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Customers' Reviews & Comments    


We have received so many positive e-mails and reviews, we decided to open this forum. Want to send in your comments on our products or services? Have a unique story you want to share?



I am exceedingly happy with my APEC RO Water system. I have recommended your company to several people and I will continue to do so. I am so comfortable and pleased with your water system that I make sure to take about 100 oz to work a day to make sure I have plenty at hand as I work outside. Thank you all again.
Todd Stamper - 9/26/11 - Tennessee

This unit (RO-45) arrived in just 3 days. My son and I installed it in one and half hours. The sink was pre-drilled but the install was very easy and the unit works great and provides great tasting water. Thank you.
Philip Lawler - 9/3/11
- California ([email protected])


I am very happy with my RO-45. I have been struggling with migraines, acid reflux for a while and I also had some odd abdominal pains. Since I started drinking the RO water, the frequency of my migraines has decreased, the odd abdominal problems stopped. I'm also not generally as sick as I used to be. I'm feeling better and no more lugging bottled water from the store. I also got the twist on shower filter and I could breathe after getting out of the shower. My hair and skin are in better condition. My daughter and I have thin hair and the filtered water makes it so soft and manageable. It's worth more than I paid that's for sure. I'm so glad they made this product affordable to the average person. I couldn't be happier.
Elizabeth Vesely - 7/15/11
- Illinois ([email protected])


Thanks APEC Water Systems (& Ken) for helping me locate the hard to find RO membrane for my mom's older RO system and selling it to me. I installed the membrane this weekend and it's working like a champ. She's also got a APEC 45gpd RO system that I bought from you a couple of months ago and installed in a new addition she had added to her house. The APEC system really does a much better job (more throughput and better filtering) than her older 15gpd system from another manufacturer. I'll keep recommending your APEC RO systems to anyone that I find is looking for an excellent RO system at a great price.
Richard Wise - 6/27/11
- Colorado


We were looking for an R.O. system for both drinking water and for our coral aquarium, which requires nutrient-free water. (Miami tap water has more chlorine than your average swimming pool, and enough nitrates and phosphates to hydroponically grow tomatoes.) We went with the countertop model because it seemed the simplest and its parts and pieces were made in the USA (rare enough these days). Talk about "plug-n-play"! You can have it up and running within minutes of pulling it out of the box! The water tastes great, and it's about 99% pure water, so it's great for the corals. The total dissolved solids of Miami tap water started at 137ppm and after the filter, TDS=9ppm. Thank you for a simple to operate system, and for the quick delivery!
A. Kirkendoll - 6/20/11
- Miami, Florida


The RO-PERM system is simply amazing. My house water pressure measures around 35 psi. Due to the low pressure I have had trouble with other RO filters producing enough water. The RO-PERM system completely eliminated the pressure problem. Using the free gift TDS meter my source water measured at 376! The RO-PERM filter reduces the TDS amount to 13!! It is great to know that I now have clean and healthy drinking water and ice for my family, dog, and aquarium!!
Dan Monigold - 6/7/11
- Illinois ([email protected])


I have had my reverse osmosis system in my kitchen now for about 1.5 months. I am very happy with it and the water tastes very good. My father and I installed the system under my kitchen sink. At first I had some tiny drips from two of the filters but after I switched the housing on the two they have been drip free since. When I contacted customer service about the initial problem they were terrific about getting back to me quickly and were willing to replace the parts if I needed that done. It is nice knowing that all the extras that come with city water is not going into my drinking water. I now drink much more water as I don't have to worry about the quality. I would, and already have, recommended this system to others.
Diane Gliozzi - 6/5/11
- Wexford, Pennsylvania


I purchased the Iron Hydro 10, and an RO PERM system, and I could not be happier. It has taken the iron smell, stains, etc... out of my well water, and our drinking water could not be better. More importantly, I want to commend the wonderful customer service of APEC, specifically "KEN" who was very helpful, polite, considerate, and very knowledgeable! I have since recommended APEC to many friends. Thank you!
Terri Cross - 5/26/11 - Mt. Clare, West Virginia


Have been satisfied with the ro system we got. We placed it under the sink and the kit had everything, well designed and pretty easy to setup. When we got it, the faucet had a kink on it and was bent. But, after contacting cust service they sent another one and a return label to send the bad one back, no hassle.
Israel - 5/19/11 - Colorado


We stopped buying bottled water after I read several online articles about the problems with bottled water. We decided to buy the APEC RO countertop system after we did some research and talked to their tech support. It was hard for us to make the decision between the RO-45 and RO-CTOP. Now I love the APEC countertop system since it's easy to install for me and I can get fresh filtered water every day. Looking at my pictures you may notice that it is hidden in the cabinet. I drilled three holes under the bottom of the cabinet. Pretty neat, right?
Harry Luo - 5/18/11 - New Hyde Park, New York


I am very pleased with the RO-CTOP. It was easy to install and makes great water. Customer service is very good and I highly recommend buying one of these units.
Jason Lee Craig - 5/17/11
- Tennessee


I had purchased the APEC RO and APEC Futura-10 whole house filter system back in Nov. 2009. After 15 months of use, I just replaced the RO filters a few days ago. To my surprise, the filters are fairly clean! The first filter had shown a little brownish color of dirt trapped inside and both carbon are about the same color. I guess the Futura system and the add-on whole house filter really did a good job cleaning most of the dirt.
Davis Lee - 4/18/11
- California


I purchased the RO-45 a little over a year ago and have had no problems with the unit at all. No leaks and all the clean water our kids could drink. I just replaced the first three stage filters and I was shocked to see what just the 1st stage pre-filter caught from our "Superior" municipal water district! YUK! I am loving this system!
Jarrod Pearson - 4/16/11
- Weatherford, Texas


This is a great system. Easy to install, great tasting water, and made in the USA! I believe this is a great value. My refrigerator has a filter that costs $60 every six months, this system's filters cost $39 a year. That is a big difference in cost, and this system is much better than the one in the refrigerator. Now, I have clean water to cook with and drink. I also ran a line to my refrigerator so I don't need the filter on it and can have nice clean ice and still use the water in the door. I would say this is a great deal.
Roger Whittaker - 4/4/11
- Lake City, Georgia


Installed the RO-45 two years ago. Good instructions and easy installation. As others have stated, we had enough of lugging 5 gallon bottles onto a cooler as well as the increasing cost of delivered water. This system produces excellent tasting water, so everything made with it tastes better. My wife loves her tea more than ever. Easy to maintain at relatively low cost. Thanks for a great product and service.
Jeff Greer - 4/2/11
- Louisville, Kentucky



Two years ago we moved into the country and found out that our well water was high in nitrates. After much research and looking through a lot of comments, we decided to purchase an APEC RO-45. It has been one of the best decisions we have made. We noticed a difference almost immediately in our ice maker, clear ice cubes! Our coffee, juices and lemonades all taste better. Our coffee maker never needs to be cleaned and lasts longer. Thanks to APEC for making a great product.
Kent - 4/2/11
- Rural Illinois


Awesome!!! My tap ppm was 87, my system ppm is 3. The water is refreshing and the system is the best.
Vincent Hendon - 2/20/11
- Michigan ([email protected])


So far so good. I tested my water with the TDS meter and it was 605. After installing my RO-PERM, my TDS is now 21! That's a 96.52% reduction! It even beats the 5 gallon delivered water which came in at 37. The water tastes great. My system came very fast. Much faster than expected. It was shipped the next day after my order. We are both in California and I placed my order in the morning one day and got it in two days. I ordered the RO-Perm with UV. I got the perm version because I wasn't so sure of my water pressure. But it also has the added benefit of higher pressure at the tap and a fuller storage tank so win-win.
Al Gonzalez - 2/18/11
- California


Gentlemen, I received my RO45 system last Monday and installed it on Tuesday. My primary purpose for installing this unit was to eliminate the need for hauling 5 gal bottles into the cooler several times a week. We live in a city with a highly rated water system but we just did not like the chlorine taste of the tap water nor the taste that is imparted into the coffee and tea. So for years, we have tolerated bottled water. However, as age catches up with you, it became more and more of a challenge to handle the bottles. So the RO45 and a new refrigerator with a water/ice dispenser system was in order.

After following the instructions regarding flushing and clearing the tank and lines, I ran some tests using the metering device provided. I used three samples of water after the unit had run for two days and had sufficient time to clear all the tubing. The tap water read "191" and the water from the filter system faucet read "007". The water from the refrig faucet read about "024" but I subsequently removed the filter provided with the refrig and brought that number to be the same as the faucet at the sink. The main test, however, is that the chlorine taste is gone and the coffee tastes as good as using the bottled water. The bottles and the cooler are a thing of the past. So far the unit is performing as I expected. A satisfied customer.
Charles Merkel - 2/18/11 - Texas
([email protected])


I called last week because we couldn't find a part for the drinking faucet part of the system we had ordered almost a year ago and were finally having installed. Your customer service representative was surprised by the unusual problem and sent the part as a courtesy. After the system was completely installed and working well we opened the box for a bathroom faucet and lo and behold your parts package had been put in there during the many projects that were being completed in the last month.

I am so happy that you supplied the missing parts--the installer had been running around trying to make it work on his own. Nobody remembered seeing those parts--a mystery that your customer service saved from being a disaster (in a line of disasters in our money pit). Thank you so much. The installer was impressed by the good instructions and the way things went together when he finally had everything he needed. The brushed nickel faucet matches my kitchen faucet in style very well and I am getting lots of compliments. Oh, and they like the taste of the water too.
Carol Davis - 2/9/11 - Florida


I do sincerely love this RO45 water filtration system. My tap water went from 190pm, to 3ppm, thats a tremendous difference. There is no chlorine taste or smell, no nothing, just pure clear clean water.... Installing it was easy with this wonderful product. I cannot see how I could go without one now...Ever! Thank you so very much. The quietness of my coffee maker was well worth the filter price alone by the way. The Tds meter was a plus and yes I tested my coffee as well, just so you know 464 ppm coffee. Knowledge is a wondrous thing indeed. Thanks again from a very happy customer here!!!!!
James Barton - 2/9/11 - Missouri
([email protected])


We have an off-grid home with well water that tested 14mg/liter for fluoride. I was worried that nothing could remove that much fluoride, but we just got our test results from the RO sample, and the fluoride is now .1mg/liter! We did add a fluoride filter to the RO-PERM, and we are completely thrilled with these results. We can drink our water again, and we don't have to contemplate moving. We drank this water for twelve years before having these tests run - I encourage everyone with well water to have it tested for fluoride, arsenic, uranium, and anything else that may pertain to the area you live.
Gretchen Roman - 2/8/11
- Idaho


I am from a tiny island in the Caribbean called Anguilla, where I am currently building my house, with anywhere between 5 and 10 guys carrying out the construction of the house on a given day. Before purchasing this system I would normally spend about $20 USD a day on water and ice for the construction workers alone, and following the recommendation of a friend I decided to purchase the RO-90 system as a means of cutting costs. I must say that since installing the system, I am convinced that this has been the best investment I have ever made in my life so far. I have gone from spending over $100 a week on the water for my workers and our home to $0.00 dollars. I was simply amazed by the test results from the TDS system, where the results showed that the filtered water from the RO-90 system was even better than the bottled water.

