Customer Reviews: RO-45 ULTIMATE reverse osmosis system


Purchased the RO-45 and couldn't be happier. Let me first say that the provided instructions were great! I mean color photos, step by step directions and everything connects so easily. It is without a doubt the easiest thing I have ever had to put together. I'm a 39 yr old male with no plumbing experience and I took my time and had it done in a couple hours. Every part is clearly labeled and the water tester provided was appreciated. Flushed the tank 3 times from the start and my unfiltered water reads 165, while the RO-45 water tested in at 005! I'd say thats good enough for me. Highly recommend this system!
Terry Chaffee - Arizona
I really love this system. The water is outstanding. I highly recommend this product. Thank you!!
Manuel Lorenzo - California
My old RO system from a well-known brand was giving my household a lot of problems, mainly due to leaking. I had to fix the tubing almost every week. We needed to replace it ASAP! A quick search on the internet led me APEC. I've never heard of this company before, but I am glad I discovered it. I'm very pleased with my new RO-45 system from APEC. I tested the water from the kitchen faucet, bottled water, and the APEC faucet—they were 360, 146, and 20 ppm, respectively. I recommend APEC to everyone looking for a quality, affordable RO. Thanks for your assistance. Your customer service is outstanding!
Julian V. - Kentucky
I am very very pleased with my RO-45 system. Bought it and had a professional install it since I am not good with pipes and hoses. The system arrived quick and very well packed, all information and hardware needed for installation was delivered, (the plumber was impressed too). I called the support line with questions and all of them were answered clearly and very cordially. I highly recommend this water filter and the company because I believe they are simply very professional at what they do.

Dave B. - Wisconsin
I chose to install the unit in the basement as I did not want to lose the space under my sink upstairs. Also, I felt that having the unit mounted to the wall would make future filter changes easier. Ken in customer service is excellent! He answered all the questions I had regarding the RO-45 and other whole house filtration products I am considering. I purchased your product largely because of Ken as he is very confident and knowledgeable about your product. When I received the RO unit I was immediately impressed by how well it is packaged and how solid it looks/feels upon unboxing. The instructions are very straight forward and easy to understand. The install was a snap. I also purchased the ice maker kit so I could hook the RO water up to my refrigerator.

I will definitely recommend your company and product to my friends and relatives. It is definitely a great value for the quality you receive. Thanks APEC!

James - Louisiana
I was impressed right from the start. Upon opening the box I saw the best, neatest, orderly packing job that I have ever seen on anything that I have ordered by mail. Every thing was well placed and packed tightly. Excess space (which was very little) was filled in with air filled plastic packing, not Styrofoam peanuts (I hate those things). Everything was completely in tact and ready to install. The installation was very simple, mostly because I already had an existing filtration system.

Before I removed the old system I used the TDS water tester that came with the unit to test the water from the faucet and the water from the old system. To my surprise they both read 148 on the TDS! No difference between the filtered and unfiltered water. I followed the instructions for installing the new unit (very plain and straight forward) after removing the under-the-counter filters from the old system. I used the existing fill tube, inlet water valve, outlet tube, and dispenser assembly, making the installation much quicker. After finishing and checking for leaks (there were none) I tested the the the RO-45 with for TDS again. It read a TDS of 4, a very big difference. I also found that the water tastes enormously better. The improvement is quite noticeable to the taste. Needless to say: I am very, very satisfied. Everything concerning this reverse osmosis system shows of a company that takes pride in their product, pride in their packing facility, and truly cares for their customers well being.

