APEC Encapsulated 50 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane

  • 50 GPD RO Membrane

  • Encapsulated membrane-in-housing convenient 1 piece design

  • Color-coded ports & quick connect fittings for easy installation

  • Built-in permeate check valve reduces chance of water leaks

  • Concentrate flow control for easy replacement with any brand or make of RO system

  • Wide range of flow rates to treat residential & commercial water

  • Certified to NSF/ANSI 58 standards

  • Listed Price:$89.00
  • Total Saving:$29.00
  • Sales Price:$60.00


    Our APEC 50 GPD encapsulated reverse osmosis membrane elements are all-in-one disposable filter cartridges with the membrane built directly and permanently within the housing vessel. When it comes time to change the membrane, just discard the entire filter/housing unit and replace with a new one. These convenient filters come with color-coded ports and quick connect fittings for proper and easy connection to any existing RO system. A built-in permeate check valve eliminates the need for additional fittings and reduces potential water leaks within the system. These user-friendly encapsulated membrane elements are designed to deliver outstanding performance and long-lasting operation making them an excellent choice for the most demanding applications.


    Operating Limits

    Membrane Type

    Thin-Film Composite

    Maximum Operating Temperature

    120°F (49°C)

    Maximum Operating Pressure

    90 psig (6.2 bar)

    pH Range, Continuous Operation


    Free Chlorine Tolerance

    < 0.1 ppm
Performance & Specification

    Specification Table

    Item Code
    Model Number
    Part Number
    (Gallon per Day)
    Stabilized Salt
    Rejection %
    Dimensions Weight
    MEM-ENCAP-18 TFM-18EB 1220545 18 98 2.5W x 13.25L 2 lb
    MEM-ENCAP-24 TFM-24EB 1220537 24 98 2.5W x 13.25L 2 lb
    MEM-ENCAP-36 TFM-36EB 1220549 36 98 2.5W x 13.25L 2 lb
    MEM-ENCAP-50 - 50 98 2.5W x 13.25L 2 lb
    MEM-ENCAP-75 TFM-75EB 1223077 75 96 2.5W x 13.25L 2 lb
    MEM-ENCAP-100 TFM-100EB 1238189 100 96 2.5W x 13.25L 2 lb

    *Permeate flow specifications are based on a 500 mg/L NaCI solution at 65 psi (4.5 bar) inlet pressure, 77°F (25°C), 15% recovery after 24 hours. Individual element flux may vary ± 15%.

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