Electronic Leak Detector & Controller with/Alarm

Sale price$55.00 USD

  • Designed for ALL water filtration systems including reverse osmosis, under-counter filters, water coolers & refrigerators
  • Easy to install Moisture Sensor shuts off water supply and sounds alarm when a leak is detected
  • Sensor has an effective range of up to 3 feet from controller; detects water TDS down to 2 ppm
  • Controller fits 1/4" plastic or copper tubing with quick-fit connectors for simple operation
  • Sensor/Controller powered by 4-AA batteries;
    Audio alarm on shut-off or low battery
  • Low cost “Insurance Policy” for higher risk installations

State of the Art moisture sensor stops leaks in RO systems and other water filtration systems.

This leak detector/shut-off device uses advanced microchip technology for sensitive controls, responsive operation verification and long battery life. Better than the typical “double-float” set-up, this unit utilizes ultra-sensitive water sensors to monitor and protect the entire water path within 3 feet of the controller. Multiple sensors can be daisy-chained together for increased protection range and coverage. This device can be used with all water filtration systems and appliances regardless of flow and makes a great low cost insurance policy for higher risk installations.

Stainless steel sensors detect moisture from water dripping above
and from water flowing below for maximum protection.

Automatic/Manual Operation

In the event that the sensors detect a leak, the controller will close the valve and sound an alarm. The water source is cut off, stopping the leak while the alarm continues to sound. The controller's valve can also be shut off manually. Customers can simply push the manual close button located on the leak detector.

This is a Must Have safety backup for any high rise building water system installations.


Water leak detector Installation Sample Solenoid valve 6 volts DC
Sensor with built-in coin test slot
1-year battery life
Quick connect fittings to ball valve
4 "AA" size alkaline batteries & mounting hardware included
Dimensions: 6.75"h x 3.25"w x 2.5 Inch D

Note: The controller can only be connected to cold water supply; do not connect the controller to a hot water line.