RO-CTOP-PH – Portable Alkaline Mineral 90 GPD Countertop Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

  • Compatible With Standard Faucets. Will Not Work With pull-out faucet, special size designer faucet and sprayer faucet

  • Top Tier Alkaline Pure Drinking Water System

  • Refreshing, Crisp Taste Superior to Bottled Water

  • 100% US Made High Purity Calcium Carbonate to Safely Raise pH

  • 90 Gallons/day — Complete 4 Stage System

  • Portable Convenient Drinking Water

  • No Installation, Just Plug & Drink

  • Weights only 7 lbs. Best Travel Companion

  • Lifetime Support by Team of WQA Certified Water Specialist

  • $145 in System savings + Discounted Upgrades!(Expires )

  • Listed Price:$395.00
  • Total Saving:$145.05
  • Sales Price:$249.95

Options & Upgrades

Stages 1, 2, and 4 replacement filters for 2nd year service.

Hand-held water meter tests water quality & system performance.
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For additional protection against microbial water contamination.
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    Best Portable Countertop Alkaline Mineral RO System

    Portable, convenient, easy to hook up, easy to use. If you want bottled-water-quality water that you can take with you anywhere, but do not want to be bothered with installation, this is your dream system! Perfect for apartments, condominiums, motor homes, retirement homes and students. Provide safe Alkaline drinking water with capacity up to 90 gallons per day (at 60 psi water pressure) to any water storage tank you provide. Just hook it up to your existing faucet.

    NOTE: Compatible With Standard Faucets. Will Not Work With pull-out faucet, special size designer faucet and sprayer faucet


    You will enjoy:

    • Unlimited ultra fresh, clean, great tasting water right at home.
    • Best quality water for cooking and making delicious coffee, tea & ice.
    • Save money, time, and hassle of buying costly, heavy bottled water.
    • Live healthier with ultra safe water that is 99% contaminant free.

    Proven Performance in APEC's ULTIMATE RO Systems

    APEC's ULTIMATE RO-CTOP-PH reverse osmosis system was engineered to the highest standards for exceptional performance, durability and safety. Constructed of select premium components while adding calcium minerals for people who prefer mineral water. This portable system guarantees the highest contaminant removal rates, giving you the purest water possible. This system's mineral cartridge adds only 100% US-made high-purity calcium carbonate to effectively raise pH in the water for those who desire alkaline water. Other re-mineralization RO systems will claim to add various beneficial minerals back into the water; however, their mineral formulations are often from unknown and uncertified sources that can lead to potential health concern. We build, inspect and lab test every ULTIMATE RO-CTOP-PH system in our US facility. This stringent QC process eliminates even the slightest component imperfections to guarantee a system that removes up to 99% of all contaminants and is completely free from water leaks, bursts and noises.

    For over 20 years, APEC has been an industry leading manufacturer who specializes in high performance RO systems. As the original manufacturer, we have dedicated a knowledgeable and sincere team that is committed to providing customer satisfaction for the entire lifespan of every system.

    Every APEC system is built to meet the most demanding applications in water purification - from drinking water for homes, to purified water for restaurants, healthcare facilities, and research labs. Our durable RO systems are designed to last for decades and will bring many years of enjoyment and good health for you and your family.


    America's Most Durable & Versatile RO Systems

    Ultra Safe, Ultra Pure

    Our certified RO systems guarantee ultra safe and clean drinking water for your family.

    Food Grade Alkaline Filter

    US Made cartridge uses food-grade calcium from trusted source for safe, proven water pH enhancement

    No Installation

    Simply connect Quick-Connect adapter to faucet and drink.

    Versatile Storage

    You connect the output to any water reservoir.

    Treats All Types of Water

    Treats tap water, well water, hard water, variable water pressures and extreme pH.

    Low Maintenance

    Virtually no maintenance. Just change 2 pre-filters about every 6 months.