I work for the Government of Anguilla and I have already submitted a request to my PS about purchasing a few of these devices for a number of departments, as a means of saving money. My brother works for the only secondary school on the island has also convinced the Principal to purchase a RO system for the teachers in that school. I absolutely love this system and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an excellent system for producing clean drinking water.
Vaughn T Hazell - 2/1/11 - Anguilla


My wife and I bought our home 8 years ago and it has a private well. From day one we never drank the water because we did not trust it. We have been buying spring water this whole time for drinking and cooking, not that there is any guarantee that spring water is any better than my well water because that industry is not regulated at all. The last time I had the well water tested by a lab, I was told that my arsenic level was right on the standards line for that year and it would be above the standards line the following year because the government standard was being reduced after that year. Unfortunately I cannot find that last report so I cannot quote numbers, but no matter because now after installing my RO system I bought from, when I tested the RO water my arsenic level was reported < 2ug/L ppb which is well below the 10 ug/L ppb standard now set.

When I bought my system I got a free water tester that tests the TDS in the water. I had a little fun with this and tested my well water, the water from my RO system, and water from a bottle of Poland Spring. My results follow: My well water: 245ppm, Poland Spring Water: 22ppm, From my RO system: 15ppm (94% reduction from my well water) The system I bought, a couple of weeks before Christmas, is the RO-PERM system and I had the company add the UV light as the sixth stage to my system because I am paranoid about the well water quality and the extra $135 is a small price to pay for peace of mind. This RO system is by far the best I found. I have been researching them for quite some time now and never bought one because the companies I found that were selling them did not offer what I deemed as required by my research in an RO system. No more buying 10 to 15 gallons of spring water a week for my family and me.
Donald - 1/21/11 - Massachusetts


We bought our RO-PERM system with the upgraded faucet in December 2010. I was surprised to see that it all came in one neatly packed box. The instructions were so easy to follow, and the pictures were so good you almost didn't need instructions. I did have to purchase a different refrigerator connection, and I used the hose for the refrigerator and the water line tap to connect the mainline. My house is over 100 years old and didn't have the right connections. I drilled a new hole in our porcelain cast iron sink for the new faucet, which looks great. Everything else has the quick connect fittings and no leaks. The TDS of our water before the system was 242, and after was 10. The water tastes so good now and the ice cubes are clear. We would recommend your water systems to everyone. We are saving up for the whole house system. Thank you very much.
Jim Jones - 1/5/11 - Iowa


We would like to take a moment to write to you and let you know how much we like our countertop filtration system. We were very impressed with how well-made this system was. Most importantly, our water tastes terrific. It tastes so pure with zero metallic tastes. In the future, we hope to purchase an under-the-counter system; but for our purposes now, we are very happy with this countertop model. Many thanks for a great product!
Mr. and Mrs. J Foster - 12/10/10


I am very pleased with your company sales and service personnel. Also I am pleased with the quality and price of your RO45 product. The instructions were good and I have successfully installed the RO45 unit. I have a suggestion for your instruction manual. My suggestion is to include the need of the insert on page 14 and 15 in the items 4, 5 and 6. I had to go back to page 11 & 12 in #2 to be sure that I was to use the inserts because it was not mentioned on page 14 and 15. I only mention this to be constructive and helpful.
James Bullock - 12/3/10 - North Carolina


I am always a bit skeptical when contemplating purchasing things of this importance through online vendors. I am, however very satisfied with your product. Here is why

-Very helpful website. -Product is easy to understand.
-Simple to build a product that fit my needs. -Easy and efficient ordering process.
-Prompt & accurate delivery of what was ordered. -Easy and thorough installation process.
-Provided all of what was needed for installation. -Great looking product.
-Tips to avoid difficulties during operation. -It works as it should.
-Customer care follow up after the sales. -Interest in community welfare with donation program.

I am currently considering a whole house pre-filter as I watch how quickly my clear cover filter turns color. I am happy so far.
Gary Jeffers - 12/5/10 - Wisconsin


Well I'm back to order new filters. I've been using the RO-45 now for four-years without any problems. Filter changes are very easy. The water hardness here in Clovis NM runs between 375 and as high as 425 at times. With new filters installed the RO-45 system test below 25 and after a year's use test below 40. With a family of five, I can't tell you how much money that I've saved not having to buy bottled water, but I'm sure this unit has paid for itself many times over. Everyone who has been to my house and has drank my water was amazed with the quality and taste of the water and normally had seconds and thirds, they/we love the water. We boil lots of water for coffee and tea, before this RO unit was installed we would have to clean our equipment on a monthly basis because of the hard water; not anymore. I have not cleaned any equipment in over four-years now. The tea kettle is just as shiny and new as the day we bought it. The price for this RO-45 System is very in-expensive, high quality, and a must own no matter where you live if you want clean water.
John - 11/16/10 - New Mexico


Excellent system. Installed in under 30 minutes. Our water in Jacksonville is some of the worst in the country: ( This RO unit cleaned our water from 345 PPM down to 11 PPM (based on using the free tester!)
Wayne Hoit - 11/12/10 - Florida


Bought the RO-45 with the SS Faucet. All came nicely packaged with very good, and easy to follow instructions. I installed it myself and it only took a few hours. The system has worked perfectly and the water tastes great. I would buy the product again... and it is made in the US!
Rich - 11/6/10 - Colorado
([email protected])


Loving my reverse osmosis system from Free Drinking Water. I have breast cancer, and am treating it with Gerson Therapy. With this therapy I am not allowed to come into contact with chlorine or fluoride. The water is also used for coffee enemas. I asked my local water company to test for both of these after running the water through your filter, and the fluoride which I was very concerned about had gone completely. I am saving up for a whole house system so I can have a shower, been doing sponge baths with heated filtered water for the last 2 months. A friend of mine fitted the system for me and said it was easy to do. When the automatic shut off valve quit working, your technician explained what I had to do with the system to diagnose the problem with lots of patience, the replacement part was very easy to install. I own a natural healing center, and am going to recommend the system to over 700 of my clients. I am sending pictures of how much water I had to buy for the 5 days that your system was not functioning, made more more grateful for your system. Blessings for a healthy day. Michele Monk. Health Integration, Whole Foods & Natural Healing Center, 225 East Jefferson St, Yazoo City, Mississippi, 39194
Michele Monk - 11/4/10 - Mississippi


Yes I AM a satisfied customer! My countertop unit was so easy to install and the quality of the water is excellent, as is the taste, which was one of my concerns. I'm not a big water drinker, or so I thought :-) and I recently had a little kidney infection that made me realize it was very likely due to dehydration. So this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much!
Carla - 10/21/10 - California


Received my unit on Friday. Installed it on Saturday. Piece of cake to install. Took me 3 hours only because I had to run the ice maker line through the back of several cabinets and behind my stove. And a couple of trips to Home Depot for a shutoff for the ice maker line. All in all the unit hooked up simply and I have not had any of the noises some people speak of. Complete silence. Now to the water quality. Just unbelievable!!!! My tap water read a 280 PPM. After the install, the reading went to 5 PPM. The taste is phenomenal. The ice is nice and clear and when it melts there is no residual gunk. Coffee is awesome, iced tea is awesome. It's all awesome. Thank you APEC for making such an awesome system for such a reasonable price.
Richard Paludi - 9/14/10 - Texas
([email protected])


I just found this page and I have to say I LOVE my RO-CTOP system. I have had it in two states now and it produces the best tasting water ever. The only problem I have had is that my mother AND then my daughter each used the HOT water and blew the hoses and I had to replace them. But it was alright because it was time to change filters anyway and it was soooo easy to fix. The customer service rep I spoke to was soooo very knowledgeable, helpful and courteous, something I miss in this day and age. THANKS for a great product and super customer service. I recommend it to everyone.
Kathi Thomas - 9/13/10 - Missouri


I purchased one of your RO-45's three years ago. Shipping and installation was seamless. The unit continues to perform perfectly and delivers great tasting drinking water. I have recommended you folks to several neighbors and friends.
Brian Marheine - 8/31/10 - Wisconsin


After much contemplation about spending the bucks to purchase a RO unit, I took the plunge. This is very definitely a quality product and it works like a charm. And it was easy to install, no plumber needed. I live in the country so the water comes from a well. My water pressure is very good so I went with the RO-45 and it is perfect. My house water is softened and I didn't want to drink softened water, plus it tasted terrible. No more buying bottled water for this gal. My pets love the water too. My coffee tastes even better and that's great news! Don't wait... get this product and you'll be as happy as I am. :)))
C Bailey - 8/27/10 -
Minnesota ([email protected])


I just bought and installed the RO-45 system 2 days ago. Our city water is HORRIBLE!!!!! and very hard. The system was very easy to install and I didn't have to buy any additional parts not even to hook up my ice maker. COOL... I tested my tap water with the TDS meter and it was almost 1,200. I tested the RO water 88.. WOW!!! I had my first glass of water yesterday and was very happy with the outcome. Even my ice looks clear like it should be. I am so glad I decided to buy this system and hopefully will get alot of good years out of it. I just recommended it to my father-in-law for his new house. Thanks for a good product at a fair price!!
Ed Braun - 8/24/10 -
Texas ([email protected])


Please pass the word to your management that I really do appreciate the integrity that is exemplified at FREEDRINKINGWATER.COM. There are very few companies that would go through the extra effort to refund the shipping costs as you have done. I know, it's pocket change, but it's not the money that matters, it's the quality of service that makes your company unique. You can count on me being a continued, very satisfied customer for years to come. I sincerely thank you and your company for the exceptional service and quality products that you continue to provide. Once I get the test kit I will know how best to treat the well at the new property I recently purchased. I know it has a lot of iron but I will wait to order the best solution once I get the results of the test kit. You can look forward to that order being placed through your company. Once again, THANK YOU!
James F Gore - 8/11/10 - Texas


Last month (7/2010), we purchased the RO-Perm for our new (well water)home. Prior to installation, our water tasted salty and had a chemical odor...Even our pets refused to drink it. Now we have delish water and crystal clear ice cubes & everyone is so happy...Except, on the downside, had we waited just a few weeks, we would have saved an additional $86.00 during your SUPER SALE...Hey, who doesn't like a good bargain? Oh, I almost forgot...Great customer service. A rep spent almost 45 minutes on the phone with me, before I placed my order. He did not push for the sale but answered, at great length, every question which I asked. I thank him for helping me decide to make this excellent purchase...I'll drink to that!
Terry Kline - 8/3/10 -


I required a domestic reverse osmosis system to filter our mains water supply and APEC has been able to provide exactly what I required. The website ordering system was very straight forward, delivery to the UK was very quick and the installation instructions very easy to follow. I am delighted with the product and the results.
Andrew Nicholson - 7/29/10 -


I bought the system because the water in our apartment would occasionally change in color/odor, and I was uncomfortable consuming unknown chemicals and sediments. After buying bottled water for 3 months I realized I would end up saving money fairly quickly with this investment. I can't know if it comes from the city's pipes or our building's, but the first stage filter consistently turns rusty colored and than dark brown within one or two months. New York city is rumored to have great water, but I do believe that parts of it may. My roommates thought I was crazy spending this much money to filter decent water, but after examining the muck on the sediment filter they eagerly jumped on board to the RO water!

