Anti-aging methods and Drinking Water

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There are many different man-made and natural contaminants that can occasionally be found in the public water system at health-threatening levels. Microbes including bacteria like coliform, E Coli, Cryptosporidium, and Giardia Lamblia can cause stomach issues, headaches, some gastrointestinal diseases, and severe illness. Radionuclides like Alpha emitters, beta and photon emitters, combined radium 226/228, and radon gas all can cause cancer, aging of the skin, and acne. Inorganic contaminants and volatile organic contaminants like arsenic, benzene, styrene, fluoride, lead, mercury, and copper can cause skin damage, cancer, circulatory issues, and even problems with your teeth and pregnancy. Disinfectants like chlorine, chloramine, and chlorine dioxide can kill vitamin E and other fatty acids that help keep your skin healthy. The water company might add extra disinfectants after a heavy rain to help kill germs. Disinfection byproducts like total trihalomethanes, bromate, halocetic acids, and chlorite can cause liver or kidney cancer along with skin, digestive, and nervous system problems.

The good thing is, tap water may contain very little to no levels of these contaminants most of the time. Unfortunately, no one ever knows when these contaminants may show up and at what levels. Even if the levels are extremely low, long-term exposure to many pollutants may still lead to moderate to serious health concerns that will affect your overall appearance and wellness. These health complications can be prevented by simply using a filtration system to purify your drinking water.

Not only is drinking purified water better for your skin and helps to prevent aging symptoms, but it could also help you to reduce the risk of having major health issues and protect your family from harmful contaminants. Finding the right purifying system that can rid your water of all of these contaminants and many more will help to ensure the health of you and your family as well as the condition of your skin.

Alternatively, you may drink bottled water, which should have better quality than city or tap water. However, home filtration systems that can remove over 90% of harmful chemicals are proven to be more cost-effective over time. When you think about how many bottles of water you go through a year, a filtration system will not only provide safe drinking water at your convenience but will also help save the planet from all those plastic water bottles waste.

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