Total Solution Whole House Water Purification Systems

What is the best way to purify water at home?

APEC Water Purification Systems provide clean water to protect your home and your health. With easy installment and little to no maintenance, APEC water systems help you save money in the long run, while covering all of your water purification needs around the home.

Are water purification systems really worth it? Not only will they reduce the effects that iron and hard minerals have on your pipes and fixtures, but will also improve the overall cleanliness, smell, and taste of your water.

What is the best system to purify water? The one that meets your specific needs, depending on your home size and location (some areas may have higher concentrations of certain minerals). Our water purification systems come in two capacity categories, the 10 - meant for smaller units with 1-3 bathrooms, and the 15 - meant for larger units with 3-6 bathrooms.

Explore each of our whole house water purification systems below, to see which best fits your needs.


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