APEC ULTIMATE Inline Carbon Post-filter 10 Inch

Sale price$15.95 USD

  • compatible with APEC standard 1/4" output ultimate series system: RO-45, RO-90, RO-PH90, RO-PERM and RO-PUMP
  • Nominal 5 Micron Rating GAC Acid Washed Carbon removes Chlorine, Odor and Taste
  • Friction-Welded Construction Provides a Reliable, No-Leak Seal
  • Versatile & Disposable Inline Filter Housing Design with 1/4" Quick-Connect QC Fittings
  • Meets FDA Title 21 Requirements, Made in USA Made in USA

Quick Connect Carbon Filter

This APEC Polishing carbon filter is an exceptional value for general applications where long life, high purity and low change-out frequency are required. This inline filter has no glues or binders, that may cause contamination, used in the manufacturing process. Instead, components are friction-welded together, producing a reliable, no-leak seal. Composed of acid-washed carbon media, this filter is designed for maximum chlorine, taste & odor reduction.

How to Replace 5th Stage Inline Polishing Carbon Filters

In this video, we will show you how to replace our 5th stage inline polishing carbon filter using the quick connect fittings.