I picked APEC after doing a lot of research, and finding that it is (or seems to be) the RO company most dedicated to quality of parts and service, and I appreciate their descriptions of part production processes, and focus on good quality materials. Most importantly, whenever I've had doubts or issues, calling customer service has been very helpful. There is no hold time and the APEC staff's patience and knowledge always reminds me that I made a good decision. Thanks!!
Maria Rabinovich - 7/28/10 -
New York


We have fought the bad taste and sediment in our water for 28 years. We carried water bottles in and used a stand-alone water cooler for many years. We wanted to find a system--Made in the USA--so that we would not have to haul water any longer. We LOVE our system! No more sediment, we have a line to our ice maker, and the water tastes wonderful. Thank you and never stop selling these, we are telling everyone we know....
Abel & Dina Samora - 7/26/10 -
Arizona ([email protected])


Been a customer since 2005 and noticed the customer reviews just now. I just wanted to say for 5 years, me and my family have been happy with this system. We always replace the filters and so far nothing is bad. Installation straight forward, just be sure to measure if you get the bigger tank before trying to fit under the sink. It didn't work out so well but nothing with some extra parts to relocate it. Best investment of my life. Get the bigger tank if you can, you will have more water on hand should the need arise also.
Micheal - 7/16/10 -


We installed our RO-45 about 3 weeks ago when we had a new water softener installed. We installed the RO-45 unit in the basement next to the water softener and have the tank there too. We ran the fresh water line up to a T and have the great tasting water going upstairs to our new faucet and fresh water in the refrigerator and for making ice. One thing I noticed is that the ice cubes are clear now. I love the idea of filtering the crud from our drinking water. Thanks!
Dave C - 7/1/10 -
Ohio ([email protected])


Installed the system a week ago. The reason was to get away from the inconsistent quality of the PS water and its plastic bottle flavor. Instructions are dummy proof. The quality of the system and the water quality are very impressive. It took more time at Home Depot to find reduction fittings to 3/8" than to install the system under the sink. Should have done it few years ago. Very recommended!
Joann Wald - 6/22/10 -
Connecticut ([email protected])


I purchased your RO Perm unit over a year ago to make drinking water from a well here in Baja Mexico. I can't tell you how happy I am with the unit. With the local water plant not working our little system has taken care of us as well as a couple of our friends. I use 4 pre filters (50, 20, 5 and 1 micron) to filter the well water before it even gets to my unit, the well water is around 1900 PPM and when complete our water is 180/210 PPM and taste great. Because water is hard to come by down here, we return the brine water to the reservoir tank to be filtered again if needed. We are unique in that the electricity for the pump is furnished by my solar system. I have had several people from our camp look at my system and I always give them your company name. Over the last 10 years I have used other products none of which can hold a candle to yours. Love the USA products.
Clinton Meador - 6/18/10 -


I just want to say how thankful I am that I found your company. Yesterday, we had our water tested and they quoted us $1300.00 for a reverse osmosis system, yikes! When I read all the testimonials, I became so excited to purchase your product. It isn't even here yet, and I am still going to tell all my friends. PS. I am originally from CA, so I am thrilled to be buying American from a California company!
Jennifer Schnabel - 6/9/10 -


Very impressed with this system. It arrived as promised and was packaged extremely well. The directions were easy to understand and although our installation took us almost half a day -- mostly because we had to modify our cupboard a bit to hang the unit -- once that was accomplished, the actual hook-up of the hoses couldn't have been easier and it begin working like a charm! Water tastes great and no more trips to the water store. Love it!
Sandi Garcia - 6/4/10 -


I received my system via UPS at 11:30 am and I had my system installed by 1:00pm. I have a bad case of ADD and even with ADD I was able to install this system with no help. The only hard part that I had and still have is that the threads on the water spigot is way to long as there are no sockets that are that deep and it is in such a hard spot to reach that I could not get it completely tight. I will keep trying though.
Larry Jones - 6/1/10 -


I live on a houseboat on the Columbia River and our marina well produces rather nasty water. The owner has done a lot to improve it, but it's still pretty poor quality water. After getting my RO-CTOP system I used the included TDS meter to test the marina water, it was 395 PPM of Total Dissolved Solids. I measured some water from a neighbors Brita water filter, it was 365 PPM after being filtered! Then I tested the water from the RO unit - 7 PPM. Then I tested pure rain water - 10 PPM. I also used a commercially available water test kit to test the water from the RO unit. I came up with 0 PPM lead, 0 PPM copper, 0 PPM nitrates, 0 PPM pesticides, 0 PPM alkalinity, a pH level of 7.0. The test kit even had a test for bacteria, which came out negative. The water from the unit is EXTREMELY clean, even better than bottled water at over a $1 a gallon, and I get it for FREE from my RO-CTOP unit.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for such an outstanding product! My only problem now is that everyone at the marina wants me to purify water for them. I'm telling them, Sorry folks, buy your own RO unit and you'll have all the pure water you can drink.
Dan Bullard - 5/25/10 - Washington ([email protected])


Thanks for another great RO-45 system!! My mother-in-law had a GE three stage system from a local home store and it only lasted 3 months on a set of filters until the water would just stop coming out. Three stages is not enough. The single stage prefilter can't clean enough. Once it gets a little dirty, it doesn't protect the RO membrane ($70) enough causing it to fail in a very short amount of time. It took me two filter changes and $200.00 in six months to finally convince my mother-in-law to get a 5 stage APEC system from you. I've had my RO-45 system for a couple of years and I love it!! So when I came to the conclusion that her three stage system was junk, I knew exactly where I would get her a great system from a great company!! Thanks.
Brandon Garwood - 5/22/10 - Ohio


I've had the RO45 in use for 1 month now, and what a difference it makes. First of all the system arrived in a timely manner, and was packaged really good. Installation was clearly illustrated, and went in without a problem. The materials of the RO45 system are first rate, and constructed very well. I opted for the stainless coke bottle faucet, and was pleased how well it blended in with my existing fixtures. I also got the clear first stage canister, so I could see how well the system works. This is not necessary, but I'm glad I got it. I like to show people how well the system works, and that is a very good way to do it. Our water is very hard with a noticeable chlorine taste, and with this system all of the impurities are gone! I also use the filtered h2o for the dog, (she's messy with her water) and the hard water marks on the floor are gone. I would recommend the RO45 system to anyone.
Joe Seago - 5/5/10 - Illinois


My family has been using your RO45 system for a year now and I would not want to live without it. Today I changed the stage 1 filter for the very first time and was shocked by the amount of crud that was filtered out of our tap water. I was so appalled that I took a side by side picture of a new and used filter to show the difference. Thanks for making a quality system to protect my family from whatever this black junk is on my hands.
Trevor Spencer - 4/19/10 - Missouri


Thanks for following up on my satisfaction regarding the RO-90 Osmosis water system. I am very happy with your product. I did alot of research before I decided to go with you guys. Everything I read on the web on what to look for when buying a top quality Osmosis system, you guys met the requirements plus more. The quality doesn't compare to the other Osmosis companies I was looking at, and the LIFE of the filters and membrane also beat out everyone else. Just the life on these filters is going to save me ALOT of money not forgetting all the money I am now saving on not having to buy the 5 gallon water bottles. The water quality is the best I've had and is currently reading at 11, what a difference! The icing on the cake is that I was buying from an American company. I believe in the American product before anything else, especially in these times. Thanks again Calvin, you guys are the best out there! Feel free to share my satisfaction with America! Wish APEC and you the best!
Luis Tellez - 4/15/10 -


I'm buying another one! Yep, bought a new house and left my good ole RO 45 behind. It will be an excellent selling point... Anywhoo... Get that new unit on wheels boys... The TDS & chlorine taste like $@#&. Thanks again... looking forward to pure water again!
Michael Mona - 4/12/10 -
Iowa ([email protected])


Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your Futura water conditioner and filter. My wife tells me our laundry is much softer and whiter and cleaner and the same with the dishwasher, much better since we installed it over a month ago. Also thanks to customer service for sending me two fittings. We are happy. Thanks.
Don Allen - 4/3/10 -


Thanks for a really nice product. I have well water and used bottled water - but I really was bothered with all that plastic going in the recycle bin week after week - so, I ordered and installed the RO Perm system. If you are patient, you should not have a problem installing the system. The instructions are accurate. I am lucky in that my laundry room is directly below the kitchen - so, I simply ordered a bit of extra tubing to feed to the faucet and was able to have the entire unit in the room below (mounted on the wall of the laundry room.) The water is great. My well water TDS readings are from 1100 to 1200 PPM. The RO water TDS readings range from 085 to 118 PPM. Not sure why I don't have even lower readings but they are good and the water tastes great. Overall, very pleased. Customer Service is great and the product is well made.
Mark T - 3/28/10 -


I just installed my system and am very satisfied. No more hauling salt, my back thanks you, and no more harm to the environment. Here's the pic of the filters installed where the large salt water softener used to be. I've gained half a closet out of the deal and the water quality is awesome. Great job! Keep up the good work.
Kipper Seljestad - 3/26/10 -


We bought the RO-90 system with a few additional upgrades (clear housing, 14 gal tank and the Coke-bottle faucet) and we must say that we are completely impressed. The ordering and shipping process was quick and easy, everything arrived on time and well packed. We had some specific needs with our RO system where it had to supply the faucet, ice maker and our Honeywell TrueSteam HM512 humidifier. This beast was getting clogged with all the crud that was in our water making it unusable. We needed an RO system with horsepower to handle our load and the RO-90 system delivered.

