APEC RO Replacement Filters Complete Filter Set for ESSENCE 75 GPD ROES-UV75 UV Reverse Osmosis 6-Stage Systems (Stages 1-6)

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  • APEC Essence 75 GPD UV 6-stage complete filter set for all standard under the counter RO systems
  • 1st stage 5 micron sediment filter to remove dust, particles and rust
  • 2nd and 3rd stage 10 micron extruded carbon block filter to remove chlorine, taste and odor
  • 4th stage high Rejection TFC reverse osmosis membrane removes a wide range of contaminants
  • 5th stage UV replacement light bulb
  • 6th stage standard capacity coconut shell carbon filter removes any last residuals

Essence 75 GPD UV Filter set

APEC Essence 75 GPD pH 6 stage complete filter set is made with high quality filtration components to protect and prolong the lifespan of your reverse osmosis system. Premium quality filter set lasts over 6 months for high performance contaminant removal, while the membrane and post carbon filter last 2-4 years. The 5th stage Continuous UV sanitation destroys up to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses & cysts. These standard size filters are compatible with APEC Essence ROES-UV75 under the counter reverse osmosis systems and all other standard size under counter reverse osmosis systems.

1st Stage: Sediment removal 5 micron 10 Inch filter -removes dust, particles, and rust. Protects and extends the life of the membrane and system. Recommend changing every 6-12 months.

2nd and 3rd Stage: Carbon block 10 micron 10 Inch filter -gets rid of unpleasant chlorine, tastes, odors, cloudiness and colors. Also removes VOCs and other common chemicals from the water. Recommend changing every 6-12 months.

4th Stage: High Rejection TFC reverse osmosis membrane. Removes a wide variety of contaminants including arsenic, bacteria, chlorine, lead, fluoride, chromium, radium and more. Recommend changing every 2-4 years.

5th Stage: Continuous UV sanitization - Destroys up to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses & cysts. Recommend changing every 6-12 months.

6th Stage: Coconut Shell Refining Carbon 10 Inch filter -removes any possible residual taste from the tank. Recommend changing every 2-4 years.

For over 20 years, APEC has been an industry leading manufacturer of high performance RO systems.

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Item Weight

5.5 pounds

Essence Filter Set Includes

(1) Sediment Filter, (2) Carbon Filters, (1)High Rejection TFC reverse osmosis membrane, (1) UV replacement light bulb and (1) Coconut Shell Refining Carbon Filter

Item Package Quantity

1 Set

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Easy to Install