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What to Do When Drain Water Runs All the Time

Our RO systems are designed to shut off automatically when the tank is full. When the RO fails to shut off after tank is full, drain water will continue to run, possibly depleting the pre-filters, the membrane, and costing high water bills.

If the drain water is running non stop, the input water pressure may be too low (below 40psi). Not enough pressure to shut off the RO at all,  check input water pressure. If pressure is below 40psi, you may need to switch to Booster-Pumped RO model. Read more

How To: Auto-Shut-Off (ASO) Valve Replacement

To replace the Auto-Shut-Off valve on your RO system, please follow steps below:

  1. Turn off the feed water to the RO system. Close the tank’s ball valve. Turn on the RO spigot, lift lever up & lock –> this relieves the pressure in the RO system, making line removal easier.
  2. The ASO valve is mounted on the RO frame. There are 4 ports on the ASO valve, see diagram below. Each port connects to a water line: Two RED lines in ports #1 and #2 (at bottom), two CLEAR lines in ports #3 and #4 (on top).
  3. Take ASO valve out of its bracket.  Please note how the 4 lines are connected to the old ASO, so you can re-connect the lines to the correct ports on the new ASO valve. Read more