Installation was well documented, the items included to assist with the install was a nice plus and that most of the unit was preassembled was excellent. We went with a basement mount and added several feet of our own line and valves. We had excellent drinking water in just about an hour. The extras that were included with the order like the TDS meter, replacement filter set & icemaker kit was a nice plus that saved us a lot of money in the long run. We will highly recommend APEC to anyone that asks and will purchase from them again. Thanks guys!
Brian & Carrie Booth - 3/26/10 -
Missouri ([email protected])


Great system. Did not mount it, stands up just fine. This is a great product Made in the USA. Our water is not too bad but we did not feel it was good to ingest the chlorine. Our neighbor works for the city water and advised me to get an RO unit. After months and months of researching on how to get the best unit for our buck that was made in America with NSF and FDA approved parts, we found Unbelievable quality, easy to install with directions so easy a novice could do it, and the free set of pre-filters will keep us running for a while. We use it for our cat's drinking water, our plants, cooking, and drinking. Dropped from 170ppm to 5ppm. If you see this review because you are looking for a quality RO unit, stop looking and order already, you will be glad you did. Thank you FDW!
Don Frost - 3/23/10 -


We really like our Reverse Osmosis. We bought water for ten years and had to haul it ourselves. My husband decided to get a system for our home. I went online and found APEC they were the first to come up. So I researched all their information and got hooked. We have not regretted on getting this RO system for our home. The water does not leave a residue in my pots or the coffee maker. The water tastes really good!! Their customer service is excellent and they answer all your questions. So what more can a person ask for!! Thank you APEC!
Art & Rose Mary Gibson - 3/18/10 -
California ([email protected])


The replacement UV light arrived promptly. It is now installed and leak free. The original defective UV light will be dropped off at UPS today to be returned. As a note, after less than 1 week with your Permeate ULTIMATE Reverse Osmosis in use (Without the UV Light) I can honestly say that the water taste quality is 100% better. In the past, I would typically avoid drinking our well water here while preferring bottled water, and the salt from our home water softener ruined any chance of a decent glass of iced tea. Your RO system has made my water a pleasure to drink & my iced tea taste what I was hoping for. No more bottled water here! It didn't take long to convince other family members that your RO system was money well spent. Thanks again.
Gene P - 3/17/10


I first want to say that APEC is definitely a 5 Star company. This is our first RO system purchase and after a lot of research. APEC's units are of the highest quality and made in the USA. They are everything advertised and more. We are very, very satisfied with our new unit.

We decided to purchase the RO-90 along with the 14 gallon tank upgrade due to our everyday water demand. We use this unit on a daily basis to fill our humidifier tanks, coffee maker, water bottles for work as well as cooking and everyday drinking water. We also supply our ice maker and the ice is almost crystal clear! This water has a slight "sweet" taste that seems to enhance the flavor, especially for cooking soups and making coffee. As for the installation, it was a breeze. I mounted mine in the basement on a backboard near the floor drain and main water supply. The 14 gal. holding tank sits just below it. I had to order 20 extra feet of tubing to be able to connect our kitchen faucet but that was very cheap. I also installed 2 plastic shut-offs to be able to isolate the ice maker feed and kitchen faucet in case there are any problems in the future. Upon my initial start-up there were NO problems or leaks. Everything went flawless.

Now for the final numbers... Our village water supply measured a TDS of 155 and our RO water measures a TDS of 004!! What really upsets me is we for the last couple of years have bought 5 gallon jugs of Spring Water from a reputable company and their water measured a TDS of 148!! This unit folks has to be one of the best investments you can make to improve your family's health. Yes there are cheaper units out there but you'll get what you pay for. What other company gives you "Free" filters, "Free" ice maker kits and most of all a "Free" TDS meter to check your final product and justify your investment!! I also want to mention that their Tech Support was right there to answer my questions. Thanx APEC!!!!
Terry Guay - 3/3/10 -
New York ([email protected])


As part of my 2010 new years resolutions I made a promise to myself to be more healthy in life. One of my steps in this promise is to drink more water. I had a major well known water company come in and test my water. After they really showed me how much sediment/junk is in our water, I was almost disgusted. They offered their solutions to fix my water problems and honestly I was shocked. They wanted to charge me $899 for a reverse osmosis system. I have basic city water nothing special about it. I was determined there has to be a better solution out there. I ended up doing research and for some strange reason out of all the solutions out there seemed like the most bang for my buck and the most quality system. I've talked to Henry via chat several times and he was very polite and answered every question I had. I ended up ordering the RO-45 and upgrading the system to the 3/8 inch tubing to fill my containers quicker than the 1/4 line. I also wanted to increase my pressure to my ice-maker/refrigerator. I saw a few other setups and liked the idea of the pull out filter assembly.

When I received the RO I was very impressed with how green they were with their packaging. It was very well designed and utilized packing very well. I thought the quality of their filtration system was absolutely the best. I ended up starting out with water that is 360ppm and after running the filtration unit, I now get water that is 18-20ppm. I was absolutely shocked. I decided to test a name brand bottled water that I drank all the time. It tested 30ppm. I now have even better water than what the major soda manufactures are putting out. Plus I also got some great bpa free bottles and I am set for life! My next goal is to share with my entire family and get me as many referrals as I can!

Pros: Excellent directions, top notch quality design (and made in USA), customer support was better than any other company I've seen, I feel their website really "educates" you about the options of water health, now it makes me want a whole house water filter and softener.

Cons: Since I upgraded the system to 3/8 they left a few items out in the directions stating I would not have a yellow 3/8 line or I wouldn't need some of the fitting they included. I wish the coke chrome faucet was also made in the USA, but it is still top quality.
Allen Downs - 3/1/10 -


Thank you for checking on me. I am very happy with my RO system. I am amazed at the quality of taste. It tastes much better than any bottled water out there. I drink almost 2 gallons a day so it makes a huge difference to me knowing the water is safe to drink and having it taste so terrific! The system was easy to install as well. I am recommending your system to everyone and having them taste the water! I go through my whole speech on why RO is the best and why your system is the best one to buy. Thanks again!
Robert E Zeller - 3/1/10 -


We are very satisfied with our system. I was able to install it myself, I hung it on the wall in the basement below the kitchen, with the tank on a shelf beside it. The waste water drain line fit nicely into the washing machine drain pipe, no need to drill a pipe somewhere! The only hitch that I had was the need for longer water lines, a bit longer than the 5' ones provided. A trip to the hardware store solved that.

Here's a good one - we have been taking our gallon jugs to a few different reverse osmosis water dispensing machines in the immediate area (the ones where you get a gallon for 25 cents). We've done this for a few years now, although it's a hassle, especially in the winter. After installing your system, I used the TDS meter, and tested our tap water, AND the water from the local RO machine. They both had nearly the same TDS reading! The RO water dispensing machine wasn't purifying the water at all! It tasted much better than tap water, so I imagine that it was filtered with a carbon filter and that was about it. What a hoax!
Chris Richmond - 2/27/10 -


Installed the RO-PERM permeate reverse osmosis system and installation was straight forward and quite easy. My system is connected to well water and currently have about a 92% to 95% TDS rejection rate. Pressure is about 50 psi out of the tank and I have it connected to the ice maker on my refrigerator. Great company, good follow up emails and great products made in the USA.
Mike Smith - 2/12/10 -
Florida ([email protected])


Thank you for checking in on the Apec water filtration system. It's great, and was very simple to install. The old water system I had looked exactly like it, except the connections were all the finger-trap sort, and a few of them had started to leak. I hardly had to do anything to connect this system; it was done in about 30 minutes, including removing it from the box. The new system produces plenty of water, and far more quickly than the old one, though if the old system had not leaked, I could have used it and bought the filters from your company because the containers were the same. I do love the filter wrench for opening the jars. I had to get an oil-filter wrench to open the jars on the old system because I didn't have that nifty wrench. I drink a lot of water, use it on house plants and now I can even cook with filtered water. This water tastes very good, the tap water here is safe to drink, but tastes horrid.

It's great to do business with an American company, and that's the main reason I checked on Apec first of all the products that popped up on the search engine. It's a great product, and though I've had it just a few weeks, it's definitely satisfactory. The shipping was great, I ordered on Tuesday morning, by phone and had the system at the door the next evening when I got home. It was especially impressive because it was the Tuesday before New Year's that I ordered it, and had it to install before 2010 began. Thanks.
Jane Reyling - 2/8/10 - Nevada


I did order a water filter system. When it arrived, I found that the valve that regulates the water flow did not work properly. I called you guys and you sent me a replacement valve immediately. It worked fine. I was expecting a hassle and was impressed with the speed and ease of fixing the problem. Thank you. I like my system a lot.
Nancy Quilty - 2/4/10 -


After having my RO-90 system in Buffalo NY for almost 5 years, I decided to replace the last 2 filter stages (the membrane and post filter) as recommended by APEC. I always replaced stages 1-3 on an annual basis. My raw water is about 150ppm and you can smell the chlorine and in the winter our inlet water temperature is about 40 degrees. Even though the RO unit was reading 1 ppm (yes, 1) I replaced the last 2 stages anyway, according to recommendations. After replacing these stages my TDS reading went up to 9 ppm. I said, "what's up with that?" Upon contacting the tech support folks at APEC, I found out that 10 ppm is an acceptable reading, and that it may take a while for the new membrane to get broken in. After a few weeks the reading was down to 6 ppm. Nevertheless, I re-installed the original membrane filter and the reading went back to 0-1ppm. For some reason the original filter performs in the top 0.1% of the distribution. So upon further advice from APEC, I wrapped the new filter in a zip lock bag so it won't dry out and am storing it for later use in my refrigerator.

