Arlington Hot Water Designer Faucet, Lead Free (Chrome)

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Instant Hot Temperature Designer Faucet

Arlington Instant Hot Chrome Faucet

Premium hot temperature, Lead-free water dispensing faucet for use with APEC's Instant Hot and reverse osmosis systems. These ¼" input faucets have an integrated vent system for use with hot tanks or in conjunction with kitchen, prep and wet bar faucets. They are fully compatible with reverse osmosis and other filtration systems when used with the Instant Hot system. Solid metal handle controls the smooth and durable ¼ turn ceramic disc valve, allowing pure water to pour at any rate you desire. Features a 360 Degree swivel spout for ease of use, these high quality faucets exceeds all expectations.

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Arlington Instant Hot - Chrome

Faucet Dimensions

Instant Hot Temperature Designer Faucets:

IH - Arlington Dimension

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