    Free Drinking Water Promise

    The only place which pays big for your referrals so you can have "free drinking water forever!"

    High Performance System Components:

    1st stage

    Premium Quick-Connect 5 micron sediment filter —removes dust, particles, and rust. Protects and extends the life of the membrane and system US Made.(order info.)

    2nd Stage

    Premium Quick-Connect coconut shell activated carbon filter —gets rid of unpleasant chlorine, odors, cloudiness, & colors. Also removes VOCs and other common chemicals from the water. US Made. (order info.)

    3rd Stage

    Select FILMTEC (Dow Chemical) High Rejection TFC reverse osmosis membrane. Removes up to 99% of total dissolved solids (TDS) and contaminants such as arsenic, lead, fluoride, chromium, radium, bacteria, viruses and much more. US Made. (order info.)

    4th Stage

    Calcite Acidic Water Neutralizer 10" - adds calcium carbonate to increase water alkalinity. (order info.)

    Specifications & Dimensions:

    System Capacity:

    90 gallons per day @ 60 psi, 75 gallons/day @50 psi and 77 deg F

    Tank Capacity:

    tank not included

    Feed Water Pressure:

    35-90 psi

    Feed Water Temperature:

    40-100 deg F

    Max Total Dissolved Solids:

    2000 ppm

    System Dimensions:

    14" x 6.5" x 6"

    Feed Water pH:

    2.0 -11.0

    System Package Weight:

    7 lbs
Product's Review
    1. Review of RO-CTOP-PH Review by APEC customer

      I originally purchased the RO-CTOP-C portable 90 GPD countertop reverse osmosis drinking water system, and after a few months I switched out one of the filters to make it equivalent to the RO-CTOP-PHC portable alkaline mineral 90 GPD countertop reverse osmosis drinking water system.

      I began to have a regular problem with heartburn after purchasing the RO-CTOP-C. This was unusual for me, as I've never had heartburn more than once or twice a year. I was also feeling more lethargic than usual. My diet (I am conscientious about food choices) stayed the same throughout the period of time that began with the introduction of the RO-CTOP-C till the present day.

      My symptoms went away very soon after switching out the 4th stage filter so that it behaved like the alkaline model. The customer service representative I spoke with at APEC believed that the difference a small change in pH would make in everyday life would be negligible, but as mentioned the addition of the water filter was the only dietary change I made in my life. I've read about the problems that can occur when the body's pH is lowered. Apparently, with too low of a pH the body will cause issues by its attempts to raise its pH. The symptoms mentioned that can occur as part of this process mirrored my own.

      I have yet to purchase a device that can test the pH of this water filter system with and without the pH calcium remineralization inline filter (the only difference between the standard and alkaline countertop models is that the standard model contains a regular coconut shell activated carbon filter in the 4th stage and the alkaline model contains the pH calcium remineralization inline filter in the 4th stage). I will do a test of these two systems in the future, as I am not convinced the difference in pH between them is small (or perhaps small differences make more of a difference than you would think).

      As for the functionality of the system, it works very well. I did have to buy an adapter for my sink, but these cost just a few bucks. If you need one, I would recommend getting an adapter with an included rubber washer as this helps with getting a tight enough seal to keep water leakage to a minimum. It takes about 50 minutes for it to fill an 18-cup dispenser.
      (Posted on 12/28/2017)

    2. Looks Great, Convenient, Nice Design, Easy to Clean, Easy to Use, Good Size & Weight, Portable, Takes Less Spac Review by Steve Curtis

      I am now using this product to provide about four gallons of water per day. It was a breeze to setup.
      The unit is strapped into a compact design and occupy space near the sink. The hoses are of very good length and flexible have a good distance away from the sink or coil it up near the sink. It is easy to route to the faucet and it is not in the way. I had no problem in connecting to the faucet. Just get used to the slow process and save the filtered water in a container for a counter top solution. (Posted on 4/29/2016)

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