All through the 5 years I have had the RO system, I have been very pleased with the service people at APEC. And needless to say, the clean water makes all the difference in the world especially with coffee and ice cubes. I have recommended APEC to all my good friends as it is the best price/performance in the world. I have attached a picture of my installation which is in the basement directly under the kitchen sink.
Rick Speth - 1/27/10 - New York
([email protected])


I had a plumber last week install my system and it seems to work well. I have 2 homes one in Chicago with city water and a country lake house in Indiana with well water. For years I had been filling my own water juggs in Chicago and bringing them out to Indiana for the weekend. That was such a pain in the butt. So I found your system on the internet and it sounded like it would work for me. My wife just loves it. She decided to give me a blind taste taste. We compared the Chicago city water to your system. I was able to pick out the Chicago water only because I could taste the chlorine or whatever they put in there water. Your system water just tasted like water. No smell, no weird taste. I just hope the system is dependable over time. My family are all union workers and we always buy American when given a choice. If we all did that this country would fix itself. Thanks.
David Arlington - 1/24/10 - Indiana


I got the countertop model. I am on a fixed income so it was the least expensive, and I bought a gravity 7-gallon BPA free container to put the pure water in, which has a faucet. I leave it on the kitchen counter so I can use it for cooking, etc, and I'm extremely happy. Took 1 1/2 hours to fill up 6 gallons of water, but that will last me awhile, and my animals will get the benefits too. I've been lugging water for 25 Cents a gallon, that you can get up the street. Was putting it in empty gallon water containers. At the time knew nothing about BPA in plastics. I'm so glad I've learned about this too! So I measured the tap water before putting it on the faucet, reading was 104, the same as the stupid water I've been lugging around for several years. Never knew I was just drinking tap water. What a revelation! At times bought Poland Springs water, that registered 48 on the tds meter. Wow! Your water is fantastic (12ppm's for me). The extra that I like about it, is if I go anywhere I can take it with me, as it's portable. I also bought the UV light as it kills bacteria, viruses, etc. Thank you so much everyone at APEC!!! Nothing is as important as water, except the air we breathe.

UPDATE - Update on my 1/7/10 review, 2/2/10 Further testing results with the TDS meter showing 7ppm.
Margaret Silvia - 1/7/10 - Massachusetts ([email protected])


Because of a medical clinical trial I am participating in, I consume vast quantities of water - roughly two gallons a day. After doing some research, communicating with someone from the EPA, my physician, my dentist & our local water authority, it became clear that I needed to find a system that would help minimize the amount of fluoride and chlorine I ingest. What I needed was a reverse osmosis system with charcoal filtration. I looked at several options before buying our APEC RO-45. We have been using this filter for a little over a year now, and love it! The system is well made - not to mention Made in the USA :-), reasonably priced, the water tastes great and I have peace of mind. Thank you so much for a quality product!
Krista Timpe- 1/5/10 - Pennsylvania


I have to say that my entire experience was excellent! Starting with a reply to my email from Ken in product support, I had inquired on the filter replacement availability. Ken replied within 24 hours with a pleasant, informative email. Also made in America made a difference. Anything we can get that is made in North America, I support it! I installed it the same evening I received it, aprox. 2 hours and I am no plumber. Great set up. Thank you.
Greg Mannix- 12/30/09 - British Columbia, Canada
([email protected])


You make an excellent product. I've had my RO low water system in for 5 years now. It was easy to install and works very well. And it's made in USA! Thanks again.
Shawn Hoyle- 10/13/09 - Maine


I wanted an RO system that would not only provide superior drinking water, but would function properly on a city water system that delivers medium water pressure (40 psi). The APEC RO-PERM system is a proven winner at my house! We are very pleased with the performance of this unit. I found installing this unit was very simple and straightforward. The directions were easy to follow and even used color coded lines to help with the set up. Even the most novice person would have no problems doing the installation.

Our system is mounted in the basement's utility room, rather than under the kitchen sink. I mounted the unit on a single board for easy attachments to the wall, using a couple of shelf brackets to support the tank shelf. I purchased a compression-type master valve (no soldering) for connection to the soft water line. A single line runs from the RO system that feeds the refrigerator's ice maker, and a kitchen drinking faucet. We have clean, clear ice, and great tasting water. And, even though the faucet is located 30 ft. from the unit, we have excellent pressure at the faucet. We also plan on hooking up a feeder line to our furnace humidifier. Once again, the APEC RO-PERM performs as advertised!
Ron & Lynnette Rother - 10/3/09 - Minnesota


The RO-CTOP began to draw water easily from the faucet to produce filtered water immediately after I connected the system. I definitely feel that the water produced by this system is cleaner and healthier especially for people who have and suffer from chronic illnesses. This portable system is also very practical and easy to use because it doesn't take up much space in my apartment. Since it's not heavy, I am even considering taking it out of the country the next time I travel. Thank you APEC!
Juana Flores - 9/25/09 - New York


Recently purchased the system that is designed for low pressure well water systems. Was replacing an aging Culligan RO system. The RO-Perm was easy to install - great directions. Took really about an hour since I was using many of the lines and connections from my old system. I couldn't get one of the filter housings to seal properly. Called customer service and they sent the needed replacement parts right away. Fixed the problem. We've had it working for about 2 weeks now. What a difference compared to my old system. The pressure and quantity of the water is a huge improvement. Haven't run out yet even filling large containers for various cooking tasks. And we think it even tastes better than before. Am extremely pleased with the system. Although we'll really know its true quality and reliability only after several years of use. But for now couldn't be happier. Have already talked about it with friends. Appreciate the good product.
Daniel Deter - 8/27/09 - Kentucky
([email protected])


It's 8/20/2009 ...almost 3yrs... Best health investment I've made for the family... TDS from the local supply is approx~230-280 TDS with all of those nasty organic and non-organic particles... Gov't said it's safe to drink that stuff... yeah right... What are those white particles anyway??? Changing out filters 1-3 yearly we see 6-13 TDS. Best Christmas gift for the family in Dec. 2006.. No leaks ever.. Had to replace the faucet a year ago as it dripped... Otherwise works as advertised. We all enjoy water again... since 12/2006. Nice work Apec... Mike ***** 5 stars.
Michael Mona - 8/20/09 - Iowa
([email protected])


I recently ordered and installed an APEC RO System and wanted to provide feedback.
1. The installation manual is one of the best installation manuals I've ever used. Easy, clear and good illustrations.
2. You might include a few extra sleeves and inserts for those like me who dropped them during installation and couldn't find them.
3. The water is great!
Larry Miner - 8/17/09 - Missouri


We've had our filters for almost 3 years! We liked them so well we're going to order again--and upgrade soon to the whole house. Thanks!
Pam and Bill Bogard- 7/9/09 - Illinois


Received my RO 45 on Tuesday and tasted my first glass of water on Thursday. What a difference. My TDS reading went from 160 to 8. It took a little longer to install then it probably should have as I incorporated a slide out for future maintenance. The instructions were very straight forward and put together well. APEC has got it down to a science. I highly recommend them. Thanks APEC.
Douglas Sweepe- 6/26/09 - Arizona


I would like to say thank you - Fantastic product and even better customer service. I have recommend so many of these RO systems to friends and family. I truly believe water is essential to our body and health. Why not drink the best, why would anyone want to drink tap or even bottled water after seeing what the RO system can do. My family absolutely loves this water. The installation was a breeze, any issues I have had over the years your customer service department resolved quickly and accurately. I highly recommend you guys.
Sammy Dong - 6/12/09 - New York ([email protected])


I bought a system from Apec last year, and the water is great. Everyone that visits can taste the difference. It actually makes it so that you can drink more water per sip. Our water supply on our street lost a lot of pressure last year some time, and we called APEC because we thought there was something wrong with the system. Henry helped us over the phone to trouble shoot and we eventually added the pump to the system. With the new filters and pump, this system is working better than it did when we bought it. The pressure out of the RO system is actually better than the pressure out of the tap. Thanks for all the help with the system, and thanks for the great drinking water for us and our pets.
P.J. Rosenburg - 6/8/09 - Ohio


I bought the countertop filter system in August 2006. It take just couple minutes to place and attach to the tap. As you can see from pictures the system occupied virtually zero space on my countertop. Because the system does not include the water tank I use two empty 1 gallon jars and fill them as needed. I include the picture of my charts (usually attached on refrigerator). This is a good idea to keep track of usage the system and know when to replace the filters. I put one line for one gallon, than replace 10 lines with a cross, and ten crosses with 100. As you can see, in 2 years and 9 months I use approximately 500 gallons of water. 310 on the bottom reflects the number when I replaced filters. The tap water I have is Appr. 40-45 TDS and after filter system 1-2 TDS. We are a small family-only two person and use filtered water for tea, coffee, soup, boiling pasta or potatoes-everything which consumed. Even buying the water for $1 gallon on sale we had to spend $500. This is really FREE DRINKING WATER and healthy water. Thank you APEC.
- 6/2/09 - New York


We received our APEC RO-45 on May 6, and we are now enjoying the BEST system on the market! This RO-45 makes SO MUCH quality RO water so fast, that we NEVER run out, as we always did with our old Microline RO system. Plus, the quality and design of the entire system is infallible and was easy to set up and install. Our water here in Florida is 338 PPM, but after our RO-45 treats our water, it is in the 19-20 PPM range! We now have all the sparkling clean water we need for our health needs and our pets' health as well! I would recommend APEC to anyone who wants the very best RO system! In addition, the wonderful customer service and knowledge Edward provided was priceless and right on the mark! He was so very helpful.

