DynGlobal Prepares to Deploy Its Solar Powered Water Purification to Japan

Orange County - DynGlobal, a US based company dedicated to advanced technology, renewable energy, and solar power solutions announced today that it is supporting the victims of the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan by providing portable and point of use solar powered water purification systems.

The DynGlobal water purification units, with capacities ranging from 100 liters per day up to 40,000 liters per day, feature a four-stage ultrafiltration process enabling them to filter out radioactive contamination, arsenic, mercury, lead, bacteria, and other heavy metals. The units are rapidly deployable and can be paired with backup battery power to be completely grid-independent.

“I think its time that we have learned a lesson from Katrina and Haiti,” states DynGlobal CEO, Vernon Wright. “Bottled water is neither cost effective nor sustainable. Government agencies and relief organizations pay hundreds of dollars per gallon to supply water. South Korea, China, and the United States are shipping in tons of bottled water...It didn’t work in Haiti and won’t be an adequate solution for Japan.”

DynGlobal’s solar driven water purification units are available to be shipped from its manufacturing in California and could reach Japan in as little as one day.

Written by Todd R. Burns, March 14, 2011

APEC Ultra Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

At APEC, we were deeply saddened to see the destruction and suffering caused by the recent earthquakes and tsunami in Japan. It was also troubling to learn that the resulting nuclear plant shutdowns had released radioactive materials into the air and water. The levels of radioactivity detected in the local water sources were so high that Japan's health ministry had to issue public warnings about their tap water. This is because contact with radionuclides contaminants in the water such as iodine-131 can cause thyroid cancers and disease. Fortunately, there are home water filter systems like reverse osmosis that can reduce radionuclides contamination in water.

Like many others, APEC is also committed to help bring safe clean drinking water to the people of Japan who are suffering from lack of clean water. For all orders shipping to Japan, APEC will give 10% discount on the total order and 50% off on UPS shipping. Click here to learn more about this program.

reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

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