Hydro Express Water Softener 30 Plus Alkaline Mineral 6-Stage RO System Value Bundle

Sale price$749.00 USD

  • Designed for 1-3 Bathrooms Homes
  • Combining one of our most popular Reverse Osmosis Systems with effective water softener for hard water treatment
  • Enjoy Soft Water at Every Faucet & Outlet in Your Home
  • Unlimited Supply of Ultra-Pure, Healthy Water for Drinking, Cooking, Coffee & Tea Brewing - Better than BOTTLED Water!
  • Exceptional performance in treatment for softer water
  • 100% Soft, Scale-Free luxurious water with silky softened skin feel that redefines your bathing experience
  • Superior laundry results with 50% less detergent and soap usage for brighter, softer, and longer-lasting clothes and linens
  • Designed, Engineered and Assembled In The USA with High Performance Parts Made in USA
  • It is not recommended to be installed outside of the home
  • Drain line is needed for installation

Soft, Clean Water for ALL Your Household Needs

The WH-SOFTENER-30-FG is a multi-system whole house water purification package to improve the quality of water in your home. This new generation "smart-softener" allows you to dial-in the water softness to your preferences with the digital control, resulting in higher efficiency too. Notice a dramatic difference with every shower or both, enjoy 100% scale-free soft water - which will protect plumbing and appliances also. With our premium reverse osmosis system unlimited perfectly pure water is on tap. After a thorough filtration process, beneficial minerals and alkalinity are added back to your drinking water for superior taste and health for the whole family to enjoy.

You Will Enjoy All These Benefits:

  • Soft, filtered, clean water at every faucet & outlet in your home
  • 100% soft, scale-free luxurious water with silky softened skin feel
  • Removes hard water spots & issues for easier household cleaning
  • Complete scale removal in pipes & appliances for improved efficiency & longevity
  • Unlimited bottled-water quality filtered drinking water
  • Best tasting water for cooking and making delicious coffee, tea and ice
  • Safe and healthy drinking water – up to 99% contaminant removal

Trusted Quality in APEC's Whole House Solution Water Package

APEC’s Whole House Softener 30 FG systems were designed for performance, durability and reliability. We are one of the very few manufacturers who still insist on using mostly premium components and all systems in the package are assembled in the USA. Our products are made of heavy-duty, durable tanks, housings, and parts which can withstand extreme pH and pressure changes without leaking, making them some of the longest lasting systems in the industry.

For over 20 years, APEC has been the leading manufacturer of high performance water systems. Our filtration products are built to meet the most demanding applications in water treatment - from drinking water for homes, health care facilities, and research labs to chemical-free, manageable water for factories. We design all our water filtration systems to last for decades and to provide customers with the highest quality water enjoyment and convenience.

Value Bundle - System Details

Water Softener(SOFTENER-HE-30-FG)

100% Scale Removal & Prevention

Softens water & removes hardness up to 30,000 grains. Treats existing scale in pipes, plumbing & appliances for thorough whole house protection for clogs & corrosion. Prevents new scale from developing.

50% Less Detergents & Soaps Used

Use up to 50% less detergents for whiter, brighter, softer, more durable & colorful clothes and linens. Reduces scale & water spots on sinks, showers, mirrors, glassware & silverware for easier general household cleanup.

High Performance & Low Cost

Microprocessor digital control valve monitors water usage & adjusts regeneration cycles to reduce water & salt use. High efficiency Vortech tank requires 30% less backwash, saves water.

Pure Drinking Water System (ROES-PH75)

Ultra Pure, Delicious

Guaranteed ultra-pure, best tasting drinking water quality comparable to premium bottled water brands – available only through the RO process.

Safe and Healthy, Up to 99% Contaminant Removal

Removes the widest range of water contaminants including arsenic, fluoride, nitrates, perchlorate, heavy-metals and bacteria – contaminants not treatable by whole house systems.

Save Time & Money

Convenient purified drinking water at your fingertips. No more costly bottled water, heavy water lugging & monthly faucet filter changes. Save up to $849 per year compared with bottled water costs.

Premium PHPlus Filter

Rigorously removes harmful impurities, but it also adds back the much needed and beneficial minerals/alkalinity your body needs daily.