The beautiful, quality Nickel Coke faucet works flawlessly, the water meter is just so wonderful to have and use, and the three free filters for the second year were simply more than generous! APEC Water Systems is a real 'class act' company which produces upgraded quality products at a price anyone can afford and then markets their products so you will have optimum quality from your RO system. We will be lifetime customers! Thank you so much!
Linda Terry - 5/13/09 - Florida


I spent about a month researching RO systems and I kept finding myself going back to your website. It appears that you guys are offering the most bang for the buck and of top quality. I ended up ordering an RO 90 with the 1st stage clear filter housing, and the UV light option. I ended up replacing my soap dispenser that I barely use for your stylish brushed faucet. I decided that I wanted to make the unit easy to service so I made a custom slide out bracket that the whole system slides out of the cabinet on making it easy to change the filters, never needing to disconnect any of the lines. I found the installation instructions very easy to follow and after I had thought out the project and made the custom sliding bracket it only took about an hour to install. This system just replaced my water bottle delivery service that I have had since 2003. I am very happy with your system. For sure a great purchase!
Shane Roeser - 5/11/09 - Florida
([email protected])


I recently finished installation of my new RO system. I found the directions for installation very easy to follow and the actual installation was a snap. I am very satisfied with the quality of the water and I would recommend the system to anyone who wishes water of high quality.
Fred Heineman - 4/22/09


Recently, I sold my home that was on well water drawn from 600'. This was run thru 3 Dia.Filters and an R and O. The water was PERFECT. I moved to a new home in a new community with county water which was HORRIBLE. Over chlorinated, over treated. The water smelled like bleach and tasted awful. I did some research and found APEC. The recovery on APEC's RO was quicker than every other machine I researched. That was the deciding factor. My plumber installed the machine. He made comments as to "How easy it was to install and that the quality of the machine was excellent". I am THRILLED at the quality of my water now. The water is WATER! It has no odor, no "bleach" taste. The customer support was great. Ken was a delight to work with. This RO is great and I just placed another order for my office, and also ordered the inline filters for my showers. Great product, great service, great results! A PERFECT combination! THANK YOU!!!!!!
Suzanne Kidder - 4/17/09 - Florida
([email protected])


I purchased a RO system from you last week. It took me about two hours to install the system myself. I had Culligan give me an estimate on a system. There's would have cost $2000 for the RO, extra pump and installation. Your system reduces the TDS from 750 ppm down to about 100 ppm, which is great considering my well is 750 feet deep and taps into the mineral water of Saratoga Springs. I figure I saved about $1500. Where else can you earn $750 an hour? The only suggestion I would make is that you put labels on the system as to where you make the connections, that would have saved me about 45 minutes.
Mike Rousselle - 4/1/09 - New York


This water filter works as advertised, which in this day and age is almost non-existent. Before installing my RO-45 filter I had a Whirlpool 2 stage filter, even after being filtered my TDS reading was at about 330 ppm (Extremely Hard Water). The water that comes out of my RO-45 filter is the purest drinking water I have ever had, the TDS reading is 10ppm. I am extremely happy with the systems performance so far, although I wish I had gotten the RO-90 for fast water delivery. The taste of the water that comes from the RO-45 is phenomenal, and it encourages one to drink it by the gallon. I have only had this filter for about a month and I am very anxious to see what the filters and membrane are pulling out of the water. Even though I am pretty well mechanically inclined, I found the installation a breeze. Instructions were very easy to read and follow with great photos; color-coding the tubing made installation a cinch. The customer service is one of a kind; I didn't want the TDS meter since I already had a high end Milwaukee SM802 unit. So I called customer service and asked if they could switch the TDS Meter for a Pressure Gauge to dial in an exact water pressure for optimal filtration performance. APEC now has a customer for life!
Willard Jackson III - 3/26/09 - Pennsylvania
([email protected])


I just wanted you to know I am very happy with my RO System. It was just delivered by UPS last night and my husband went to hooking everything up. This morning, I drained the tank and when it was filled again, I used the TDS tester according to your instructions. The Product water was at 80. When I had my water tested a week ago, the TDS was at 1820. When I tested our water today, it was 1525. We are very excited about the RO System and don't know why we waited so long to purchase one. Thank you so much for your great customer service! I will be referring my friends to your site!
Brenda Novodvorsky - 2/20/09 - North Dakota


Good afternoon! Having had my system in place for over two years now, I have to say that I am "blown away" with the quality of water that it provides. For a few months after moving into our newly constructed home, I noticed that the water tasted strange. I'm not a scientist, but I do know a funny taste when I taste it! Anyway, I decided to start checking into filtration systems. Now, you have the big box stores in our area selling the simple carbon filter systems. I guess they are o.k., if you are willing to take that risk. My son was on bottles at the time and we were making his formula. It concerned me as to what was in the water in our town. I contacted Town Hall and was told all is well and not to worry. I decided to order a system anyway and thought "I'm on Town water it should be the best!" WRONG!!

I have photos that I wish I could upload to but have not seen an email addy to do so. I just changed out all the filters and membrane because the water was coming out so slowly. The first change of filters is only on stages 1-3 the first year then all five the second year. I can assure you that I will be changing out all five EVERY year from now on! If you could see the actual mess that these filters pickup, you would NEVER drink unfiltered water again. It is amazing that there is not more illness due to the junk that is in the water. These systems are worth EVERY DIME you pay for them. Honestly they are. Just get it and put it in. You will not be disappointed. I even bought another one for my office and cancelled the water delivery service.
Thom Gulyas
- 1/13/09 - Maryland ([email protected])


Well, I thought I would take a moment to thank everyone for such a great product and continued service of the highest caliber. I have now owned my 5 stage RO system for about 10 years and it is still working perfectly. I own two fish tanks and the need for pure water is a must for success. My marine\reef tank is doing beautifully and my fish and corals could not be happier. Your service has been excellent and all the upgrades like going from 45 to 90 gpd has been a pleasant experience. I even have received referral checks from you. All in all, I am very happy and will continue to recommend APEC to my friends and family.
Brad Westcott - 1/7/09 - Texas


Look at the picture of my pre-filters after 6 months in my Brooklyn apartment.
Bryan Lauas - 1/6/09 - New York


About 6 months ago my wife and I had an APEC Futura-15 water de-scaling system installed at our home to replace a salt-type softener. My wife and I are environmentally conscious and we were looking for a way to soften our water without wasting all of the back-flush our system was using. I was also concerned about the amount of salt that was being dumped back into our city's waste water system. In some ways the Futura system seemed too good to be true; it used no electricity, no salt, and had no need for constant recharging.

As a scientist I was skeptical that it would perform as promised. So before your system was delivered, I cleaned and de-scaled every sink faucet and showerhead in our home (we have 5 bathrooms so that was a fair amount of work)! Over the past six months I have monitored all of the water outlets in our home and have to say that not a single bit of calcium has built up on the faucets or showerheads. To me this is truly amazing. As another benefit, I have seen far less rust around the hot and cold water fixtures than with the salt system. (My suspicion is that the salt content in the water from the previous softener was not only more corrosive than pure water, but also an electrolyte). My wife has just asked me to note that the houseplants also look a lot better than before.

All-in-all, we have been very pleased with the Futura-15 system we purchased from you. I had my doubts that it would work and was worried that I would be writing a different kind of letter asking you to take it back. My compliments on a fine product that we feel has been good for our home environment and the environment as a whole.
Bill Flynn - 1/5/09 - Arizona


After getting my last bill of $54 for delivery of five 5 gallon water bottles to my home I called and canceled my service and I decided on purchasing the RO-45 system. I live in Toxic New Jersey where the water is horrible! Customer support was very helpful, answering all questions and helping me choose the correct unit. The directions were extremely detailed and simple. I installed the unit myself and now the water is fantastic. What a difference in taste when making coffee. Another plus is I now have a 1 liter stainless steel water bottle that I fill and take to work with me so I don't have to use those plastic water bottles that cause sickness and pollute the landfills. This was definitely worth the money and if I move, the unit will definitely come with us. Thank you fro a great product and support. Steve S.
Steven Servillo- 10/15/08 - New Jersey


Your system is great. All the parts fit together perfectly with no leaks. All the plumbing fittings matched my existing pipes exactly. All the hose connections went together as illustrated in the manual. The entire system is leak and noise free. The water taste wonderful. I have been buying Glacier water out of vending machines by filling gallon jugs and brining them home. The water out of your APEC system taste as good as if not better than the Glacier water. I measured the purity of both and they were the same. Thanks for a great system and a solution to our drinking water woes.
Frederic Trexler- 10/9/08 - Florida
([email protected])


I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I installed your Clearwave Electronic Water Softner, a couple of days ago, and I'm amazed at how well it is working. I noticed a difference in the way the water beaded up on fixtures in the house, and my hands got so much cleaner. The first shower I took actually made me feel quite a bit cleaner. Even my contact lenses are cleaner when rinsing with the softer water.

Yesterday I installed the Reverse Osmosis system you sent me and the installation went very well, easy to follow directions. My water is so clear and tasty I can't believe it. The Total Dissolved Solids prior to my install were 208ppm, now the reading is 14-15 ppm. And with the knowledge that all of the harmful chemicals have been removed from my water, I no longer have to worry about whether or not my water is safe. Thanks again for a great product.
Don McGrady - 9/5/08 - Georgia


Just a quick note to tell you how much I use and appreciate your system. The difference in water taste is as different as day and night. In fact, after I first installed it, I had some bottled water and used the PPM tester to see if the water from your system was as good as the high priced bottled water I was buying. Not only was it as good, it was twice as better. The water from the bottled water measured 10 PPM and the water from the system measured 5 PPM. This system paid for itself easily in the first 3-4 months. I have had it for 2 years now, and the water is still just as fresh and sweet as it was when it was new. If you need me for a reference, feel free to use my name or email address if anyone has any questions. Thanks again for such a great product, I recommend it to everyone that comes over. PS..and it was a snap to install.
Randy Smith - 8/18/08 - Texas ([email protected]


I am a water purification engineer with a leading pharmaceutical company in Michigan. I specialize in water purification technology that produces water suitable for pharmaceutical product use, including injectable drug products. I purchased an APEC drinking water purification system for home use in 2006. I selected APEC because I recognized that the components that you use (filter cartridges, RO membranes, storage tanks, and tubing and fittings) are among the very best that are available, and I recognized some of the component manufacturers from my experience as a water purification engineer. After two years of use, my APEC system continues to produce very high quality drinking water and I remain very pleased with the quality and performance of the system. When I purchased the APEC system, I noticed that the price was very competitive; much less than some systems, and slightly more than others. The quality and performance that I have received from APEC more than justify the modest price. Congratulations on constructing a very high quality system at a very reasonable price.
Craig Runk - 6/28/08 - Michigan


I purchased the RO-45 and a Futura 10 Softener. The promo was nice with the whole house filter that came with the Futura 10. I initially had a problem with getting a water tight seal with the whole house filter (not sure if it was the gasket, the cover, or both), but APEC was great about sending me a replacement cover and gasket with overnight shipping. Now mind you that this was part of a "free" gift promo with the Futura 10. I'm sure other companies would not have been so excellent with their service. Free or not they clearly stand by their products. That's a sign of true customer service. As for the water, I'm noticing less mineral like substance on the surface of my tub as well as my dishes. Also, the water from the RO tastes great and has about the same particle level as Poland Spring bottled water according to the little tester they sent along with the RO. I have to say that so far I am very impressed. If all goes well in the next several months I will definitely pass along referrals to all my friends and neighbors. Thanks APEC.
Christain Lee - 3/3/08 - New Jersey
([email protected])


