Pro Industrial High Volume 30,000 GPD Reverse Osmosis System

  • 30,000 Gallons/day Commercial Output

  • Fully Equipped & Customizable

  • Computer Controller with On/Off Control Switch

  • Built-In TDS Monitor & Pre-treat Lockout

  • Tank Full Contacts, Low Pressure Monitor & Alarm

  • High Flow Low-Energy TFC Membranes

  • Feed Solenoid Valve with Manual Bypass

  • 32" 10 Micron Sediment Bag Filter

  • Multistage Booster Pump with TEFC Motor

  • Permeate and Concentrate Flow Meters

  • Contaminant rejection 96 - 98.5%

  • Designed and Assembled in USA with High Quality Components Made in USA

  • Direct from Original Manufacturer

  • Listed Price:$39,990.00

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    APEC's Pro Industrial high volume reverse osmosis systems are skid mounted and feature an excellent pre-treatment design and premium components to ensure guaranteed quality and performance. They are designed for higher recovery rates and minimum energy consumption, so that you experience greater savings with lower maintenance and operations costs. These ultra high-volume reverse osmosis systems are ideal for heavy duty commercial or industrial applications up to 30,000 to 40,000 gallons per day.

    Premium Features Equipped

      Standard Features:    
    • S200 Computer Controller
    • LCD Backlit Display
    • Pre-Treatment Lockout
    • Tank Level Input
    • Low Pressure Monitoring and Alarm
    • Hour Meter
    • Dual TDS Monitoring
    • Feed Flush
    • Digital Flow Meters x3
    • Premeate and Concentrate Flow Meters
    • Concentrate Recycle Flow Meter
    • Stainless Steel Concentrate Globe Valve
    • Pre-Filter 0-100 psi Panel Mounted Glycerin Filled Gauges
    • Pump Discharge & Concentrate 0-300 psi Panel Mounted Glycerin Filled Gauges
    • Bag Filter Housing with Stainless Steel Stand
    • 5 Micron Filter Bag
    • HF5 Ultra Low Energy Membrane Elements
    • Fiberglass Membane Housings - 450 psi
    • Vertical Multi-Stage Stainless Steel Booster Pump
    • Feed Solenoid Valve
    • Feed Low Pressure Switch
    • Clean-In-Place (CIP) Ports
    • Victaulic Style Fittings
    • Permeate Sample Ports
    • Whilte Powder Coated Aluminum Frame
    • Wooden Crate

    *Systems must be ordered with optional pump pressure relief valve to be CE compliant.


    Explanation of Standard Features:

    White Powder Coated Aluminum Frame:

    Corrosion resistant and light weight.

    S200 Computer Controller:

    Allows for pre-treat lockout functionality, tank level input, permeate TDS monitoring, low pressure monitoring, feed flush, electronic flush bypass and features a convenient LED display, alarm functionality and other monitoring options.

    Permeate Flow Meter:

    Monitors the product water flow rate.

    Concentrate Flow Meter:

    Monitors the waste water flow rate.

    Concentrate Recycle Flow Meter:

    Monitors the waste water flow rate being recycled back through the ro system.

    Stainless Steel Concentrate Globe Valve:

    Allows for control of the waste water.

    Pre-Filter 0-100 psi Panel Mounted Glycerin Filled Pressure Gauges:

    Monitors the feed water pressure entering and existing the pre-filters.

    Pump Discharge 0-300 psi Panel Mounted Glycerin Filled Pressure Gauge:

    Monitors the pump discharge pressure.

    Concentrate 0-300 psi Panel Mounted Glycerin Filled Pressure Gauge:

    Monitors the waste water discharge pressure.

    5 Micron Filter Bag:

    Reduces the amount of sediment from the feed water source.

    Bag Filter Housing with Stainless Steel Stand:

    Durable, High flow, easy to maintenance and supported by a rigid corrosion resistant stainless steel stand.

    HF5 Ultra Low Energy Membrane Elements:

    Operate at less than half the operating pressure of standard membranes.

    Fiberglass Membrane Housings - 450 psi:

    Higher resistance to varying feed water conditions and chemicals.

    Permeate Sample Ports:

    Allows for evaluation of individual membrane performance and aids in system troubelshooting and maintenance.

    Vertical Multi-Stage Stainless Steel Booster Pump:

    High pressure pump provides steady, quite, vibration-free operating and is designed for continuous operation. High resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

    Feed Solenoid Valve:

    Solenoid valve features a high flow and low friction loss.

    Feed Low Pressure Switch:

    Protects the RO pump from damage and cavitation when a low pressure condition occurs.

    Clean-In-Place (CIP) Ports:

    Allows for cleaning of the systems membrane.

    Victaulic Style Fittings:

    316 stainless steel coupling for high pressure and corrosion resistant.

    Caster Wheels:

    Allows for mobility of the ro system.

    Wooden Crate:

    Added protection around the system during shipment, covers all six sides.


    Explanation of Optional Features:

    S150 Expander Board:

    I/O expander board allows for 2 additional relay outputs and 1 additional switch input.

