High Flow Oil Adsorbing Specialty Filter 4.5"x 20 Inch

Sale price$149.95 USD

  • Removes dissolved and dispersed oils from water instantaneously
  • Removes up to 95 percent of total hydrocarbons in a single pass
  • Holds 250% of its own weight, no release of removed hydrocarbons
  • High flow rates, low pressure drop
  • For use in 20-inch Big Blue filter housings

Clear Oil-Free Water

The FI-OIL20-BB cartridge is designed to provide an easy and effective method of removing dissolved and dispersed oil in water. This cartridge has been specifically developed and manufactured for the high efficiency removal of dissolved & dispersed oils from water within the gas & oil production industries, marine bilge and ballast water treatment systems, contaminated surface water run off & other industrial process industries. The FI-Oil20-BB, made from modified cellulose-based filter media, is processed into sheets and assembled into cartridges for use in standard 20 Inch Big Blue filter housing. It typically reduces hydrocarbon containment up to 90-95 percent in a single pass. It adds no harmful chemicals to the water, making it completely safe for water using applications.

Oil adsorbing cartridge can be used for

  • Gas and oil facilities
  • Leisure/commercial shipping bilge water
  • Surface water runoff (truck stops, airports, parking lots)
  • Auto service stations
  • Machine shops
  • Industrial processes
  • Factories and repair shops
  • Car and truck washes