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Sluggish Flow At Dispensing Faucet

–    Insufficient water pressure (see “RO Basics” for explanation) —> Check water pressure. If too low for this chosen RO model, either increase your water pressure or add pump to RO system.

–    Input water to RO is blocked —> Make sure Feed water valve is fully opened and unhindered.

–    Tank not filled yet —> Wait until tank is more filled, takes 2-3 hours average.

–    Low tank pre-charge pressure —> Raise tank pre-charge to 5-7 psi.


APEC RO-CTOP System: Faucet Adaptor Kit Replacement

To replace the faucet adaptor on your RO-CTOP system, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Remove faucet adaptor:  Unscrew and remove the feed water Faucet Adaptor from your faucet.
  2. Remove double-flex line from Stage-1 filter:  See Figure A below. Read more

Air-Gap Faucet Hook-Up

There are 3 colored tubing on your Air-Gap faucet. At the end of each 1/4” tubing there is a “Quick Connect” fitting. The Quick Connect fitting is used to connect the Pure and Rinse water line from the RO unit to the Air Gap Faucet.

To connect the lines, simply insert each line into the fitting port tightly.


  1. Assemble the faucet: There is a plastic “filler tube” in the slot next to the faucet’s on/off black lever. Remove this filler-tube, and immediately insert the faucet spout into the slot to prevent the black lever from falling out of its socket. Do Not press down the black lever until the spout is inserted into the slot.  Read more

Sluggish Or Very Low Water Flow At RO Dispensing Faucet

Once the system is installed, if you experience sluggish or very low water flow out of the RO dispensing faucet, please review the possible factors below.

  • Insufficient water pressure (see RO Basics for explanation) > Check water pressure. If the water pressure is too low for this chosen RO model, either increase your water pressure or add pump to RO system. Please contact an APEC Representative for support. Read more

Troubleshooting Guide for Leaking Standard Chrome Faucet

A leaking faucet is caused by 3 factors:

  1. Missing or Damaged spigot O-Rings.
  2. A loose or over-tighten faucet lever adjustment nut.
  3. A leaking or loose main shut off valve assembly.

Instructions: Read more

What to Do When There is No Water At Dispensing RO Faucet

If there is no water dispensing from the RO faucet after the unit is installed, please review the possible factors below.

  • Water supply is off > Turn on water by opening the RO Needle Valve, or make sure the main water line or valve is open.
  • Tank’s valve is closed > Turn tank valve to an Open position. Make sure the Blue handle on tank ball valve is Parallel to tubing connected to it. Read more