    S150 Dual TDS Board and Sensor:

    Allows for the monitoring of the feed water TDS.

    S200 Rotrol II Controller Feed TDS Sensor:

    Allows for monitoring of the feed water TDS.

    Variable Frequency Drive:

    Allow for adjustment of the motor for the specific amp draw and pressure.

    NF3 Nanofiltration Membrane Elements:

    Operate at a low nominal 70 psi with a 40-50% salt rejection.

    NF4 Nanofiltration Membrane Elements:

    Operate at a low nominal 70 psi with a 80-90% salt rejection.

    Filmtec LCLE Membrane Elements

    Deliver high-quality water at low operating pressures.

    Filmtec LCHR Membrane Elements

    Produce high-quality water and offer salt rejection rates as high as 99.7%.

    S200 pH Monitoring:

    Allows for monitoring of pH in the RO systems product water.

    S200 ORP Monitoring:

    Allows for monitoring of ORP in the RO systems feed water.

    Chemical Pump Outlet:

    Provides an integrated power source with the RO system for connection of a chemical feed pump.

    Pump Pressure Relief Valve:

    Helps in protecting the RO system at a pre-determined setting by relieving the pressure when pressure exceed too high.

    Blending Valve:

    Allows for a mixture of feed wter into the final reverse osmosis product water to achieve a fine-tuned product TDS.

    Permeate Divert Valve:

    Diverts the product water to the drain (waste water side) if the TDS reaches a desired set-point on the computer controller.

    High Pressure Tnak Switch:

    Automatically turns of the ro system at a pre-determined storage tank pressure.


    Refer to Specification Table for voltage options.


Performance & Specification

    Reverse Osmosis System Specifications:

    (30,000 GPD)
    (36,000 GPD)
    Configuration Single pass Single pass
    Feed Water Source*** TDS <2,000 ppm TDS <2,000 ppm
    Standard Recovery Rate 50-75% 50-75%%
    Rejection and Flow Rate
    Nominal Salt Rejection % 99% 99%
    Permeate Flow* gpm (lpm) 20.8 (78.9) 25.0 (94.6)
    Minimum Feed Flow gpm (lpm) 26.8 (101.6) 31.0 (117.4)
    Maximum Feed Flow gpm (lpm) 42 (159) 42 (159)
    Minimum Concentrate Flow gpm (lpm) w/Recycle Based on 75% Recovery 6.95 (26.31) 8.33 (31.53)
    Feed Inch 1.5" FNPT 1.5" FNPT
    Permeate Inch 1.5" FNPT 1.5" FNPT
    Concentrate Inch 1.5" FNPT 1.5" FNPT
    CIP Inch 1" FNPT 1" FNPT
    Membrane Per Vessel 2 2
    Membrane Quantity 20 24
    Membrane Size 4040 4040
    Vessel Array 3:3:2:2 3:3:2:2:2
    Vessel Quantity 10 12
    Pump Type Multi-Stage Multi-Stage
    Motor HP (kw) 7.5 7.5
    RPM @ 60Hz 3450 3450
    RPM @ 50Hz VFD at 60Hz VFD at 60Hz
    Standard Voltage 220V, 60HZ, 3PH, 19.2A 220V, 60HZ, 3PH, 19.2A
    Voltage Options

    220V, 50HZ, 3PH, 22.9A
    460V, 60HZ, 3PH, 9.7A

    220V, 50HZ, 3PH, 22.9A
    460V, 60HZ, 3PH, 9.7A
    Systems Dimensions **
    L x W x H inch (cm) 31x100x64 (78x254x162) 31x100x64 (78x254x162)
    Weight Lb. (kg) 1350 (612) 1450 (658)

    * Product flow and recovery rates are based on equipment test parameters.
    ** Does not include operating space requirements.
    *** Treatment ability of the RO system is dependent on feed water quality. Performance projections must be run for each installation.


    Operating Limits:

    Maximum Feed Temperature ºF (ºC) 85 (29.00) Maximum Free Chlorine ppm 0
    Minimum Feed Temperature ºF (ºC) 40 (4.44) Maximum TDS ppm 2000
    Maximum Ambient Temperature ºF (ºC) 120 (48.89) Maximum Hardness gpg 0
    Minimum Ambient Temperature ºF (ºC) 40 (4.44) Maximum pH (Continuous) 11
    Maximum Feed Pressure psi (bar) 85 (5.86) Minimum pH (Continuous) 5
    Minimum Feed Pressure psi (bar) 45 (3.10) Maximum pH (Cleaning 30 Min.) 12
    Maximum Operating Pressure psi (bar) 200 (13.8) Minimum pH (Cleaning 30 Min.) 2
    Minimum SDI Rating SDI < 3 Maximum Turbidity NTU 1

    Test Parameters: 550 TDS Filtered (5 Micron), De-Chlorinated, Feed Water, 65 psi (4.5 bar) Feed Pressure, 100 psi (6.89 bar) Operating Pressure, 77 Degrees F (25 Degrees C), recovery as stated, 7.0 pH. Data taken after 60 minutes of operation.

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