Upgrade Option: Add UV Light 220v to APEC Ultimate RO Systems

Sale price$131.95 USD

  • 1/4" Slide Ports Spin Water Eliminating Shading
  • Sight Port
  • 316 Bonded Stainless Steel Interior Maximizes Killing Power By Reflecting U.V. Light and Eliminates Degradation Of Polypropylene Housing
  • Stainless Steel Leaves no Taste In The Water
  • Snap - Fit Cap For Quick Lamp Removal
  • Easy To Clean Quartz Sleeve
  • Low Cost replaceable Lamp

UV Lamp Upgrade for RO Systems

The primary usage for a UV light is to disinfect filtered water at a certain flow rate. Bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms are destroyed by the UV interfering with the DNA and RNA in the organisms' reproductive cycles. In theory, the reverse osmosis membrane already removes bacteria and viruses from the water, therefore, if you are on a municipal water system (tap water) in the U.S., chances are that you should not need a UV light on top of our ULTIMATE RO System. But, if your water source is known to be unsafe with microorganisms and you want to have extra protection, then you can add an UV as an additional stage to disinfect water.

Note: The UV light When is purchased together with an APEC RO system, it will come already installed for you. Also this ultra violet light can be added on to any existing RO system.




Maximum G.P.M.



2"O.D. X 11.50"L





Operating Conditions

Lamp Life

1 Year Plus Continuous Operation

U.V. Output

30,000 Micro-Watts At Maximum flow

Inlet Water Temperature

40 Degree - 105 DegreeF

Maximum Operating Pressure

85 Degree P.S.I.

Maximum Static Temperature Rise

16.1 DegreeF Above Ambient

Operating Voltages Available

220V - 50HZ