Traci P. - Kentucky
You know, I just have to say that we bought our RO-45 system in 2006 and I have contacted you guys a few times with questions and every time you have been so responsive and helpful! Not to mention that our system has worked perfectly this whole time, I am really happy with the product and your customer service....way to go APEC! You guys have a customer for life and I love telling anyone who will listen about your company and products! I really feel I can trust your products and your service, which is really rare these days! Thank you for being so great.
Robert White - Georgia
Hubby installed the system. Instructions were clear and he had no problems with installation although, admittedly, he is very much a handyman and do-it-yourself guy. We decided today to order the Ultra-Violet light to add to the disinfecting properties since we have a private well. Our RO-45 water tastes wonderful - so clean and crisp! The water pressure is good too. We could not be more pleased!
Hassan - Michigan ([email protected])
I bought the RO-45 system couple years ago. This is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The water tastes great. The system is low maintenance. I am very happy with this product. On a scale of 10, I give it a 10.
Bryce Armstrong
I just wanted to let you know how pleased my family and I are with our new RO-45 filtering system. I feel healthier just knowing im not drinking all those chemical additives. The meter provided with the RO system is great; we can actually test and see the difference! My tank would not fit under my sink so I placed it just below the crawl space. From there I ran a line over to the refrigerator. My supervisor at work bought and installed one also. He put it out in the garage and ran the line into kitchen from there.
Russell Dunham Jr.
Our experience with your under sink filtration system has been great! We have your RO-45 System.We had to purchase some parts to make a repair today. Your website is very user friendly and a delight to use.

Later we called and spoke to one of your most helpful, knowledgeable Staff members on the phone who knew exactly what I needed and arranged for my parts to be paid for and ready at the door when we arrived to pick them up. When picking up, the Staff members we dealt with at this stage were more than helpful.

Prior to leaving your facility, we decided to stop up front and spoke to a VERY knowledgeable, and VERY helpful man who gave us more information we needed and made us feel confident that we WILL continue as a satisfied customer of APEC Water Systems.

We WILL refer to others for sure.

Thank you!

I just wanted to drop a line and say your system is great. I never comment on websites or products, but felt it was good to let you know how well things have worked out. I have an RO-45 and installed it myself about 3 years ago. Before we got the RO, our well water always had a taste to it. We have a whole house water softener (our water is about 25 grains of hardness), as well as a whole house sedimentation filter. The water still tasted off and still had a slight brown staining. Our TDS was almost 1000. We installed the RO and the water tasted great, the staining went away, and our TDS dropped to about 175 to 200.

In addition to saving on buying gallon jugs of water from the store, we no longer deal with bottles of water sitting on the kitchen floor and our overloaded recycling bucket every week. We are a family of 5 and never run the unit out of water. The system is great, durable, and switching filters is super easy. Nice product!

Robert & Alyssa Knecht - Dyer, Indiana
Four years ago our family began to have reactions to chemicals. We could taste chlorine in the water, could taste chemicals, and the kids would break out. I started buying water, but I was tired of hauling water from the grocery store. So I did some research on what to look for in a reverse osmosis system. Then I found APEC. APEC not only matched all of the criteria from my research, but had awesome and knowledgable customer service!

We have had our Reverse Osmosis system for 3 years now, and it is working very well. As fussy as we are, I haven't tasted any chemicals in our water! It was also pretty easy to install, with clear instructions. Last year we finally saved enough to have the carbon 10 whole house water purifier installed. What a difference! No rashes from the tub, our hair is softer and healthier... It's still working great.We are so happy with the difference that APEC has made in our family's health journey and recommend them to all of our friends.

