Lemons: Amazing Detox & Weight Loss Formula

Ancient Egyptians extolled the virtues of lemons as effective protection against various toxins and poisons. These include cleansing the mouth, helping with digestion, and keeping excessive bile in check. Recent research has confirmed many of these benefits. Lemons can be an amazing detox and weight loss formula easily incorporated into a busy life with many beneficial results.

Lemons and Weight Loss

Strong antibacterial, antiviral and immune-boosting powers are some of the properties of lemons that make them an asset for weight loss. Lemon juice is a digestive aid and naturally cleanses the body, especially the liver. Many nutritionists and dietitians claim lemons contain all the necessary elements to break up fats. The result is a boost to weight loss efforts.

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Lemons contain citric acid to assist with burning fat and speeding up metabolism. Additionally, citric acid acts as an appetite suppressant and contributes to the production of gastric acid to improve digestion. More effective digestion facilitates weight loss because the body does not have the chance to absorb as much fat from foods. Lemons contain many different vitamins, including vitamin C, to strengthen the immune system. A stronger immune system is an important factor in losing weight and maintaining proper weight.

Effective weight loss is severely hampered when the body lacks essential nutrients. The body is less reluctant to let go of anything that passes through while searching for essential nutrients. Lemons have a citric acid concentration of nearly ten percent, higher than any other fruit. Citric acids help absorb minerals such as calcium. When the body has enough essential minerals, harmful impurities are not as readily absorbed. An Arizona State University study confirmed the link between vitamin C and weight loss. Lemons are an excellent source of vitamin C essential for the burning of fat, especially during exercise.

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Nearly 80 percent of the food we eat is processed, meaning it contains some form of salt. Lemons can be substituted for salt while cooking. Too much salt makes us retain water, resulting in frustration over weight loss. Using lemon rather than salt produces a similar or better result as far as flavor without promoting water retention. Lemons can be incorporated into cooking for additional health and weight loss benefits.

Lemons and Detox

Lemons contain many substances directly related to a stronger immune system. The purpose of a detox is to boost the body's immune system by removing harmful impurities and toxins. These substances include magnesium, vitamin C, calcium, citric acid, pectin, and bioflavonoids. Lemon can be easily incorporated into juices, teas, and other drinks.

A lemon detox is created by blending lemons with hot water. The result is a natural remedy. The solution helps with digestive issues and other conditions such as heartburn, nausea, and constipation. A solution of lemon and hot water acts to flush toxins from the liver. This prevents harmful toxins from being absorbed by the body. Lemon peels have been shown to regulate blood sugar levels, a plus for diabetics.

Studies have backed up claims that lemon acts to cleanse and purify the blood. Lemons help increase the performance of lymph nodes and improve metabolism to promote weight loss and prevent some diseases and illnesses. A lemon detox is recommended for the fall or spring when our bodies need a boost to remove accumulated toxins. A lemon diet or detox can be incorporated into a regular diet, provided that it is healthy.

The addition of a low-calorie diet produces better results when starting a lemon detox. Salt and sugar should be avoided as much as possible during the detox. Lemon cleansing should last for 14 days. Lemon detox is not recommended for people with gastrointestinal problems. Consult a doctor before starting a lemon detox or diet.

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