4.01 PH Buffer Solution

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  • Easy to use Solution for PHMETER Checker
  • 4.01 Buffer for PHMETER Probe Calibration
  • 230 mL Size for Demanding Testing Applications
  • Liquid formula for fast and easy testing
  • NIST Standardized

This quality 4.01 pH buffer solution is prepared according to precise formulas and is standardized for use with our PHMETER or any pH meter calibrated according to the NIST standards. Each bottle of solution will list the batch number, expiration date and the correlation table between pH and temperature. This buffer value is widely used in water purification plants, in the food industry and where ever the pH is expected to be slightly acidic.

Specification Table

pH Value:

4.01 @25 DegreeC


230 mL


1 bottle