defective. The filter housing must have an O-ring in order to seal properly. Please review the steps below to address a leaking filter housing.

Please follow the steps below:

Step 1.  Shut off the feed water line to the RO unit. Turn off the tank ball valve by turning the
Blue Cap on the tank ball valve 90 degrees.

Step 2.     Use the filter housing wrench to unscrew the filter housing that is leaking. Make sure the O-ring is seated correctly inside the filter housing groove. You may also want to apply some lubricant around the O-ring. This will help secure the O-ring in the filter housing groove.

Step 3.     Re-attach the filter housing to the RO head. Hand tighten the housing, then  use the filter housing wrench and simply give an additional quarter inch turn. Do Not over tighten the housing.

Step 4.     Open the tank ball valve and feed water line. Check for leaks. If the filter housing continues to leak, please contact APEC technician for replacement assistance.