Salt-Free Home Water Conditioner - M

What does a water conditioner do?

Water Conditioners significantly reduce the scaling effects of hard water, as well as other hard water footprints such as unpleasant smell, color or taste. Water Conditioners don’t remove or add anything to the water, but instead use ion exchange processes to keep hardness causing materials at a lower concentration so they don’t attach to surfaces. This process doesn’t just prevent the effects of water hardness but can even break down existing buildups in your home water system. APEC Water Conditioner Systems refrain from using salt, chemicals, or electricity, and require minimal maintenance, making this water solution both affordable and sustainable.

Should I get a water softener or a water conditioner?

A water softener aims to remove the hardness causing materials from water all together by using a salt based tank that extracts hard minerals from water before it is sent throughout the home. This system requires a bit more set up and maintenance, but is also proven to be an extremely effective method of reducing hard water effects. APEC Water Softeners (include internal link) use advanced automatic adjustments to reduce salt and water waste, and allow for a 50% decrease in use of soaps and detergents in everyday water chores, remaining an environmentally friendly water purification option as well.

When choosing between a water softener and water conditioner, it may depend on regional laws, your plumbing and septic system setup, as well as your personal preferences.


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