Hydro Express Water Softener 45

Sale price$649.00 USD

  • Designed for Homes with Moderate Hardness up to 45,000 Grains
  • Guaranteed Luxurious Soft Water for the Whole House
  • Scale-Free water for Softer Hair & Smoother Skin
  • Removes Hard Water Spots and Mineral Deposits
  • Use 50% Less Detergents for Whiter & Brighter Clothes
  • Prolongs Lifespan for Pipes and Home Appliances
  • Increase Efficiency of Water Heater & Saves Energy Expenses
  • High Efficiency Regeneration Saves Water and Salt
  • Simple to Use, Solid State Microprocessor w/LED Display
  • Fully Automatic Pre-Programmed Electronic Control Valve
  • It is not recommended to be installed outside of the home
  • Drain line is needed for installation

Enjoy These Soft Water Benefits

  • Skin and Hair will be softer and smoother with every shower
  • Reduced skin redness and irritation caused by bathing in hard water
  • Clothes are softer, cleaner, brighter, last longer & use 50% less detergent
  • Removes hard water scale build-up in water heaters, up to 30% less energy consumption
  • Eliminates hard water spots on the surfaces of glasses, bathtubs, mirrors, tiles, cars & more
  • Makes all household cleaning & scrubbing chores much quicker and easier
  • Extends the life and reduces maintenance of icemakers, coffee machines, dishwashers, water heaters, and laundry equipment

Highest Performance & Lowest Maintenance Costs

The SOFTENER-HE-45-FG system uses advanced smart meter technology to effectively treat severe hard water conditions up to 45,000 grains. This salt-based water softener uses an advanced fully-automatic electronic meter that monitors water consumption and automatically adjusts to changing water usage to reduce unnecessary salt and water use. By properly managing the salt-regeneration cycles, the SOFTENER-HE-45-FG will save you time, money and trouble through its smart electronics softening process.

The SOFTENER-HE-45-FG was designed using the most advanced technologies in the industry to provide you with truly luxurious soft water throughout your entire home without the hassle, inefficiencies and costs of traditional water softeners. This system utilizes a solid state microprocessor and nonvolatile memory to manage water usage and maintain user settings during a power outage. You can choose between three operational modes and 36 pre-programmed regeneration cycles from the easy access front panel settings and a double backwash option is also available to deliver superior cleaning efficiency when needed.

Trusted Quality in APEC's Water Softeners

APEC water systems are designed for durability and safety. We are one of the very few manufacturers who still insist on using premium components made in the United State. Our water softener uses a metered control valve to provide soft and conditioned water based on your family's water usage, regenerating only when needed. This environmentally friendly feature will provide you with many years of softened water, while saving you time and money through reduced use of salt and water.

For 20 years, we are known as the leading manufacturer of high performance water systems. Our systems are built to meet the most demanding applications in water treatment-- from drinking water for homes, health care facilities, research labs to scale free water for factories. Our durable water softeners last for decades, they bring years of soft water enjoyment and convenience to their owners.

America's Most Durable & Reliable Water Softener

Demand -Initiated Regeneration
Programmable automatic control meter measures water usage to ensure maximum capacity and efficiency while reducing service frequency, waste water, and salt consumption
Smart Control Head Technology
Adjusts to lifestyle and changing water usage to minimize resources while monitoring and recording system performance including days and gallons used since last regeneration, normal water flow rates, peak flow rates and more
Advanced Programming Options
Push button settings offer multiple programming options, including the ability to initiate a manual regeneration or double backwashing at any time
Premium Grade Resin
High-capacity cation resin will last 10-15 years with proper regeneration
Heavy Duty Tank
Mineral tank constructed of corrosion resistant fiberglass lined with polyethylene is resistant to corrosion and eliminates potential build-up and exterior is protected by a stainless steel jacket. Valve body made of high quality glass reinforced Noryl polymer
Salt Tank
Durable high density polyethylene salt storage tank holds 200 lbs of salt. Wide opening design for easy refilling, complete with a full cover hood, brine tank float, & safety shut-off valve ensures a completely trouble-free operation
Memory Backup
In the event of a power failure, program memory is stored in nonvolatile memory and user timer settings are safely secured
Worry free
Comes with a 5 year limited warranty. Receive the highest quality products, expert support, lowest price and warranty directly from a first-rate manufacturer

Sample Whole House Water Treatment Setup:

Tips on Choosing the Right Water Softener:

Water Hardness
Number Of Household Members
In Grains Per Gallon
1-2 Members
3-4 Members
5-6 Members
7-8 Members
Custom Made
Custom Made
Custom Made
Custom Made

Salt Based water softener calculation guide = The average family uses 70-75 gallons of water per person per day. For a household of four, you will need to soften about 300 gallons of water daily. For example, if your water hardness is rated 10 grains per gallon, you will need to remove 3000 grains per day (300 gallons x 10 grains). Based on your water softener that regenerates on average every seven days, your minimum softener capacity would be 21000 grains (3000 grains x 7 days).

*Chlorine 1ppm or over is recommended to be removed before the salt softener.