How Does Water Help Remove Harmful Toxins from Your Digestive Tract?

First of all…What are these creepy toxins that seem to invade our body?

Toxins are actually a normal part of the body's intake of food and oxygen. In a digestion process, the bowel disposes of toxins from the digestive system and the liver helps clear the way for other organs to function properly and help rid of those unwanted toxins. Your body is actually able to detoxify itself in a natural manner with the use of its lungs, liver, and kidneys.

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Problem solved?

Not quite... When our bodies are bombarded with unfamiliar toxins, producing too many toxins, or not eliminating toxins effectively, the toxins build up and can cause health problems. Then it is time for a detoxification program—supporting the body’s natural elimination process and preventing the day-to-day buildup of toxicity with Water. Beverages such as coffee, tea, sports drinks, soda, and other sugary drinks, however, will cause more problems than high blood sugar because your body needs more water to flush out these fluids from your body, leaving you dehydrated. Other than that, many of these drinks contain unnatural ingredients which add to the toxins that our bodies must help us flush out.

It’s beneficial to have a certain knowledge of detoxification: understanding the link between feeling subpar and toxicity, understanding where toxins come from, and understanding what you can do to help yourself: Drinking water is instrumental in detoxification.

But how does water help remove toxins?

Water keeps our organs functioning well, lubricates and cushions our joints, and it regulates our body temperature and metabolism. Moreover, water flushes toxins and waste from the body and transports nutrients to where they are needed. Without water, the contents of your colon can dry out and get stuck, eventually causing constipation. Water is a natural lubricant that softens stool and promotes evacuation of the bowels.

Water is also important to kidney systems. Our kidney system is unique in its filtering capabilities and totally dependent upon water in order for it to work. The kidneys remove waste products from the blood, eliminate toxic substances in the urine, and receive water-soluble toxins from the liver for processing. They filter voluminous amounts of blood each day and in doing so maintain the body’s water balance and excrete toxins and excess fluid through the bladder. Daily fluid intake is essential for our bodies to function efficiently.

Try to drink eight to ten glasses of pure water a day! It's not hard... just three to four glasses in each part of the day. You can try room temperature water to start and then switch to ice water in the afternoon. You can even add a few slices of lemon or squeeze some lemon in your water to add some tasty natural flavor. This has more benefit than taste because lemons contain a high acid content which helps the digestive system move. If you have kids, you can toss in those reusable frozen-shaped ice cubes that kids love. Or, you can give them a goofy straw that they can only use when drinking water. Use fun and easy ways to get your kids to drink water to flush away their toxins too!

Think all you have to do is just drink the water?

There are also other ways water can help you remove toxins. Water is also useful externally: baths and saunas can help detoxify. Hot water increases blood flow and capillary action near the surface of the skin, causing the faster release of toxins. The heat also increases sweating and opens up pores. Be sure to bathe in pure water and be mindful that hot water and the detoxification effect can cause dizziness. A hot bath can lead to increased body temperature and cause blood vessels to dilate, which lowers blood pressure then leads to dizziness. Also, there are a number of substances you can add to your bath to help the detoxification process. Exercising is also an excellent way to get your bowel moving to excrete toxins. Exercise helps to decrease the time it takes for food to move through the large intestine, this will avoid hard stools which are harder to pass. Aerobic exercise accelerates your breathing and heart rate. This helps stimulate the natural contraction of intestinal muscles which will help move stools out quickly.

Why not make simple flavorings of your daily drinking water a habit, as well as add certain bath salts to help make your detoxifying process with water more enjoyable! If you’re thirsty, drink water instead of those sugary drinks we are so familiar with. Water is the number one way to maintain health and to excrete toxins from our bodies. Lastly, simply exercising 10 to 15 minutes several times a day can help your body and digestive system function optimally. Let us begin paving the way to a healthy and happy lifestyle!

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