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APEC Light Reverse Osmosis Commercial Systems APEC Light Reverse Osmosis Commercial Systems
Logic Controlled Commercial FMV R.O. 1800 GPD System
APEC Compact Reverse Osmosis Commercial Systems
APEC Pro Reverse Osmosis Commercial Systems
APEC Plus Reverse Osmosis Commercial Systems
Whole house R.O. 1800/2000 GPD System, 300 Gallon Storage Tank Included
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What is a commercial reverse osmosis system?

Reverse Osmosis Systems are used to filter out impurities in drinking water such as chlorine, salt or sediments, making the water better for drinking and other water related needs within a home or facility. This is done through using pressure to push water through the filter’s semi-permeable membrane to separate those larger particles from the pure water which is then delivered to the rest of the facility, contaminant free. 

Are reverse osmosis filters available commercially? Of course! Reverse osmosis commercial systems run through the same highly effective water treatment methods as our in-home RO systems to deliver high quality water purification for larger scale facilities like schools, offices, hotels, restaurants, laboratories, coffee shops, etc.

Which RO system is best for commercial use?

When choosing your reverse osmosis commercial system, you will need to consider the size of the facility, the volume of regular water use, and even the water source for that specific location which will determine the overall hardness and mineral levels. 

No matter which one you choose for your commercial needs, APEC commercial RO water systems each include advanced technology to ensure optimal purification and self maintenance to make sure your water needs are met without any fuss