Harmsco Water Better 100 GPM Single Filter Housings

  • Patented Up-Flow Design Out Performs Conventional Filters

  • No Air Entrapment & Liquid By-pass During Service

  • Single Jumbo Cartridge Design for Easy Removal & Service

  • 100 GPM Commercial Filter Housing Models

  • Rugged 304 Stainless Steel Construction

  • Electro-Polished for Higher Resistance to Corrosion

  • Pressure rated to 150 psi and Hydrostatically Tested

  • Fail-Safe Lids with Individual Studs and Wing Nuts for Security

  • Extensive Choice of Cartridge Micron Ratings and Media

  • Ideal System for Light Commercial & Residential Applications

  • Made in USA of High Quality Components Made in USA

  • Listed Price:$1,199.95


    Top Quality Liquid Filtration Solutions

    Our Harmsco Water Better up-flow filter housings provide exceptionally long filter runs, reduced maintenance and lower filtration costs in conventional filtration applications. The patented up-flow design of these filters allows them to utilize 100% of the cartridge surface area, providing efficient filtration and improved filter life. The single jumbo cartridge design of this system makes installation and maintenance a snap and a variety of specialized filter cartridges are available in a wide range of micron ratings to treat most applications. Built with rugged stainless steel construction and electro-polished to resist corrosion, our Water Better filters will deliver a stable supply of filtered water at a fast flow rate with high volume for all your most demanding commercial and industrial applications.

    Superior Upflow Design

    Trapped air is automatically purged from the Water Better filter vessel due to the principle of up-flow filtration which allows filtered water to exit the filter at the highest point as it is filtered. A secure top plate prevents cross contamination of filtered and unfiltered liquid. Pressure rated to 150 psi and hydrostatically tested for safety and materials quality, Water Better filters are suitable for commercial or industrial use anywhere in the world.



    Why Should You Filter Your Water?

    Cool, clear water is the life force in manufacturing operations. It cools, cleans, and can be counted on to run pure and steady - unless it becomes contaminated with dirt and other pollutants, in which case it can gum up a system, increase the friction losses and induce erosion corrosion. Water contamination also wastes energy by increasing the demand for a higher flow rate to offset the lost capacity due to scaling. This can impede operations, lowering the thermal efficiency of the system and even impair the quality of the products being made.

    Water filtration is one of the most effective and least expensive ways to solve equipment fouling and scaling problems caused by dirty water. Heat exchangers, molds, pipes, tubing, sensors, monitors, and other parts become fouled when dirt particles in the water settle out on warm surfaces. Calcium and magnesium are the bonding elements that cement the dirt onto the equipment. Chemical analysis shows that the calcium and magnesium are less than 2%, while the rest is made up of airborne particles, rust, sand, biological organisms, and other contaminants. High concentrations of water pollutants can result in the need for costly repairs or replacement of the facility's mechanicals. Our up-flow commercial housings are designed to deliver unsurpassed filter performance which enables longer filter runs and reduced filtration costs to keep your equipment running efficiently.


    Features & Benefits of Water Better Filter Cartridges

    The single cartridge design allows for easy filter removal and maintenance. Water Better filter cartridges are available in a wide assortment of micron ratings and may be used in a wide range of applications.

    Water Better filters can be used with Hurricane brand cartridges. Hurricane filters can be cleaned in most applications and micron ratings making the filter elements reusable. Can be cleaned of dirt, sediment, minerals, oils, organic matter, algae and much more.


    Replacement Cartridges

    Harmsco Cartridge
    Product Code
    Compatible Filter
    Housings Models
    Nominal Micron Cartridges Dimensions
    FI-HM40-035 WB-40-SC 0.35 9-5/8" X 7-3/4" (OD) X 3" FPT (ID)
    FI-HM40-1 WB-40-SC 1 9-5/8" X 7-3/4" (OD) X 3" FPT (ID)
    FI-HM40-5 WB-40-SC 5 9-5/8" X 7-3/4" (OD) X 3" FPT (ID)
    FI-HM40-10 WB-40-SC 10 9-5/8" X 7-3/4" (OD) X 3" FPT (ID)
    FI-HM40-20 WB-40-SC 20 9-5/8" X 7-3/4" (OD) X 3" FPT (ID)
    FI-HM40-50 WB-40-SC 50 9-5/8" X 7-3/4" (OD) X 3" FPT (ID)
    FI-HM90-035 WB-90-SC 0.35 19-1/2" X 7-3/4" (OD) X 3" FPT (ID)
    FI-HM90-1 WB-90-SC 1 19-1/2" X 7-3/4" (OD) X 3" FPT (ID)
    FI-HM90-5 WB-90-SC 5 19-1/2" X 7-3/4" (OD) X 3" FPT (ID)
    FI-HM90-10 WB-90-SC 10 19-1/2" X 7-3/4" (OD) X 3" FPT (ID)
    FI-HM90-20 WB-90-SC 20 19-1/2" X 7-3/4" (OD) X 3" FPT (ID)
    FI-HM90-50 WB-90-SC 50 19-1/2" X 7-3/4" (OD) X 3" FPT (ID)
    FI-HM170-035 WB-170-SC 0.35 30-3/4" X 7-3/4" (OD) X 3" FPT (ID)
    FI-HM170-1 WB-170-SC 1 30-3/4" X 7-3/4" (OD) X 3" FPT (ID)
    FI-HM170-5 WB-170-SC 5 30-3/4" X 7-3/4" (OD) X 3" FPT (ID)
    FI-HM170-10 WB-170-SC 10 30-3/4" X 7-3/4" (OD) X 3" FPT (ID)
    FI-HM170-20 WB-170-SC 20 30-3/4" X 7-3/4" (OD) X 3" FPT (ID)
    FI-HM170-50 WB-170-SC 50 30-3/4" X 7-3/4" (OD) X 3" FPT (ID)


