RO-45 model - Slow and Little RO water output

The causes to the output problem are listed in the timeframe that you've owned your RO system. The grey background applies to systems in use for under 3 months and the white background applies to systems in use for more than 3 months.

When trying to identify the causes of slow and little output. Isolate the RO system by shutting off your dependant appliances. Such as ice-maker, fridge, and humidifier.

The causes are listed from the most frequent and probable to the least likely.

Feed water blocked

Make sure all lines to the RO system and within the RO head are not obstructed.

Make sure the feed valve, needle valve and tank ball valve are turned on.

Untangles the lines
Input pressure too low
If your home pressure is within the model's regulation. Make sure you have the right model.
Make sure all the feed valves are fully turned on or exchange for the appropriate model
Wrong Line Installation
Using RO pictures and the owner's manual. Make sure all lines are correctly connected.
Excessive Demand
Make sure the model's capacity can support your humidifier, ice-maker and fridge's demand.


Add Permeate Pump


Upgrade to a 14 gallon tank



Defective Membrane Housing

(Extremely Rare)

Waste water flows non stop down the drain line and no RO water.
Replace the membrane housing. Contact us
Clogged Membrane
ASO Clogged
Tank pressure too low
An empty 4 gallon tank should have 5 psi and an empty 14 gallon tank should have 7 psi.
Tank bladder ruptured
Locate the pressure valve on the tank to see if water is leaking out. If water is leaking out, then the tank needs to be replaced. Furthermore, a raptured tank tends to be very heavy compared to a regular full tank.
Check valve clogged

Stage 5 filter clogged

(Very Rare)

Replace Stage 5 filter

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