APEC 2-in-1 Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet for Reverse Osmosis or Water Filtration System - Chrome

Sale price$149.99 USD

  • Filtered water faucet compatible with 1/4" standard output only
  • 2-IN-1 Kitchen + filtered water faucet for drinking and cooking
  • Simple operation - single handle and button to switch water source
  • Independent water lines eliminate risk of mixing tap and purified water
  • 2-in-1 faucet works with almost all under-counter filtration systems
  • Pull-down spray head with 2 toggle functions: regular aerated stream or powerful spray for heavy-duty rinsing
  • Filtered Water Dispensed from additional spout at a button’s press.
  • 360 full range swivel motion

Faucet Dimensions



Upgrade your kitchen faucet with the innovative APEC FAUCET-UNN dual functioning faucet. No need to drill a hole in your countertop for a separate RO faucet, a single faucet is now your source of both tap and purified water (separate water lines). Compatible with all under counter Reverse Osmosis Systems with connection of purified water line. With 1.8 ft of main faucet reach, 360 degree swivel and two spray options for heavy duty cleaning this faucet offers maximum maneuverability allowing you to reach all around the sink. Simple operation with single handle and nearby button to switch to purified water. Dispenses water at standard rate of 1.8 GPM, or nearly 1 gallon in 30 seconds. 100% lead-free heavy-duty brass waterlines allows this faucet to holdup in busy households with frequent use.


SIMPLE OPERATION: Single lever handle controls both tap and filtered water flow – Press filter button and pull handle forward to activate filter functionality. Reduces waste, environmental impact and cost to you by consolidating into one faucet for both functions.

INSTALLATION READY: Compatible with most kitchen sink on the market with maximum countertop thickness of 3-3/8". Requires pre-drilled hole of 1/38" to 1-1/2" before installation.