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Countertops Water Filters

High Quality Countertop Water Filters

Simple and Effective portable water filters. APEC countertop water filters are designed to turn your home's tap or well water into clean, great tasting water. These quick on-demand filters provide unlimited clean water for cooking, drinking, pet-feeding, fruit and vegetable washing.

CT-1000 Ultra Countertop Water Filter

High capacity premium countertop filter. Most suitable for treating chlorinated tap water. With a built-in ion-exchange medium plus a powerful extruded activated carbon block rated at 1 micron (µm), it removes sediments, chlorine, taste and odor.

Ultra effective and long lasting. A single filter cartridge lasts 6000 gallons of water, this makes each cartridge change-out lasting several times longer than other filters. Portable, easy to use, no installation.

Filter cartridge included.

CT-2000 Ceramic Countertop Water Filter

The most advanced ceramic filter. Ultra fine sub-micron ceramic pores filter out impurities as small as 0.5 mcron (µm). Also removes chlorine, taste and odor by extruded activated carbon block.

Suitable for well and tap water where bacteria is a concern. Portable, easy to use, no installation.

This amazing ceramic cartridge cleans with “just the wipe of a sponge.”

Filter cartridge included.

FI-PB1 Filter Cartridge for CT-1000
Home drinking water filter for the whole house

Replacemnet Filter Cartridge for CT-1000

1 micron 10"
industry standard size

extruded carbon block

FI-CERAMI Filter Cartridge for CT-2000

Replacemnet Filter Cartridge for CT-2000

0.5 micron 10"
industry standard size
leanable ceramic extruded carbon block filter

The CT-Series Ultra Water Filters are made with the highest quality NSF approved U.S. Parts.
Compared to the small faucet filters, or pitcher filters, APEC CT-1000 and CT-2000 are much more effective; they last 50 times longer! (process 50 times more water). That means great savings in time and money for you.

APEC Countertop water filters are effective, easy to use, affordable, and is a basic necessity in this age of pollution.
They make wonderful, healthy presents and are your best partners for safe, healthy living.

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We are proud to be the authoritative website of Information on water quality solutions, water purification by reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis water filters and purifiers can remove contaminants caused by industrial and agricultural water pollution and water contamination to provide safe and pure drinking water. Many of our top quality home reverse osmosis water filter systems and electronic water softeners are currently on sale. Did you know, reverse osmosis water filtration is the most thorough method of water purification. We have been promoting reverse osmosis for 18 years. Our team of reverse osmosis experts is here to serve you! Reverse osmosis purifiers are our business.

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