RO-Pump Troubleshooting

Below are the common problems you might encounter as an APEC RO-Pump Owner. Please identify the problems on your RO-Perm with the help of the diagram. Click on the problems for solutions and literatures. If problems persist, please call your APEC technical support center for further instructions (Toll Free: 1-800-880-4808).

Visual Reference and Brief Explanation
Generally refer to the RO faucet
Water from the black drain line going to the drain saddle
RO water from the faucet
Check Valve. Point E on Figure 1
RO water from the faucet
Pump does not work
Make sure all connections and adaptors are secure
See Figure 1
All connections and Possible missing O-Rings
RO water
Troubleshoot Points Identification:

Point A: Feed water enters the RO's Stage-1 sediment filter at point A.

ESO: From Stage-1 filter water flows to the ESO (Electric Shut Off) valve.

Point P1: Water from ESO valve enters the Pump at P1.

Point P2: Water exits the pump at P2, flows through Stages 2 & 3 carbon prefilters.

Point B: Exits Stage-3 carbon filter (output port) at point B.

Point D: Enters the membrane at point D (membrane cap).

Point W: Waste water from the membrane exits thru point W, drains off via Black drain line.

Point E: Purified water from the RO membrane exits thru point E.

TSO: Flows up and enters the TSO (Tank Shut Off) valve at T1, and exits at T2.

Points F: From TSO, water flows to point F and G, the T-fitting on Stage-5 filter.

Point G: From point G, water flows onto the storage tank.

Point H: When pure water is dispensed, it leaves the tank via the Yellow line, passes thru the Stage-5 filter and exits at point H, then flows onto the RO dispensing faucet.

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