I Can't Install A RO System Because I'm Renting, HELP!

You are in luck! If you rent an apartment, condo or house, you can still enjoy the exceptional water quality and cost saving benefits of a reverse osmosis system by simply installing a countertop RO System.

What is a Countertop RO?

A countertop RO system is basically a portable reverse osmosis filter that can be installed and used on the counter of a kitchen or bathroom sink to purify drinking water. Most RO filter systems are designed as under-the-counter units and are installed and housed under a sink cabinet. People who rent their homes cannot use these systems because the installation would require permanent modifications to be made to the kitchen sink counter and drain system. A countertop system provides the ideal solution because it can easily attach to any existing faucet without any installation required.

Countertop RO Systems are Suitable for:

  • Apartments, RVs and Vacation Homes
  • People renting their homes
  • Travelers and road warriors
  • College dorms and senior apartments
  • Anyone that prefers a portable RO

How Does a Countertop RO Work?

countertop ro

A countertop RO system can be quickly connected to a sink faucet through a faucet head adapter. When the user turns on the faucet and opens the diverter valve on the adapter, water is channeled away from the faucet and through a tube into the countertop reverse osmosis system. The water then flows through 3-4 different purification stages including sediment, carbon and reverse osmosis filtration before it is collected for use. Since countertop RO systems are not fully automated, the user will have to monitor the filtration progress and manually turn off the water once the purified water has been collected. Designed to be compact and portable, countertop RO systems typically do not use water holding tanks thus purified water will need to be stored in a separate pitcher or jug.

Countertop Systems at a Glance.

Countertop RO systems are highly effective and versatile water filtration systems that can produce water quality comparable to bottled water and undercounter RO systems. Depending on the situation, Some homeowners may choose a countertop system even though they have the option of installing a regular undercounter system. If you are trying to choose between these two types, it is good to know the countertop system’s key advantages and limitations.

  Advantages Limitations (Compared with Undercounter RO)
Installation Very easy to install without tools or drilling required. Attaches to any faucet head in a matter of minutes. Water storage tank and faucet cannot be used with this system
Application Produces true RO quality water with up to 99% contaminant rejection rates. None. Produces the same water quality comparable to undercounter RO systems
Maintenance Uses disposable inline prefilters for fast and easy filter replacements.  No need to remove filter housings or handle used cartridges.  Lower capacity prefilters need to be changed more frequently, every 6-8 months on average. Undercounter RO prefilters normally last 1 year.
Versatility Portable & Versatile - Quickly attaches & detaches from any faucet in minutes. Compact design great for domestic & international travelers. System is tankless & requires manual action from user to operate making it less convenient for households with more than 2-3 people.
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