Multiple Station Leak Controller System for Up to 6 Appliances - 6 Sensors

Sale price$559.00 USD

  • Protects Your Entire Home from Water Damage by Monitoring Up to 6 Different Appliances and Stations
  • Fully Wireless & Automatic Operation Closes the Central Main Water Supply when any Leak is Detected
  • Motorized Brass Ball Valve with Manual Override Wired to Quickly Shut-Off Incoming Water Supply
  • 6 Wireless R/F Battery Operated Sensor Discs
  • Central Main Control Box with Graphics LCD Screen
  • Automatically Runs Self-Test for Battery Life & Indicates when Battery Replacement is Needed
  • Special "Holiday" Function for Long Periods of Absence
  • Easy Installation and System Operation

Monitors & Protects Up to 6 Water Appliances and Locations

Whole house water detecting system - locationWater appliances and pipes are located in numerous stations throughout a house and can leak or burst from any point to cause severe and costly water damage. APEC's Whole House leak detector/shut-off device is an active point-of-use leak detection system that notifies homeowners with an alarm signal and automatically shuts off the water supply within a few seconds of a developing leak. The quick detection and shut off capabilities of this system helps prevent more water from flowing and causing further damage and makes for a great low cost insurance policy that covers multiple water outlets throughout the entire house.

This smart home leak detection and water control system is a fully wireless, automatic operation unit that closes the central main water supply to protect your home against water damage. The system is equipped with the latest technologies. It consists of 1 motorized central 1" brass ball valve with manual override and 6 wireless R/F battery operated discs and 1 central main control box with graphic LCD screen. The system works either on batteries or electricity and can indicate when battery replacement is needed and where water damage may be occurring. It will run self-tests and features a special "holiday" function for long periods of absence. Whenever a leak is detected by one of the 6 sensors, the unit will automatically shut off the main water supply, making it the perfect whole house water protection solution.

Designed to be used on all critical water appliances:

  • Water heater
  • Water softener
  • Toilets
  • Dishwasher
  • Humidifiers
  • Lavatories
  • Refrigerators
  • Washing Machine
  • Water Filtration Systems
  • Sink
  • Garage
  • Fish Tank
  • Basement
  • Sump Pump
  • House Plants
  • Industrial Coffee Machines
  • Ice maker or water dispensers on refrigerators

Product Features

  • Fully automatic wireless R/F unit
  • Battery or electrical operated
  • 1 motorized 1" NPT full port brass ball valve
  • Manual override on valve
  • 6 wireless discs
  • Low battery indication
  • Run self-tests
  • Holiday function
  • Audible and visual alarm indication
Whole house water detecting system

Sensor Disk

All six water-resistant sensor disks are individually equipped with 3 moisture detection probes capable of detecting water flow from 1 mm to direct contact with the floor. This state of the art technology allows the system to quickly shut off the water at the earliest sign of a leak to protect against water damage to your home and possessions.