Polluted Drinking Water and Cervical Cancer

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One of the leading killers of humanity is cancer. It is one of the top causes of premature death and to this day, there is still no cure available. Besides that, what makes it truly scary is the fact that while there are many things that are suspected to cause or prevent cancer, there are no absolute answers or solutions. How cancer develops is fairly simple. Your body is made up of numerous amounts of cells that perform certain duties so that the body can stay efficient. All of these cells are working together every second, but when a change enters the body, on the outside or the inside, it could damage one of the cell's DNA. When that happens, it becomes a cancerous cell and it may begin spreading through the body.

The main key to preventing cancer is to limit the number of harmful toxins that enter the body. One possibility that people often forget about is the water that they drink every day. Some of the contaminants that can pollute the water are industrial wastes, metals, and chlorine by-products. For women, long-term exposure to polluted water can potentially lead to more gender-specific problems such as breast or cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer starts at the lower part of the womb that opens at the top of the vagina. This cancer is very slow to progress and may take years for cancer to be fully evident. If it is detected in the precancerous state by a pap smear, it is highly treatable. However, it can be extremely hard to detect if routine check-ups are put off, as there will be no obvious symptoms of the precancerous condition until it has fully spread.

While it is not fully known what causes cervical cancer, the contaminants found in polluted water are known to have an effect on the DNA of reproducing cells. Purified drinking water does have a cleansing effect on cancer patients because it helps flush many toxins out of the body. While there is still no cure for cancer, drinking lots of purified water is a good practice to protect the body against any illness including cervical cancer.

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