Fluoride Reduction Specialty Filter 4.5" x 10 Inch

Sale price$61.95 USD

  • Effective fluoride reduction
  • High flow rate, low pressure drop
  • 10 Inch filter treats 11,000 PPM Fluoride
  • Fits all standard 10 Inch Big Blue filter housings
  • 10 micron nominal rating

Clean Fluoride Free Water

Our FI-FLUORIDE10-BB filter cartridges use premium grade activated alumina media to effectively remove fluoride from the water. Drinking water with fluoride levels above 2 ppm (mg/L) can lead to mottling of the teeth and at higher levels above 4 mg/L, it can result in serious health problems. In addition to fluoride, activated alumina can also reduce the levels of hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide in the water.

The FI-FLUORIDE10-BB filter has a capacity of 11,000 ppm* (mg/L) and will fit in our 10 Inch standard Big Blue housings.

* To calculate how many gallons the Fluoride Removal Filter can last for the fluoride levels in your source water, take capacity level (23,000 ppm for 20 Inch Fluoride Filter or 11,000 ppm for 10 Inch Fluoride Filter) and divide it by the fluoride levels from your water before it enters the filter.

Example (1): If the fluoride levels in your water is 0.5ppm per gallon, it can treat up to 46,000 gallons (23,000 ppm / 0.5ppm per gal) for the 20 Inch Fluoride Removal Filter or treat up to 22,000 gallons (11,000 ppm / 0.5ppm per gal) for the 10 Inch Fluoride Removal Filter.