    Typical Applications

    • Removes Undispersed Solids
    • Removes DE Filter Carryover
    • Filters Cooling Tower Water
    • Removes Pulp from Juices
    • Protects Glue Applicators
    • Protects Instruments
    • Filters Waste Oil for Reuse
    • Removes Plastic Fines from Water
    • Protects Catalyst Beds
    • Filters Recirculating Water
    • Filters Condensate
    • Removes Particles from Coatings
    • Removes Precipitated Solids
    • Keeps Spray Nozzles Open
    • Removes Char Particles
    • Removes Oversize Particles
    • Filters Scrubber Water Filter
    • Cleans Electrolytic Solutions
    • Filters Pump Seal Water
    • Protects Reverse Osmosis Systems
    • Boiler Feed Water
    • Filters Bottle Can Wash Water
    • Protects Chillers & Air Conditioners
    • Filters Poultry & Meat Wash Water


    Liquid by Industry

    Acetic Acid Corn Syrup Pigmented Coatings
    Calcium Carbonate Dextrose White Water
    Brine Lard Fresh Water
    Ethylene Clycol Jelly Clay Slurry
    Herbicides Juices Starch
    Hydrochloric Acid Milk Sugar Tio2 Slurry
    Latices Edible Oils Mill Water
    Resins Tea Liquor Dyes
    Polymers Peanut Butter Cooling Water
    Sulphuric Acid Extracts Pump Seal Water
    Cooling Tower Water Chocolates Decker Shower Water
    Pellitizer Water Soybean Concentrate Wet End Additives
    Amine Adhesives
    Feedstocks Resins
    Reduced Crudes Solvents
    Naphtha Paints
    Fuel Oil Shampoo
    Motor Oil Dyes
    Hydraulic Oil Cooling Water
    Injection Fluids Pharmaceuticals
    Completion Fluids Beverages
    Pump Seal Water Toothpaste
    Cooling Tower Water Liquors
    Dissolved & Dispersed Oils Beer
Performance & Specification

    Single Filter Housing Specifications

    • Filter Vessel & Metal Components: 304 stainless steel, electropolished
    • Holding Rods, Lifting Rods & Standpipes: CPVC
    • Pipe Caps: CPVC
    • Rim Gaskets: EPDM
    • O-Rings: Buna-N
    • Wing Nuts: Brass
    • Bottom Seals: Natural gum rubber
    • Pressure: Rated for pressures to 150 psi (10 bar) maximum
    • Temperature: Rated to 140°F with CPVC rods, pipe caps, standpipes
    Harmsco Water Better Filters



    MODEL WB-40-SC WB-90-SC WB-170-SC
    Flow Rate
    (U.S. GPM)
    Up to 50 Up to 100 Up to 150
    Service Height 31" 51" 72"
    Pipe Size 2" NPT 2" NPT 2" NPT
    Drain 1" NPT 1" NPT 1" NPT

    System Dimensions

    MODEL WB-40-SC WB-90-SC WB-170-SC
    (A x B x C)
    19 1/4" x 4 1/2" x 13" 29 3/8" x 4 1/2" x 13" 39 1/8" x 4 1/2" x 13"
    (D x E)
    3 7/8" x 4 1/4" 3 7/8" x 4 1/4" 3 7/8" x 4 1/4"
    Floor Space Req. 15" x 15" 15" x 15" 15" x 15"
    Filter Height 21" 31" 41"
    Carton Dimensions 14" x 16" x 21" 14" x 16" x 38" 14" x 16" x 42"
    Weight 40 lbs. 51 lbs. 64 lbs.



    * It is recommended operation at 60-70% maximum flow rate for optimum performance.


    Water Pressure Drop

    The total head loss data shown below was developed by NSF International and indicates pressure drop with Waterbetter Filter and one micron filter cartridge in clean water.
    Water Better Chart
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