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APEC Spot-Free Car Wash Water Filter System CWS-300

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  • No hand-dry needed. Removes 100% of all spot causing impurities. Just wash, rinse and let it shine!
  • Deionized water makes the color/paint/chrome/glass shine as bright as absolutely possible
  • Work smarter, not harder and spend less time and money to get the same professional looking results
  • Versatile use suitable for residential usage; NOT for commercial use
  • Designed and Assembled in the USA, Manufactured using NSF-compliant materials
  • Free TDS METER is included, value of $18.99

Product Description

We understand how frustrating to see hard water spots after a tireless car wash. We absolutely get it! This is why you need our professional car wash rinsing system. This system is designed to remove 100% of those troublesome, white water spots on your windows, paint, and auto body to produce an ultra-shiny finish and make your car beautiful. All it takes is our Spot-Free Car Wash Filter System.

The deionization method also means the water coming from the Spot-Free Car Wash Filter System can pull out haze-inducing dirt on the molecular level which has settled in to the surface. This unique property will make the color/paint/chrome/glass shine as bright as absolutely possible. This property of molecular attraction is unique to deionized water; nothing cleans and shines glass, chrome, paint and other hard surfaces more efficiently than the water from a Spot-Free Car Wash Filter System.

The APEC Spot-Free Car Wash Filter System uses two (2) 20” BB DI specialty filter cartridge to effectively remove all of its mineral ions to produce ultra-high purity water without developing scale buildup. This point-of-use combo system can effectively filter out mineral ions such as sodium, calcium, iron, copper, chloride, sulfate, nitrates, phosphates, silica, and ammonia to deliver clean and spotless water to your water hose.

Our housing sets extremely durable and can withstand a wide range of chemicals in the water as well as large fluctuation in water pressure. The polypropylene (HFPP) cap has 1" FPT inlet and outlet ports for high-flow rate and the 1.25" internal port allows a greater volume of liquid to pass through the HFPP cap more rapidly. This spot-free system is a high performance and versatile water filtration system that will provide you with clean and clear water through your water hose.

You can enjoy all these benefits:

  • Reduce and remove all of its mineral and dissolved solids for spot free water
  • Avoid the buildup of salts on machinery
  • With moveable stand makes it easy to relocate to different location
  • Effortless window and structure cleaning
  • Easy to replace cartridge
  • Normally takes 4-5 gallons to rinse a car and 15-20 gallons to rinse an RV

Useable Applications:

  • Automobiles, SUV, Truck, R.V. Motorcycles, and Boats
  • House hold window and roof cleaning
  • Industrial machine cleaning and rinsing