Recommended Procedures for Soft Water Installation

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In making a soft water installation there are several other considerations to keep in thought:

  • Bypass the outside sillcocks. It would be a waste to sprinkle the lawns with soft water. Also, it could be injurious to the lawn if the sodium content of the water is extremely high.
  • Some homeowners may desire to have soft water for washing their cars. This would, of course, necessitate a separate outside line for this purpose.
  • Again, there are some people who may prefer hard water for drinking. To provide for this necessitates a third tap at the kitchen sink. If customers desire hard water for drinking purposes, by all means, arrange to include this in the installation. Point out, however, that this represents an added expense.

Here, some people may wonder “Is cold soft water flowing to all the toilet flush boxes essential?” Soft water for the toilet flush boxes is desirable, especially where there is some possibility of iron staining. Also, it should be considered where scaling of the flush mechanism may be a problem.

Under other circumstances, some authorities feel that it is unnecessary to use soft water for flushing the toilets. They point to the fact that where there is a leaky toilet a great deal of soft water could be wasted. Even under normal circumstances, a large volume of water may be softened unnecessarily.

Even where soft water for the toilets may not be necessary, they may have to be included due to the construction of the home. For example, when a home has been built with a slab-floor construction, all the pipes are embedded in the concrete. Under these conditions, it is practically impossible to bypass the toilets. Again, for second-floor bathrooms, it might be necessary to run an extra cold water line up through the walls in order to bypass the toilets. Here the expense of the additional piping could well outweigh any savings possible from not softening water for the toilets. So, a good deal of common sense must be used in order to provide for a sound, yet practical installation.

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Installation for Soft Water Throughout the Home Except for Toilet Flush Boxes
(Note: Same arrangement would be used with other types of filters)
  Cold soft water to all cold water taps except a third faucet in kitchen   Hard iron-free water to toilet flush boxes   Hard water to outside sprinklers
Installation for soft water throughout the home

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