Whole House Replacement Filters


Whole House Water Filter Cartridges 20"
removes sediments dirt sand rust for the whole house
Whole House Big Blue 20"
Sediment Filter

30 micron Pleated Sediment filter. Reduces dirt, sand, silt, scale and rust particles. Pleated design maximizes dirt-holding capacity.
Reusable and washable

Especially durable and non-woven polyester media is resistant to both bacteria and chemical attack. High flow rate and low pressure drop (<1psi).

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removes chlorine taste order VOCs organics for your whole house




Whole House Big Blue 20"
High Flow Carbon Filter

25 micron carbon filter removes chlorine, taste, order and organic compounds(VOCs) to bring fresh tasting water throughout different places in the house.
This long lasting cartridge can treat up to 100,000 gallons of water, very fast flow rate with low to no pressure drop (<0.12 psi).

This special filter offers the benefits of granular activated carbon (GAC) filtration, such as low pressure drop, yet without releasing carbon fines.


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removes iron from your home or well water




Whole House Big Blue 20"
Iron Removal Filter

Easily and effectively reduces iron in water. Improves flavor and reduces the metallic taste caused by iron.
Helps to eliminate the orange and brown stains in sinks, toilets and tubs etc.. Reduces the possibility of pipe and water heater damage caused by dissolved iron.


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Whole House Water Filter Accessories
Steel mounting bracket for whole house filter housings.

Bracket for Big Blue Housing,

White, heavy duty steel mounting bracket for our Big Blue whole-house housings. Optional, can be used to hang or mount the whole house system to a wall.




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