RO-CTOP Troublshooting

Below are the common problems you might encounter as an APEC RO-CTOP Owner. Please identify the problems on your RO-Perm with the help of the diagram. Click on the problems for solutions and literatures. If problems persist, please call your APEC technical support center for further instructions (Toll Free: 1-800-880-4808).

Visual reference and brief explanation
Point L on figure 1
Point L on figure 1 (Make sure the red cap is removed)
RO water from point L
RO water from point L
All connections and Possible missing O-Rings
RO water

Troubleshoot Points Identification:

Diverter Head: Remove your faucet's aerator (if there is one). Hook up the RO system's diverter head to your faucet.

Point X line connects to Point C: line where the RO water enters the Stage-1 filter.

Point Y line connects to Point Z: the line flushes out the waste water.

Point D: Stage-1 filter's input point

Point E: Stage-1 filter's output point

Point F: Stage-2 filter's input point.

Point G: Stage-2 filter's output point.

Point H: Stage-3 Membrane's input point.

Point I: Stage-3 Membrane's RO water output point.

Point J: Stage-4 filter's input point

Point K: Stage-4 filter's output point

Point L: Remove red cap for RO water to exit at this point.

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