Ultra Countertop Water Filter CT-1000


  • Wash / rinse fruits and vegetables
  • Bathroom beauty wash, oral hygiene, baby baths
  • Feed beloved pets, precious plants, aquariums
  • Portable, convenient, no installation
  • 6,000 gallons of good clean water
  • Makes a great present
  • Made in USA with NSF high performance U.S. parts Made in USA



America's Top-Performance Countertop Water Filter

APEC's CT-1000 is an effective, compact, portable water filter. Its long lasting filter gives 6,000 gallons of clean filtered water immediately and directly from any faucet. So easy to use, it gives you an extra clean water source at home and on the road. Use it in the bathroom, basement or garage, bring it on your vacation & camping trips, or simply give it to a loved one as a great present.

- The CT-1000 is made in the USA with premium NSF certified U.S. parts. It removes unpleasant clorine, tastes and odors, lead, rust, dirt, and cloudiness from your water. It's the best portable water filter in the market - bring it home today!

CT-1000 Specifications:

Model CT-1000
Micron Rating 0.5 µm Nominal, 1 µm Absolute
Replaceable Filter Cartridge Part Number FI-PB1 ( recommend replacing once a year )

Cartridge O.D. x Length

2.50" x 9.80"
Lead Reduction 2,500 gal. @ 0.75 GPM
NSF Standard 53 Cyst & Class Turbidity Cryptosporidium and Giardia
NSF Standard 42 Class 1 Chlorine Reduction >6,000 gal @ 0.75 GPM
Initial ΔP 4.0 psid @ 0.75 GPM
Construction Precision Continuous Extruded Carbon Block
Carbon Type & Source Steam Activated, Acid Washed, Bituminous Carbon

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