What a unit! My TDS went from 746 down to 18! My tea is clear, My coffee is the best it's ever been and maybe now I'll drink plain water through the day instead of iced tea. I will definitely recommend your system to all of my friends. Thanks for providing a top notch product at a very reasonable price.
Bill Johnston - 2/15/08 - Arizona


I've been using the APEC system for over two years and all I have to say is "What a GREAT product"!!! I couldn't be happier with a product than I have been with your system. I would recommend this to anyone who is concerned about the quality of the water they are using. Before we purchased bottled water and the cost of using it not only to drink, but also for cooking, was breaking me up in business. Now I don't worry about filling up my pasta pot just to cook my pasta. I live in the mountains and I can't tell you how much better the water tastes from my APEC system than from the town source. Tell me that pollution isn't everywhere. Again, thanks, for a great product!
Bill Prohs
- 12/14/07 - Colorado


We were thrilled to receive the red, white, and blue box containing your RO-45 water filtering system with "made in USA" printed in large letters on the outside. What a great quality product, very simple and quick to install. Our water taste fresh and pure now and after conducting a couple of teston the quality of the water; tap versus filtered with the RO-45. I shudder to imagine all we have ingested all these years. Now no longer hauling all those water bottles from the longer feeling guilty about filling our longer worrying about drinking from the plastic bottles. Thank you!!!
Mary West - 10/20/07 - Tennessee ([email protected])


I recently purchase a R.O.system from you for my home, and must say your service is the best. I received it within three days of ordering it and everything I needed to install it was included. The adapter I received to tap into the water supply could be made so as to be installed closer to the water supply instead of closer to the water faucet which sits behind the sink and makes it very difficult to install, I managed to buy a special "TEE" that threaded directly to my water supply valve and made it possible to install the supply hose. In any case your products and service is great!
Frank Sarmiento
- 9/16/07 - Illinois


We just wanted to say that we LOVE our new APEC filtration system. I installed our RO-45 system last week-- it took about an hour- the detailed directions were super easy to follow and I had no problesm at all. Our city drinking water is now CLEAN and SAFE adn tastes fantastic. We're already saving money! We were feeding our 13 month old daughter bottled "baby" water, but now we give her our filtered water and flouride drops and feel it's even safer and better for her. Thanks so much for making such a high quality product that was easy to install-- and enjoy!
Craig White
- 4/4/07 - California


Ordered on 12/10/06 and it was delivered on the 14th. This was a Christmas present for the family. The order was complete and well packed for shipment. Okay, 2 stars so far! Today I'm installing it under the sink. My kitchen faucet was a 3/8" female compression fitting. Half star there. A trip to Lowes to purchase the fittings took care of that. The round trip to install aprox. 3 hours. Water results --tap TDS=222, Brita=130, and RO-45 came in at 14 in its first 1 hour of life. Pretty Good at 94% pure! Instructions were pretty good. Reasonable price for a quality RO product. Nice touch with the extra filters! ***** out of 5. Mike
Michael Mona - 12/16/06 - Iowa


I just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful product. I purchased the RO45 for my house a few months ago. The installation was very easy to do and the water taste great. I thought that the price was very reasonable and decided to purchase another one for my Mom's house. I installed it a couple of days ago and it is working perfectly. The TDS reading on both houses used to be around 300ppm but now, they're reading around 2 to 5ppm. Thanks again!
Joel Gagarin
- 6/12/06 - California


I am very impressed with APEC and your customer service. I have been researching RO systems and was getting discouraged because I have only about 35 psi water pressure and no nearby electrical outlet to power a auxiliary pump. Fortunately, I came to your website and contacted by phone a representative who recommended the RO-PERM system. This is the only system that I have seen that has this type of technology to enhance the performance of low pressure installations. I ordered the system and installed it yesterday. It looks fantastic and performs perfectly. I was a little concerned about installing the system myself, but the instructions were very clear and I had no problems. I was particularly impressed with the included TDS gauge that was included in the system purchase. My untreated tap water had a reading of 150 ppm and the purified water had a reading of 20ppm... Thank you for the great system and a flawless purchase and installation experience.
Joseph Grigelaitis - 6/10/06 - Illinois


The TDS in my city water went from 220 to 4 with your unit. I realized I had never tasted water that did not taste like something. Even bottled water has some kind of taste. With this RO unit the water tastes only wet. This is awesome! Your customer service is top notch too.
Dave W
- 4/26/06 ([email protected])


Based upon the reviews and product description for the RO-45, I ordered this unit back several weeks ago. Upon receipt, I was very impressed with the packaging and the overall quality of the unit. The installation instructions are exceptional. Well laid out and very easy to follow and understand. With no real plumbing experience, I had the unit completely installed within approx. 1 1/2 hrs. (including fine tuning and cleanup). So far, the water has been plentiful and excellent tasting. Based upon my experience so far, I would rate this product a "10" out of 10. Very very satisfied!
Philip Rhyne
- 4/12/06 - Georgia ([email protected])


I just installed the RO-90 last month. My TDS reading before being purified by the RO was 439, but with my new RO system it is reading 3. I would highly recommend your system. The directions are very clear and it took a little time to install. I had a competitors unit before and parts were very expensive to replace and the TDS were higher than your model RO-90 delivered. The 14 gallon tank was a wise investment, as my pleasure and volume have increased dramatically.
Louis DiGiovanni
- 2/6/06 - New York ([email protected])


Good Day! I had contacted you guys in the past and did purchase the RO-Perm unit, installed it and it is working great! I then cotacted you about increasing the water pressure at the faucet which is about 70 feet away. I thought about increasing the water line size from the "T" to the tank and to the faucet and you guys suggested raising the 14 gallon tank bladder pressure from 7 lbs. to 10 lbs. or so, which would reduce the water volume. I did install the 3/8" line to the faucet, to the supply tank and purchased another polishing filter, same brand and model number except it took 3/8" fittings. I did not increase the tank bladder pressure though and the results of my idea alone were fantastic! Filling a tea glass with water takes about half the amount of time which is good enough for me! Thanks again for such a wonderful product and your great customer service.
Clay Bryant
- 1/5/06 - Virginia


I received my R/O system yesterday. After unpacking, I was very pleased at the way everything was packaged. All related parts were together and I had everything (including the Teflon) to complete the job. Assembly was simple and instructions were complete and easy to follow. Me and a friend completed the install in a couple of hours. My TDS reading went from 258 to 21. I have city water and you can set a 1 gallon jug of before the R/O and a gallon of after and there is a visable difference. I am a happy and very satisfied custeomer. My only regret is I did not get the 14 gallon tank upgrade. I may buy that later. Thanks for everything. Jaime
James Kelley - 12/13/05 - Ohio


Once receiving your RO-45 and free TDS Meter I promptly checked my tap and the TDS Meter read 278. Wow! I installed the RO-45 and checked immediately afterwards with the TDS and the number dropped to 12 instantly! After 24 hours of operation I rechecked and it dropped to around 8. I rechecked it again in May and it had dropped to an astonishing 1! I rechecked a couple of times to be sure with different sets of water and consistently 1! Since I live within the city I do not even use the UV Light. I tested some Nestle bottled water bought at the Wal-mart with the TDS Meter and it read consistently at 5 or 6. I now use those bottles to bottle my own (better tasting) water. I really love the Apec RO system. My water has never tasted so good (if only you can imagine)! Customer service has been outstanding. What a nice change from what I find from other vendors. Thank you!
Daryl Hassett
- 7/24/05 - Texas ([email protected])


I received my order a week later, and installed the system within two hours even though I never did any plumbing before. The system is very easy to install, and the instruction manual is very concise to follow. The family is extremely happy with the high quality system. The technical support is excellent that helps me to make decision for purchase. I will certainly recommend the business in the future. Thanks for the wonderful produt and great support!
Rener Wang
- 4/27/05 - Massachusetts ([email protected])


Thank you for a great RO system! Ours RO-CTOP arrived last week and is even better than we imagined it would be. The quality of the water is superb, and the output speed surpasses any system we've ever seen. The 4 stage RO system we bought from you, complete with a bonus replacement set of pre-filters, and a TDS meter, cost us less than our old 3 stage system's 3 filters. We're very happy to have found your web site. We want to purchase an additional faucet connect package as was included with our sytem. When we travel, we don't want to keep taking the fitting on and off our home faucet. Please email me how to purhcase this because I don't see it listed in the parts section on your web site. Thank you, again, and Bless you for your good work.
Karen Michaels
- 3/7/05 - North Carolina


Thanks for the great support, you people are number one!
Bill C. Metro Water Filter Co
- 3/1/05 - Pennsylvania


I installed your RO-45 system on 2 FEB 2005, and it has been up and running ever since. I had no real problems with the installation, and I thought the directions were clear and concise. I, however, decided to use a saddle valve instead of the feed water adapter provided. On start up of the system, my tap water showed 112 ppm, and the RO water showed 2. This is less than 2% of TDS remaining, with a removal of over 98%. Outstanding! I am very pleased with the design of the RO system and use of John Guest plastic fittings and tubing. I was spending approximately $300.00 per year on bottled water, so the system will pay for itself in about one year. Now I and my family can use tap water to drink, water the dogs and cat, and water our house plants. I did considerable research before purchasing the APEC system. I consider your product the best available at any price.
Gary Dowalo
- 2/10/05 - Pennsylvania


My wife and I would like to thank you for your great product. I made some research into other purification systems and yours was tops. No longer do we need to store bottled water in our garage. The water we are getting from our RO-90 system is just as good or better then the water we were paying $1.00 per half a gallon bottle. The installation took very little time and all the water connecting parts were included in your water purification kit. I recommend for a family the RO-90 over the smaller unit. It cost a little more but you get "more bang for your bucks". I will recommend your products to all my relatives and friends. Keep up the good work. Score one for "made in America".
Edward & Diane Asato
- 1/27/05 - California ([email protected])


I bought and installed your filter in December 2004. I must admit that the idea for a water filter was my wife's; at that time I was perfectly happy drinking tap water. Since then I have discovered just what a difference your filter makes and have become intolerant of drinking tap water. Y'all offer a great product at a very fair price. Thanks.
Joe Gracia
- 1/4/05 - Tennessee


I have installed the new pump that you shipped to me at no charge. That seems to have fixed my high TDS readings. I now get consistant TDS readings from my Perm RO System between 19 and 29. This still seems to be a little high but I believe the system is functioning properly. Thanks for your quick response to my problem. It has been a pleasure to do business with a company that produces a quality product and has such a helpful service department. I intend to follow your directives for changing filters and I believe this sytem will give me many years of dependable service. If I have any more problems, I know you are people I can rely on for help.
Steve Byes
- 12/22/04 - Indiana