Nancy Halman - Dalton, Georgia
I moved to Arizona and had a lot of junk in the water plus hard water. I installed the RO -45 in August 2011 Our municipal water supply is exceptionally good as you can see by their linked report Our concern was the fluorides that are added. The Apec RO 45 system was easy to install and complete. No trips to a local store were required, and no leaks. TDS readings on the supplied meter dropped from 72 to 2ppm (97.2%). On a different meter 86 to 7ppm (97.9%). The chlorine dropped to a negligible amount and the fluorides from 1.8 ppm to 0.2 ppm. The filtered water is much softer and has a much smoother taste. By the way, the ice has that better taste also. Thanks for a very good product and great service.
Bruce Medina - Buckeye, Arizona
I moved to Arizona and had a lot of junk in the water plus hard water. I installed the RO -45 in August 2011 and bought the see through canister and you could see the filter from white to dark brown in six months. The water tastes way better than any of the other brands out there. I bought your Futura-15 plus whole house 20" carbon filter and had it installed today 3-20-2012. I tell everyone you are the best company around. No more water bottles. Very satisfied customer.
Vince George - Santee, California
I've had my RO-45 system for 4 years now and all I can say is that it was the best $300 I've ever spent. I am still amazed at how this system can take terrible tasting municipal water and turn it into such great tasting water. In fact the water tastes better to me than any bottled water I've had. The RO-45 has worked flawlessly ever since I've had it. I even recommended this system to a friend and they are as happy with theirs as I am with mine. If your looking for a great RO filtration system look no more, this is it. Thanks APEC for a great product!
Michael Mona - W Des Moines, Iowa
Hey APEC! I am coming up on my 2nd year on this new RO-45 system... How's it doing? Well I just tested the water 1/23/2012 from the tap... 900 ppm of stuff in the water. YUKK! After going thru the RO-45 it is now 31 ppm. 96.55% Pure. Pretty darn good! I've changed the pre & carbon filters recommended on the yearly schedule. Thanks again for the well made product.
Philip Lawler - California
This unit (RO-45) arrived in just 3 days. My son and I installed it in one and half hours. The sink was pre-drilled but the install was very easy and the unit works great and provides great tasting water. Thank you.
Elizabeth Vesely - Illinois
I am very happy with my RO-45. I have been struggling with migraines, acid reflux for a while and I also had some odd abdominal pains. Since I started drinking the RO water, the frequency of my migraines has decreased, the odd abdominal problems stopped. I'm also not generally as sick as I used to be. I'm feeling better and no more lugging bottled water from the store. I also got the twist on shower filter and I could breathe after getting out of the shower. My hair and skin are in better condition. My daughter and I have thin hair and the filtered water makes it so soft and manageable. It's worth more than I paid that's for sure. I'm so glad they made this product affordable to the average person. I couldn't be happier.
Richard Wise - Colorado
Thanks APEC Water Systems (& Ken) for helping me locate the hard to find RO membrane for my mom's older RO system and selling it to me. I installed the membrane this weekend and it's working like a champ. She's also got a APEC 45gpd RO system that I bought from you a couple of months ago and installed in a new addition she had added to her house. The APEC system really does a much better job (more throughput and better filtering) than her older 15gpd system from another manufacturer. I'll keep recommending your APEC RO systems to anyone that I find is looking for an excellent RO system at a great price.
Jarrod Pearson - Weatherford, Texas
I purchased the RO-45 a little over a year ago and have had no problems with the unit at all. No leaks and all the clean water our kids could drink. I just replaced the first three stage filters and I was shocked to see what just the 1st stage pre-filter caught from our "Superior" municipal water district! YUK! I am loving this system!
Jeff Greer - Louisville, Kentucky
Installed the RO-45 two years ago. Good instructions and easy installation. As others have stated, we had enough of lugging 5 gallon bottles onto a cooler as well as the increasing cost of delivered water. This system produces excellent tasting water, so everything made with it tastes better. My wife loves her tea more than ever. Easy to maintain at relatively low cost. Thanks for a great product and service.
Kent - Rural Illinois
Two years ago we moved into the country and found out that our well water was high in nitrates. After much research and looking through a lot of comments, we decided to purchase an APEC RO-45. It has been one of the best decisions we have made. We noticed a difference almost immediately in our ice maker, clear ice cubes! Our coffee, juices and lemonades all taste better. Our coffee maker never needs to be cleaned and lasts longer. Thanks to APEC for making a great product.

Charles Merkel - Texas ([email protected])
I received my RO45 system last Monday and installed it on Tuesday. My primary purpose for installing this unit was to eliminate the need for hauling 5 gal bottles into the cooler several times a week. We live in a city with a highly rated water system but we just did not like the chlorine taste of the tap water nor the taste that it imparted into the coffee and tea. So for years we have tolerated the bottled water. However, as age catches up with you, it became more and more of a challenge to handle the bottles. So the RO45 and a new refrigerator with a water/ice dispenser system was in order.

