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Icemaker Kit for APEC Quick Dispense Reverse Osmosis System - 3/8" to 1/4" OD Tubing

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  • Enjoy clear, sparkling & delicious ice cubes from your icemaker
  • Connects APEC RO-Hi and upgrade 3/8" quick dispense RO systems to refrigerator ice makers for ultrapure water superior to fridge filters
  • Includes 20' of 1/4 in tubing 1 3/8" X 3/8" X 1/4" quick-connect T reducer fitting & 1 quick-connect shut-off ball valve
  • NSF Certified John Guest (JG) fittings & tubing for quick & easy installation by hand with no tools needed

Icemaker Kit Option

This high-quality icemaker kit will provide you with clear and sparkling ice cubes and drinking water at your refrigerator by routing purified water from your existing reverse osmosis system. You will never have to spend money on small, ineffective and expensive refrigerator filters ever again.

This icemaker kit includes everything you will need to quickly and easily connect your refrigerator and 3/8" quick dispense reverse osmosis system. It includes one 3/8" X 3/8" X 1/4" JG quick-connect "Tee" reducer fitting, one JG quick-connect shut off ball valve and 20 feet of JG ¼" food-grade poly tubing. The "Tee" fitting diverts the RO purified water between the fridge and RO faucet giving access to both outlets. The ball valve can be used to shut off water flow to the fridge.

Kit includes

* JG 3/8" X 3/8" X 1/4" Tee Reducer quick-connect fittings (1)

* JG ¼" Shut off valve (1)

* JG ¼" Tubing (20 ft)

* Installation - Parts

Longer Tubing is Available for Purchase

Extra Tubing

$5 per 10'

If you need longer tubing, please call our support line 1-800-880-4808 during business hours so we can customize your order and ship tubing un-cut in a roll.