Every Sore Throat Can Be Cured, If Done Correctly

Sore throats are usually caused by a cold, mumps, influenza and measles. Once it strikes, it can persist and sometimes takes several weeks to a month to recover fully. Luckily, there are a variety of home remedies you can try to help heal that scratchy, itchy and sore throat. If a prescription or over the counter medicine is not something for you, then the followings are some excellent and proven ways, for recovery:

  • Gargle with Warm Salt Water - This is the simplest way to clear a sore throat. All you need is an 8oz glass of purified/filtered water with 1/4 or 1/2 tsp of salt. Mix the warm water with salt and gargle whatever amount can be held in your throat. Repeat this until all the warm salt water is used up. Using purified/filtered water is the best way. Avoid using regular tap water as the chemicals and heavy metals in the water can aggravate a sore throat. Gargling salt water can be done several times a day safely for relief.
  • Drink Warm Water with Honey - For a sweet and effective way to heal a sore throat, drink 8oz glasses of lukewarm water with 1/2 tsp of honey as needed. As always, use clean purified water that is free of harsh chemicals like chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, etc to protect your throat from sensitive or allergic reactions. Drink slowly and take small sips to allow the water and honey to have a better effect.
  • Run a Humidifier - Just as a humidifier opens up a stuffy nose, so does a humidifier reduce the soreness of a throat and the surrounding larynx, pharynx, and tonsils by delivering precious moisture to your every breath. Again, water should be free of chemicals like chlorine which can vaporize and then be breathed into the body. The humidifier works great right before bedtime and will help provide easier breathing for faster relief and healing during slumber.
  • Take Vitamins and Minerals - Zinc Lozenges and Vitamin C, will not only soothe and help repair a sore throat, but they are also excellent for the immune system. The best thing about these natural remedies is that they are safe with little potential for overdosing.

It is always best to drink only filtered water when recovering from a sore throat. In fact, some harsh contaminants in water such as fluoride, barium, and aluminum can actually cause sore throats. In order to remove the itching or scratchy feeling, keep the body and throat well hydrated throughout the day so that the area does not have time to dry or crack.

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