Cloudy "Milky" Water - RO-45

Problem: Cloudy and aerated "milk" water from RO spigot clears up in a while.

Causes: Air in water source, accumulates on top of tank, and dispenses out of RO spigot.

Most likely the cloudiness is due to air in your source water (the RO does not create air). Your water's quality does change from time to time. It may have air for a while and then clears up.

If there is air in your water, it will get through the RO Membrane and collect on the top portion of the tank. So when you dispense water, the flow sputters and the water looks cloudy for a few seconds, then dissipates.

Please do the following procedures:

  1. Drain the tank: The air collects on top of the tank. So drain the tank completely once or twice (let spigot run dry). This should get rid of the air. Re-fill the tank again and see if you still get the cloudiness. If water still has air, let us know, we'll do a further check.
  2. Test your water with TDS meter: Use the TDS meter (if you have one) to test your tap water and the RO filtered water. From the TDS numbers you can tell if the membrane is effectively removing your input tds. If the TDS readings are within the 10% range. That means the RO is working fine, and your filtered water is clean.
  3. Check your tap water: Use a clear glass, fill a glass of TAP water with the faucet submerged into the glass to see if there's air in the water stream. If there's air, that explains the "milky" water from RO spigot. As long as there's air in your tap water, the RO output will have air as well, and this is not a problem.

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