I've had the bath ball for a couple of weeks and was a little skeptical about whether it would work or not; but you don't know what the words "squeaky clean" mean until you use this thing. It would be great if you could design a similar pouch to put into a washing machine; I bet clothes would come out brighter and need less laundry detergent since the water would be much softer. Also, wanted to mention that the reverse osmosis unit not only produces wonderful drinking water (I often drink it just because it tastes so good and remains chilled, even when sitting in a pitcher on a counter top on a hot day); it makes the best herbal tea in the world! You can almost determine which separate herbs are used; there is a whole new dimension added, because more of the essence of the herbs get absorbed into the water; and the beverage maker used to heat the water remains clean because there is no lime or calcium build-up. Your company's products are my best purcahse this year! Thanks for being there!
Mary Emerson
- 8/21/04 - California ([email protected])


Thanks for a year of great drinking water....and for the reminder to change filters.
Susan Russo
- 8/2/04 - Pennsylvania


Just installed one of your RO-45 systems, my water tastes GREAT!!! The water here in the Seattle area is really very good, now it's excellent! Thanks for a great product.
David Odgers
- 7/24/04 - Washington


Because I'm recovering from knee replacement surgery my wife took on the project of installing our RO water filtration system and I must say she did a fine job with absolutely not one leak, so you can tell the world it's so simple even a good wife can install. The instructions and packaging were perfect and easy to understand, you folks did your homework before you sold your product. Thanks for a beautiful system.
Jim Robinson
- 12/31/03 - Arizona


It took a while to find your site, but I'm glad I did. While other sites make vague claims about their product, you go into the kind of exact detail that can only be provided by people who know what they're doing and what their product is all about. I'm spending $150 more by buying your system, but I believe that it'll be worth it.
Frederic Scott
- 12/15/03 - Texas


I am very pleased with my purchase of your countertop system. Thank you. I loved calling Arrowhead and cancelling my $60+/month bottled water service. I have a couple of aquariums (and I prefer pure water to treated tap water), grow carnivorous plants (which mostly require pure water to avoid harmful buildup of minerals), and have an aeroponics setup for vegetables, so I have plenty of need for pure water besides drinking. Thanks,
Gerald Fontenay
- 11/14/03 - California


FYI - I purchased one of your RO systems and it reduced my arsenic from 54ppb to 4ppb. The system works great!
Rick Hingst
- 10/18/03 - Michigan


I just finished the installation of your RO-90 system. The only hitch I had was a slight leak at the bottom of the spigot, which I swiftly remedied. I bought this system to replace a smaller system that was in the house a year ago when we bought it. Even though the owner said he had just replaced the pre-filter, the capacity was way too small and maintenance was very involved. I had a plumber out for another issue and asked if he could change the filter and he declined. I discovered your system via internet research and was impressed with the flow rating and ease of maintenance. We are a family of three and two of us are very heavy water drinkers. We also plan on giving our cat and dog R.O. water and filling a bunch of bottles and keeping them in the refrigerator. My water TDS measurements are as follows: Tap 177, OLD R.O. 11, YOUR system 6. Your system is obviously well built and easy to maintain, and we look forward to years of very clean and economical drinking water. Congratulations on a great product line!
Rob Murdock
- 9/6/03 - California


Very good installing instructions, but with out doubt, the customer service is not good but great, keep up the great work, it is a pleasure to received this kind of service, the best I have ever received. Thanks again.
George Machovec
- 5/25/03 - Italy ([email protected])


Please send me the $40.00 referral fee. Just to let you know, I have not had one dis-satisfied person who I have referred to your company. That speaks volumes for your product and company. The filter is easy to install, even for someone that is not handy such as myself. Hope you and yours have a safe and happy holiday season.
William Turner - 12/18/02 - Wisconsin


I just wanted to thank you for your great customer service. I live in Australia and my order for a RO 45 arrived in less than a week from the time I placed my order. The quality of the filter is also impressive. This was the first time I have ordered anything over the internet and you have made it very pleasant. I will recommend APEC without hesitation.
Marc - 8/8/02
- Australia

I recently installed one of your R.O. water systems in my home and am extremely pleased with the results. I was faced with the worst well water that I have ever encountered. High TDS, Sulfate, Iron, Manganese, etc, etc, etc. It was suggested that I re-drill my well, by professional plumbing houses. But after talking with my neighbors, they all have the same problem. Prior to installing your system I had in line (2) two sediment filters, (1) one drinking water filter, and a water softener that works its tail off. I thought I was doomed to a life of water delivery and ice runs, or worse, buying another home. Your product and the Reverse Osmosis technology is fantastic. The installation went great, I couldn't wait to get it in. Your product is highly recommended, the water taste great and no more junk in the glass when the ice cubes melt overnight. My wife loves it for her plants, (they were not doing so well before) which made me expedite this installation, seeing them wilt and die didn't give me a warm and fuzzy. Again, thank you..
Don Landis - 4/17/02 - Pennsylvania


Great customer service! Being somewhat paranoid about on-line shopping with a new company (for me), I received your R/O system with a defect in the membrane-housing cap. I called customer service, and in two days UPS delivered to me a new replacement cap. This was such a relief! Furthermore, the R/O system itself was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!!
Doug R. - 3/4/02 - Texas ([email protected])


I am the proud owner of one of your 45 gpd systems now for the last two years. I am very happy with the system and it has served me well. We are totally spoiled with drinking water now and will flatly refuse to drink from other sources.
Robert J. Gross - 2/3/02 - Pennsylvania


I want to let you know that through the fine efforts of your Customer Service Dept., namely April and Elaine our problem with the water system was resolved by the installation of a new tank. I also want to say that I was very pleased by the quick and very professional response of April and Elaine. The have created a loyal and satisfied customer who would recommend your system with no hesitation, not because your water may be better (which it may be) but , because your customer service people have got their act together. I would appreciate if you will forward this message to the President of your company. thank you,
Gilbert Lujan - 11/25/01 - Oregon


Just wanted to say thanks for all your information and support in answering questions I had on the RO systems. I've been using the RO45 for about two and a half months now and couldn't be happier. For the first time I have drinking water without worrying about changing bottles or a monthly bill with charges that change with the wind. I also have the luxury of using an ice maker in my refrigerator for the first time since I didn't want to have issues with sediment buildup in the unit in the past. I have quality ice cubes that rival anything purchased - and again for free. Even my wife is happy with the convenience and quality. The investment is well worth the money I'm going to save. This unit will pay for itself in another three months. Whenever the issue of drinking water is brought up, I am eager to tell people the great service and quality that I have with the RO45 system. Hopefully I'll generate a few sales for you in the next couple of months as the rest of my family sees the money they can save. Thanks Again,
J. Gorecki - 11/9/01 - Illinois


The unit is well engineered and made of high quality components. Assembly instructions are clear and concise which made it a breeze to install. It is compact and quiet. We love the results. I can't believe that water could taste this good. Tastes better than most bottled waters. It is an incredible value relative to lower cost units. I would say that you have a winner here. Great job! Thank you.
Art Schwank - 11/8/01 - Illinois ([email protected])


I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on a fine product. I ordered my RO-Perm over a weekend and had it in Michigan by Wednesday. I installed it in a little over an hour, placed in the basement, and it pumps water upstairs to the kitchen without an extra delivery pump. Thanks for guiding me away from spending extra money for no reason. The rotten egg smell is completely gone, and many of your competitors do not even claim to treat that problem. The ice is clear and the water is delicious. Everything was just as you said. I highly recommend your company to anyone considering an RO product. Thanks again!
Robert Haught - 10/22/01 - Michigan ([email protected])


I just finished installing the RO-Perm last night. I got up this morning to the freshest, clearest water possible. My TDS reading before being purified by the RO was 857, but with my new RO system it is reading 8. You can see a real difference in the water before it is treated. The color before treatment is quite dingy, but after treatment, it is crystal clear and tastes great. I would highly recommend your system. The directions are very clear and it took a little over an hour to install.
Gary Donahoo - 8/23/01 ([email protected])


Thank you for the notice. I would like the $40.00 cash referral. We love our filter system. The water tastes great and we don't have to keep running to the store. My wife is so happy now that she doesn't have to try to carry two kids and four gallons of water every couple of days.
Steve Shepard - 5/31/01- Massachusetts


I have to say that you have Excellent customer service. I've dealt with many companies and have yet to come across one that provides your level of service. Thanks for the personable, non-pushy, expert technical help before the purchase, and the friendly customer service afterwards.
David Massey - 5/20/01

The address you have on file is correct. I am impressed with your service and really appreciate the quick response. I have a couple of neighbors that were impressed with the water quality and may be considering an RO system. I'll be sure they know about your commitment to service. Thanks.
Dick R. West - 5/11/01

I wanted to thank April for being very curteous and helpful in determining what was wrong with my RO system and getting it resolved right away. My TDS Monitor reading is now about 5 or 6 ppm compared to the 150 ppm. Thanks again for all your help and the great friendly customer service!!!
Michael Mai - 3/6/01 - Nebraska ([email protected])

Integrated Nano-Technologies, LLC recently bought a light commercial RO system from APEC. Due to installer error, we had a failure with the system after only a few months. Just wanted to say how helpful Wendy and the rest of the employees of APEC were in helping us get our system up and going again. Also on the helpful advice about the workings of the system. Being able to have membranes and filters the next day saved thousands of dollars in lost productivity. Thanks again, we will certainly recommend and do business with APEC in the future.
David Chafin - 2/22/01 - New York


Dear Peter, thank you for your prompt E-mail reply dated 12-22-2000. You certainly earn my highest respect for your promptness and professionalism, from the several E-mails and faxes exchanged so far. Of course, I count myself very fortunate to have the honor to deal with such a professional organization. Once again, a belated Merry X'mas and Happy New Year to all of you at APEC. Sorry for my delay in replying - unavoidable due to my temporary posting to another state of Malaysia (have to rely on my wife's help in alerting me of any mails and in replying for me temporarily). I have absolute trust my order and the shipping matters are in good hands and will await your email confirmation of the Postal Serial number, in due course.
Best regards,
Terence Ng - 12/26/00 - Malaysia


On a scale of 1 to 10, you guys are a 10. Great product, great website and delivery process and excellent one language installation manual.
Ken Snow - 11/13/00 - California


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