The Many Benefits of Bottleless Filtered Water Coolers & Dispensers

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With the current state of the economy, businesses of all sizes are looking for ways to cut costs and save money. While a company's bottled water expense may not receive much attention, it is actually one area where a small change can lead to big savings.

The recent introduction of commercial point-of-use (POU) bottleless water coolers has made the traditional water delivery service obsolete for homes and offices. These beneficial reverse osmosis water filtration systems can be conveniently connected to any existing water line to produce a continuous supply of delicious hot or cold purified drinking water. The economic and environmental advantages of switching to bottleless water coolers and dispensers are many.


  • Highly Cost Effective...

    Bottled/delivered water = $0.79/gal. Reverse Osmosis purified water = $0.02/gal.

    By switching to a RO bottleless cooler system, you could save $ 0.77/gal. If you have a small business with 15 employees you will probably use around 7 gallons per day, 1,825 gallons per year, you can save $1,405 per year!

  • Healthier & More Sanitary...

    RO bottleless water coolers employ a sealed, airtight bottleless system that greatly reduces the risk of water contamination by completely eliminating the need for human contact with the water source. Water jugs and bottled water cooler reservoirs are highly susceptible to airborne contaminants and contamination from bottleneck handling during bottle changes. Water delivery companies also use old plastic jugs that are regularly exposed to the sun and outdoor elements thus increasing their likelihood to leach plastic chemicals into the water.

  • Low Mantainence & Convenient

    RO bottleless water coolers are a low maintenance set-it and forget-it system. Once the system is installed, just simply replace the pre-filters every 6 months to enjoy fresh delicious water. No more water jugs mean no more worries about heavy bottle changes, troublesome bottle storage, accidental water spills, and waterless dry days. It also means there is no water cooler reservoir to regularly sanitize and maintain which will free your staff to focus more time on their own work.

  • More Environmentally Friendly

    RO bottle-less water coolers purify the water directly from your existing water supply as it comes into your house making it the most cost-effective and energy-efficient method for providing clean drinking water. Delivery water services use huge trucks to haul and deliver their heavy water jugs which in quantity can weigh many thousands of pounds per truck. When you consider that there are thousands of these trucks on the road every day, it becomes clear that this delivery system wastes a tremendous amount of fuel and releases huge amounts of carbon emissions.

  • Better Tasting Water

    RO bottle-less water coolers use quality filters that purify water through high-density polypropylene housings that protect and shield the product water from all elements. Delivery water service personnel deliver water using old, used plastic water jugs that are often exposed to the UV rays of sunlight. It is a known fact that exposure to UV light can cause plastics to leach chemicals into the water. This chemical leaching can cause water to taste bad and may even be a health concern depending on the grade of plastic.

Save Money & Protect the Environment -Our Featured R.O.Water Coolers

Eliminate the Hassles of Bottled Water With APEC's reverse osmosis water dispensers, you can say goodbye to the expense and bulky storage problems of 5 gallons bottled water jugs forever! Our bottleless point-of-use (POU) water coolers can be easily connected to any existing water supply to deliver a continuous supply of delicious pure drinking water chilled or heated for your enjoyment. Purified by reverse osmosis technology, these systems utilize the same advanced filtration processes used by large bottling plants to produce an unlimited supply of pure, fresh, and healthy drinking water for your home or office. Imagine having no spills, no dry days, no bottled water deliveries and no back-breaking water jug refills EVER again! Learn more...

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