Agua Muisne -, Safe Drinking Water for All

Providing Safe Drinking Water
Teaching about Good Water and Hygiene
Preventing Water-Borne Illnesses

APEC is a proud supporter of Agua Muisne and their project WaterEcuador.

Agua Muisne is a non-profit organization that is committed to working on a local scale to bring clean drinking water for the people of the Esmeraldas province of northwestern Ecuador. Their work began, and continues to be centered, on the county of Muisne within Esmeraldas. In and around this county, one of the poorest areas of Ecuador, they work with local communities in constructing water treatments systems using filtration and purification techniques that will provide completely safe drinking water for the people using the system, and also in educational campaigns to accompany their construction projects. An integral part of their projects is ensuring that the treatment systems will be sustainable indefinitely, using local labor and equipment for the necessary treatment and upkeep of the systems.

As a young organization, the good folks at Agua Muisne have seen their projects develop rapidly as their volunteers have become more firmly established in the area. Their membership is composed of both United States citizens and Ecuadorians who are interested in helping get safe drinking water for people in Ecuador.

APEC donated a 800 GPD commercial RO system that has been providing safe drinking water for a small community in Mompiche, Ecuador. However many other cities in Ecuador are still in need of clean drinking water and they need our help. To learn how you can make a difference, please visit

According to the WHO and UNICEF, dirty drinking water kills 2.2 million people per year, over 1.5 million of whom are children under the age of five (WHO, 2000). Unfortunately, this means that contaminated drinking water is in a tight competition with diseases like AIDS and cancer to be the biggest killer of human beings on Earth.

What’s more, because most of the victims of water-borne illnesses are children, the impact of the deaths and lifelong debilitations caused by contaminated water have a profound impact on the entire lifespan of the victims, on their families and friends, and on the development of the entire world. If developed regions like North America and Europe hope to usher in a new, prosperous millennium for the entire globe, we must first aid the poor countries of the world in obtaining certain basic necessities, foremost among them, safe water and sanitation.

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