After following the instructions regarding flushing and clearing the tank and lines, I ran some tests using the meter device provided. I used three samples of water after the unit had run for two days and had sufficient time to clear all the tubing. The tap water read "191" and the water from the filter system faucet read "007". The water from the refrig faucet read about "024" but I subsequently removed the filter provided with the refrig and brought that number to be the same as the faucet at the sink. The main test however, is that the chlorine taste is gone and the coffee tastes as good as using the bottled water. The bottles and the cooler are a thing of the past. So far the unit is performing as I expected. A satisfied customer.

James Barton - Missouri ([email protected])
I do sincerely love this RO45 water filtration system. My tap water went from 190pm, to 3ppm, thats a tremendous difference. There is no chlorine taste or smell, no nothing, just pure clear clean water.... Installing it was easy with this wonderful product. I cannot see how I could go without one now...Ever! Thank you so very much. The quietness of my coffee maker was well worth the filter price alone by the way. The Tds meter was a plus and yes I tested my coffee as well, just so you know 464 ppm coffee. Knowledge is a wondrous thing indeed. Thanks again from a very happy customer here!!!!!
James Bullock - North Carolina
I am very pleased with your company sales and service personnel. Also I am pleased with the quality and price of your RO45 product. The instructions were good and I have successfully installed the RO45 unit. I have a suggestion for your instruction manual. My suggestion is to include the need of the insert on page 14 and 15 in the items 4, 5 and 6. I had to go back to page 11 & 12 in #2 to be sure that I was to use the inserts because it was not mentioned on page 14 and 15. I only mention this to be constructive and helpful.
John - New Mexico
Well I'm back to order new filters. I've been using the RO-45 now for four-years without any problems. Filter changes are very easy. The water hardness here in Clovis NM runs between 375 and as high as 425 at times. With new filters installed the RO-45 system test below 25 and after a year's use test below 40. With a family of five, I can't tell you how much money that I've saved not having to buy bottled water, but I'm sure this unit has paid for itself many times over. Everyone who has been to my house and has drank my water was amazed with the quality and taste of the water and normally had seconds and thirds, they/we love the water. We boil lots of water for coffee and tea, before this RO unit was installed we would have to clean our equipment on a monthly basis because of the hard water; not anymore. I have not cleaned any equipment in over four-years now. The tea kettle is just as shiny and new as the day we bought it. The price for this RO-45 System is very in-expensive, high quality, and a must own no matter where you live if you want clean water.
Rich - Colorado([email protected])
Bought the RO-45 with the SS Faucet. All came nicely packaged with very good, and easy to follow instructions. I installed it myself and it only took a few hours. The system has worked perfectly and the water tastes great. I would buy the product again... and it is made in the US!
Brian Marheine - Wisconsin
I purchased one of your RO-45's three years ago. Shipping and installation was seamless. The unit continues to perform perfectly and delivers great tasting drinking water. I have recommended you folks to several neighbors and friends.
C Bailey - Minnesota ([email protected])
After much contemplation about spending the bucks to purchase a RO unit, I took the plunge. This is very definitely a quality product and it works like a charm. And it was easy to install, no plumber needed. I live in the country so the water comes from a well. My water pressure is very good so I went with the RO-45 and it is perfect. My house water is softened and I didn't want to drink softened water, plus it tasted terrible. No more buying bottled water for this gal. My pets love the water too. My coffee tastes even better and that's great news! Don't wait... get this product and you'll be as happy as I am. :)))
Ed Braun - Texas
I just bought and installed the RO-45 system 2 days ago. Our city water is HORRIBLE!!!!! and very hard. The system was very easy to install and I didn't have to buy any additional parts not even to hook up my ice maker. COOL... I tested my tap water with the TDS meter and it was almost 1,200. I tested the RO water 88.. WOW!!! I had my first glass of water yesterday and was very happy with the outcome. Even my ice looks clear like it should be. I am so glad I decided to buy this system and hopefully will get alot of good years out of it. I just recommended it to my father-in-law for his new house. Thanks for a good product at a fair price!!
Dave C - Ohio ([email protected])
We installed our RO-45 about 3 weeks ago when we had a new water softener installed. We installed the RO-45 unit in the basement next to the water softener and have the tank there too. We ran the fresh water line up to a T and have the great tasting water going upstairs to our new faucet and fresh water in the refrigerator and for making ice. One thing I noticed is that the ice cubes are clear now. I love the idea of filtering the crud from our drinking water. Thanks!
Brandon Garwood - Ohio
Thanks for another great RO-45 system!! My mother-in-law had a GE three stage system from a local home store and it only lasted 3 months on a set of filters until the water would just stop coming out. Three stages is not enough. The single stage prefilter can't clean enough. Once it gets a little dirty, it doesn't protect the RO membrane ($70) enough causing it to fail in a very short amount of time. It took me two filter changes and $200.00 in six months to finally convince my mother-in-law to get a 5 stage APEC system from you. I've had my RO-45 system for a couple of years and I love it!! So when I came to the conclusion that her three stage system was junk, I knew exactly where I would get her a great system from a great company!! Thanks.
Joe Seago - Illinois
I've had the RO45 in use for 1 month now, and what a difference it makes. First of all the system arrived in a timely manner, and was packaged really good. Installation was clearly illustrated, and went in without a problem. The materials of the RO45 system are first rate, and constructed very well. I opted for the stainless coke bottle faucet, and was pleased how well it blended in with my existing fixtures. I also got the clear first stage canister, so I could see how well the system works. This is not necessary, but I'm glad I got it. I like to show people how well the system works, and that is a very good way to do it. Our water is very hard with a noticeable chlorine taste, and with this system all of the impurities are gone! I also use the filtered h2o for the dog, (she's messy with her water) and the hard water marks on the floor are gone. I would recommend the RO45 system to anyone.
Trevor Spencer - Missouri
My family has been using your RO45 system for a year now and I would not want to live without it. Today I changed the stage 1 filter for the very first time and was shocked by the amount of crud that was filtered out of our tap water. I was so appalled that I took a side by side picture of a new and used filter to show the difference. Thanks for making a quality system to protect my family from whatever this black junk is on my hands.
Michael Mona - Iowa ([email protected])
I'm buying another one! Yep, bought a new house and left my good ole RO 45 behind. It will be an excellent selling point... Anywhoo... Get that new unit on wheels boys... The TDS & chlorine taste like $@#&. Thanks again... looking forward to pure water again!

Allen Downs - Kansas
As part of my 2010 new years resolutions I made a promise to myself to be more healthy in life. One of my steps in this promise is to drink more water. I had a major well known water company come in and test my water. After they really showed me how much sediment/junk is in our water, I was almost disgusted. They offered their solutions to fix my water problems and honestly I was shocked. They wanted to charge me $899 for a reverse osmosis system. I have basic city water nothing special about it. I was determined there has to be a better solution out there. I ended up doing research and for some strange reason out of all the solutions out there seemed like the most bang for my buck and the most quality system. I've talked to Henry via chat several times and he was very polite and answered every question I had. I ended up ordering the RO-45 and upgrading the system to the 3/8 inch tubing to fill my containers quicker than the 1/4 line. I also wanted to increase my pressure to my ice-maker/refrigerator. I saw a few other setups and liked the idea of the pull out filter assembly.

When I received the RO I was very impressed with how green they were with their packaging. It was very well designed and utilized packing very well. I thought the quality of their filtration system was absolutely the best. I ended up starting out with water that is 360ppm and after running the filtration unit, I now get water that is 18-20ppm. I was absolutely shocked. I decided to test a name brand bottled water that I drank all the time. It tested 30ppm. I now have even better water than what the major soda manufactures are putting out. Plus I also got some great bpa free bottles and I am set for life! My next goal is to share with my entire family and get me as many referrals as I can!

Pros: Excellent directions, top notch quality design (and made in USA), customer support was better than any other company I've seen, I feel their website really "educates" you about the options of water health, now it makes me want a whole house water filter and softener.

Cons: Since I upgraded the system to 3/8 they left a few items out in the directions stating I would not have a yellow 3/8 line or I wouldn't need some of the fitting they included. I wish the coke chrome faucet was also made in the USA, but it is still top quality.

Krista Timpe - Pennsylvania
Because of a medical clinical trial I am participating in, I consume vast quantities of water - roughly two gallons a day. After doing some research, communicating with someone from the EPA, my physician, my dentist & our local water authority, it became clear that I needed to find a system that would help minimize the amount of fluoride and chlorine I ingest. What I needed was a reverse osmosis system with charcoal filtration. I looked at several options before buying our APEC RO-45. We have been using this filter for a little over a year now, and love it! The system is well made - not to mention Made in the USA :-), reasonably priced, the water tastes great and I have peace of mind. Thank you so much for a quality product!
Douglas Sweepe - Arizona
Received my RO 45 on Tuesday and tasted my first glass of water on Thursday. What a difference. My TDS reading went from 160 to 8. It took a little longer to install then it probably should have as I incorporated a slide out for future maintenance. The instructions were very straight forward and put together well. APEC has got it down to a science. I highly recommend them. Thanks APEC.

Linda Terry - Florida
We received our APEC RO-45 on May 6, and we are now enjoying the BEST system on the market! This RO-45 makes SO MUCH quality RO water so fast, that we NEVER run out, as we always did with our old Microline RO system. Plus, the quality and design of the entire system is infallible and was easy to set up and install. Our water here in Florida is 338 PPM, but after our RO-45 treats our water, it is in the 19-20 PPM range! We now have all the sparkling clean water we need for our health needs and our pets' health as well! I would recommend APEC to anyone who wants the very best RO system! In addition, the wonderful customer service and knowledge Edward provided was priceless and right on the mark! He was so very helpful.

The beautiful, quality Nickel Coke faucet works flawlessly, the water meter is just so wonderful to have and use, and the three free filters for the second year were simply more than generous! APEC Water Systems is a real 'class act' company which produces upgraded quality products at a price anyone can afford and then markets their products so you will have optimum quality from your RO system. We will be lifetime customers! Thank you so much!

Willard Jackson III - Pennsylvania ([email protected])
This water filter works as advertised, which in this day and age is almost non-existent. Before installing my RO-45 filter I had a Whirlpool 2 stage filter, even after being filtered my TDS reading was at about 330 ppm (Extremely Hard Water). The water that comes out of my RO-45 filter is the purest drinking water I have ever had, the TDS reading is 10ppm. I am extremely happy with the systems performance so far, although I wish I had gotten the RO-90 for fast water delivery. The taste of the water that comes from the RO-45 is phenomenal, and it encourages one to drink it by the gallon. I have only had this filter for about a month and I am very anxious to see what the filters and membrane are pulling out of the water. Even though I am pretty well mechanically inclined, I found the installation a breeze. Instructions were very easy to read and follow with great photos; color-coding the tubing made installation a cinch. The customer service is one of a kind; I didn't want the TDS meter since I already had a high end Milwaukee SM802 unit. So I called customer service and asked if they could switch the TDS Meter for a Pressure Gauge to dial in an exact water pressure for optimal filtration performance. APEC now has a customer for life!
Steven Servillo - New Jersey
After getting my last bill of $54 for delivery of five 5 gallon water bottles to my home I called and canceled my service and I decided on purchasing the RO-45 system. I live in Toxic New Jersey where the water is horrible! Customer support was very helpful, answering all questions and helping me choose the correct unit. The directions were extremely detailed and simple. I installed the unit myself and now the water is fantastic. What a difference in taste when making coffee. Another plus is I now have a 1 liter stainless steel water bottle that I fill and take to work with me so I don't have to use those plastic water bottles that cause sickness and pollute the landfills. This was definitely worth the money and if I move, the unit will definitely come with us. Thank you fro a great product and support.
Christain Lee - New Jersey ([email protected])
I purchased the RO-45 and a Futura 10 Softener. The promo was nice with the whole house filter that came with the Futura 10. I initially had a problem with getting a water tight seal with the whole house filter (not sure if it was the gasket, the cover, or both), but APEC was great about sending me a replacement cover and gasket with overnight shipping. Now mind you that this was part of a "free" gift promo with the Futura 10. I'm sure other companies would not have been so excellent with their service. Free or not they clearly stand by their products. That's a sign of true customer service. As for the water, I'm noticing less mineral like substance on the surface of my tub as well as my dishes. Also, the water from the RO tastes great and has about the same particle level as Poland Spring bottled water according to the little tester they sent along with the RO. I have to say that so far I am very impressed. If all goes well in the next several months I will definitely pass along referrals to all my friends and neighbors. Thanks APEC.
Mary West - Tennessee ([email protected])
We were thrilled to receive the red, white, and blue box containing your RO-45 water filtering system with "made in USA" printed in large letters on the outside. What a great quality product, very simple and quick to install. Our water taste fresh and pure now and after conducting a couple of test on the quality of the water; tap versus filtered with the RO-45. I shudder to imagine all we have ingested all these years. Now no longer hauling all those water bottles from the longer feeling guilty about filling our longer worrying about drinking from the plastic bottles. Thank you!!!
Craig White - California
We just wanted to say that we LOVE our new APEC filtration system. I installed our RO-45 system last week-- it took about an hour- the detailed directions were super easy to follow and I had no problesm at all. Our city drinking water is now CLEAN and SAFE adn tastes fantastic. We're already saving money! We were feeding our 13 month old daughter bottled "baby" water, but now we give her our filtered water and flouride drops and feel it's even safer and better for her. Thanks so much for making such a high quality product that was easy to install-- and enjoy!
Joel Gagarin - California
I just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful product. I purchased the RO45 for my house a few months ago. The installation was very easy to do and the water taste great. I thought that the price was very reasonable and decided to purchase another one for my Mom's house. I installed it a couple of days ago and it is working perfectly. The TDS reading on both houses used to be around 300ppm but now, they're reading around 2 to 5ppm. Thanks again!
Philip Rhyne - Georgia ([email protected])
Based upon the reviews and product description for the RO-45, I ordered this unit back several weeks ago. Upon receipt, I was very impressed with the packaging and the overall quality of the unit. The installation instructions are exceptional. Well laid out and very easy to follow and understand. With no real plumbing experience, I had the unit completely installed within approx. 1 1/2 hrs. (including fine tuning and cleanup). So far, the water has been plentiful and excellent tasting. Based upon my experience so far, I would rate this product a "10" out of 10. Very very satisfied!
Daryl Hassett - Texas ([email protected])
Once receiving your RO-45 and free TDS Meter I promptly checked my tap and the TDS Meter read 278. Wow! I installed the RO-45 and checked immediately afterwards with the TDS and the number dropped to 12 instantly! After 24 hours of operation I rechecked and it dropped to around 8. I rechecked it again in May and it had dropped to an astonishing 1! I rechecked a couple of times to be sure with different sets of water and consistently 1! Since I live within the city I do not even use the UV Light. I tested some Nestle bottled water bought at the Wal-mart with the TDS Meter and it read consistently at 5 or 6. I now use those bottles to bottle my own (better tasting) water. I really love the Apec RO system. My water has never tasted so good (if only you can imagine)! Customer service has been outstanding. What a nice change from what I find from other vendors. Thank you!
Gary Dowalo - Pennsylvania
I installed your RO-45 system on 2 FEB 2005, and it has been up and running ever since. I had no real problems with the installation, and I thought the directions were clear and concise. I, however, decided to use a saddle valve instead of the feed water adapter provided. On start up of the system, my tap water showed 112 ppm, and the RO water showed 2. This is less than 2% of TDS remaining, with a removal of over 98%. Outstanding! I am very pleased with the design of the RO system and use of John Guest plastic fittings and tubing. I was spending approximately $300.00 per year on bottled water, so the system will pay for itself in about one year. Now I and my family can use tap water to drink, water the dogs and cat, and water our house plants. I did considerable research before purchasing the APEC system. I consider your product the best available at any price.
David Odgers - Washington
Just installed one of your RO-45 systems, my water tastes GREAT!!! The water here in the Seattle area is really very good, now it's excellent! Thanks for a great product.
Robert J. Gross - Pennsylvania
I am the proud owner of one of your 45 gpd systems now for the last two years. I am very happy with the system and it has served me well. We are totally spoiled with drinking water now and will flatly refuse to drink from other sources.



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